Detoxification of Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Detoxification of Silicone
and Saline Breast Implants

Breast implants contain an array of toxic chemicals and heavy metals which cause us symptoms and health problems.  But after our proper explant, when our inflammation is lower, our body undertakes detoxification of these silicone chemicals, heavy metals and infections due to immune deficits.   Our silicone detox and healing from breast implants generally unfolds over a year or two, in flareups, which come and go with symptoms gradually dropping away for good.  However, some women heal quicker than one year and some take longer than two years to heal.  

Rest assured after your explant your body knows how to detox and heal on its own if supported by a healthy diet, quality sleep and a postive attitude.  Anticipate your healing in all ways.  The following are guidelines and suggestions that will help you support yourself through your detox and healing from breast implants.  The first four steps will be enough for most women to heal well from breast implants.

Steps to Detoxify (silicone detox)
Your Body From Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

1.  Explant – The first and most important step to detox the body from breast implants is to properly explant your breast implants which means an En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant. Please see Explant for a full explanation of a proper explant and Explant Surgeons for a list of surgeons who are known to remove breast implants properly. Removing your breast implants which is the root of your toxicity starts your healing process.  Directly after explant your body will concentrate on healing the surgical wounds and detoxing surgical drugs such as anesthesia, antibiotics and pain medication.  About two months after surgery your body will begin the longer process of detoxing stored chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, infections and heal your glands and organs over a year or two.    

2.  Diet – The next most important step after removal of breast implants is to support your body’s natural systems of detoxification through a organic, whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet.  Anti-inflammatory diets eliminate alcohol, all sugars and sweets, gluten grains, dairy products and other foods known to be inflammatory to guts.  Your diet will be the most important factor in supporting your detoxification and managing day to day symptoms.  Examples of diets that work well for us are the AutoImmune Protocol if you have autoimmune symptoms. Keto is also suited to our healing because it is antifungal and provides the most needed nutrients for our particular healing needs, heals metabolic problems and includes some fasting which supports detox and healing.  Gerson Therapy is a good diet if you are vegan or vegetarian and is also known to be a powerful detox regime itself.  Some ladies have good luck following the Whole 30 or Medical Medium‘s diet suggestions. Diets like these are nutritious, lower inflammation, do not feed fungus and will support your natural detoxification and healing. 

3.  Heal Your Gut – Many women who have breast implants have poor digestion and IBS.  Some women develop allergies due to leaky gut and lose the ability to digest dairy, wheat and and other inflammatory foods. All inflammatory and allergenic foods should be cut out of the diet in order to lower inflammation to support digestion. Bone broth and powdered collagen will help heal leaky gut. A few may need Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes to help digest their food. If your gut is badly damaged and not responding to good diet and you need additional help please investigate the GAPS diet for healing  damaged guts. Probiotics, especially lactic acid producing probiotics, found in fermented foods and on raw fruits and vegetables are important for restoring healthy gut flora which modulates the immune system and removes toxins.  Take lots of probiotics supplements or fermented foods each day to bring your gut flora, digestion and bowels back to healthy.  Rotate probiotics to get a variety of flora in your gut over time.  Eat prebiotic foods and resistant starch carbs to feed your probiotics, don’t starve your probiotics.

4.   Infections In Us Due to Immune Deficits – After explant, some women discover fungal colonization in their saline implants and other women had contact with mold in their environment and have CIRS but by far the most common fungal infection in us is overgrowth of yeast and Candida.  Other infections that are not uncommon in us are UTIH-pylori, SIBO, bacterial infections in capsules and root canals, mycoplasma infections, Lyme, EBV, herpes and even parasites.  These bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitical infections caused by immune deficits and poor gut health due to breast implants need to be eliminated for a full recovery as they are contributing to our symptoms. Sometimes these infections can be detected through various tests but not always.  Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Mold should be treated with mold eliminating protocols by doctors knowledgeable about mold.  Fungal infections such as yeast overgrowth and Candida are treated with antifungal diets and antifungals whether natural or prescription. Antifungal diets and antifungals are important to overcoming fungus however our healthy gut flora and probiota controls yeast and Candida overgrowth in the long run and re-establishing good gut health and gut flora is one of the most important tools in combating fungus. 

5.  Check for MTHFR Genetic Variants and Support your Methylation and Detox Pathways – MTHFR genetic variants may be inhibiting your ability to detox ad especially if left untreated. MTHFR genetic variants impair our ability to break down crucial B vitamins that support liver methylation and other important functions.  MTHFR  may be supported with a few supplements such as Methylfolate known as L-5-MTHF and MethylB12 supplements knowns as Methylcobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin or Hydroxocabalmin (different forms of B12 targeting specific areas) and MethylB6 known as Pyridoxal-5′.  My own MTHFR status accounted for my own poor reaction to breast implant chemicals and heavy metals and delays in detoxing.  If you have one of the more serious MTHFR genetic variants I suggest not to stimulate detox and take binders to help you escort toxins from your body.  Aside from MTHFR, many women in the group have low B12 due to years with toxic breast implants because B12 is used during liver methylation and detoxification.  B12 is crucial to other processes in our body including our iron levels and neurological processes and many feel much better when their B12 is brought back to healthy levels.

6. Heavy Metals – Most women will detox heavy metals from breast implants naturally over time and need not worry about heavy metals.  If you are worried an inexpensive, preliminary heavy metals test is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or Hair Toxic Elements Exposure testing.   Hair tests can give a lot of good health information because they reveal your minerals status which can point to certain health problems common in us such as slow metabolizing or thyroid and adrenal problems.  If heavy metals show high in hair tests, you may want to follow that up with a provoked urine heavy metals test to see what that shows.  If a provoked urine test for heavy metals shows very high metals you may want to consider a gentle oral chelation supplement under a health care provider.  

7.  Support your Endocrine and Immune System – Consider checking your Cortisol levels with a pm Cortisol blood test or a Four Point Cortisol test and check your thyroid’s free T3, T4 conversion to see if your adrenals and thyroid are functioning properly. You may need to support both adrenals and thyroid in order to get well. There are various supplements that will help support your endocrine and immune system. Echinacea, Epicor, Transfer Factors Multi Immune are known as good supplements to support the immune system as are certain mushrooms such as Reishi. Vitamin C and zinc support the immune system too.

8.  Progesterone – Progesterone stimulates your natural, nightly detoxification cycle and helps balance your hormones and support your adrenals and thyroid. As silicone is an endocrine disruptor and estrogenic in nature (acts like estrogen in the body) and toxic chemicals and heavy metals damage thyroid and adrenals some ladies experience markedly diminished hormones, hormonal imbalances and low progesterone and this is another reason you need to undergo silicone detox. Have your hormone levels tested and supplement with bio-identical hormones and especially progesterone if you are low so that you feel better, heal better and your natural cycle of detoxification is working. If you have to supplement estrogen avoid oral medications because they slow your liver detoxification cycle down and cause fungus to proliferate in the gut. I had to take bio-identical for a time but as I healed I was able to eliminate them.

9.  Green Vegetable Juicing – Vegetable juicing is very helpful to supply extra nutrition, potassium and enzymes crucial for healing and detoxification. Try and include a vegetable juice in your diet several days a week for a while and see how you feel. I found the Gerson Therapy Green Juice very helpful to how I felt day to day and my overall healing. 

10.  Remineralization – Minerals are required for every aspect of your body and for detoxification (silicone detox). We suggest putting a pinch of high quality Celtic or sea salt and a couple drops of ionic liquid minerals in each glass of water to get various minerals on an ongoing basis. Most of us are so low on magnesium which is affecting our health. Magnesium is important to cell and muscle function and how you feel day to day and is usually very low in toxic and stressed people. Magnesium malate or magnesium glycinate is the preferable source for magnesium. Calcium may be required, too, especially if you cannot eat dairy foods. Potassium is a very important mineral to cells for healing and detoxification. If you are eating plenty of fruits and veggies and doing some green juicing you should be getting enough potassium. Use ionic liquid mineral supplements to replace the more trace minerals. Get a Hair Test to test yourself for low minerals that may need shoring up so you can heal.

11.  Vitamin and Antioxidant Supplements to Lower Inflammation – Vitamin and antioxidant supplements help keep inflammation low which stimulates detoxification. Please carefully read all labels and research supplements that you take as some have unhealthy ingredients you need to avoid. Vitamins A, B, C, E, Selenium, Zinc, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Turmeric/ Curcumin, Milkthistle, Ginger and Krill Oil will all help lower inflammation in your body and keep your detoxification cycle up regulated. Vitamin D is important to healing and is the vitamin that controls all hormones and is low in most of us. Most of us are very low in B vitamins and especially B12. Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s can help you restore low vitamins and minerals.  Acetylcholine can be an important supplement in our healing too as it stimulates the vagus nerve to lower inflammation and eliminates brainfog. Acetylcholine can be found in lecithin supplements.

12.  Stimulate Detox – The body knows how to detox on its own.  We don’t feel you need to stimulate detox or recommend that you do but certain supplements are known to stimulate detoxification such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Chlorella/Spirulina, Lipoic Acid, MSM, Inositol (for silicone detoxification), NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) and Iodine. Do your research on these and go slow. If you try them, try one at a time, taking smaller doses to begin with to test for tolerance and gradually titrating up your doses to stimulate detoxification until you feel symptoms. Then rest for some days while those toxins clear and then repeat. Don’t take Chlorella, Lipoic Acid or NAC if you have mercury fillings as it will drag mercury around your body which causes inflammation. When you stimulate detoxification strongly, try a binder to bind toxins and help carry them out of the body. Binders like clay or charcoal absorb toxins and carry them out of the body. Take care and do not use charcoal for periods of longer than three weeks as charcoal binds healthy minerals and nutrients too.

13.  Glutathione – If you do research on detoxification you will come across information on glutathione which is produced in the body and acts as the body’s master detoxifier picking up free radicals, toxins and heavy metals and escorting them out of the body. Normally, glutathione is created and recycled in the healthy body except when the toxic load becomes too great then it becomes depleted. Glutathione is made from the amino acids cysteine, glutamine and glycine. If you want to increase your glutathione you can take the inexpensive supplements NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 4 parts, glutamine 2 parts and glycine 1 part in a glass of water between meals. No need to buy expensive glutathione supplements.   Alternatively, you can also take organic, grass-fed, un-denatured whey powder which has all the precursors of glutathione if you can tolerate dairy products.

14.  Exercise – Get exercise everyday if possible. At first walking, yoga and swimming are great exercises for healing breast implant illness and silicone detox. Gradually work up.  Go outside for fresh air, sun and to connect with nature each day. If possible, sit or lie on the ground/grass/beach each day to eliminate inflammation in your body through grounding.

15. Sauna Therapy and Epsom Salt Baths – If you have access to an infrared sauna, sauna two to three times each week. It is well known that toxins and heavy metals are eliminated through the skin by sweating and infrared kills microbes in the body. Avoid saunas if you have implants and or mercury fillings. Also take a couple Epsom salt baths a week for magnesium replenishing and detoxification (silicone detox).

16.  Low-Level Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy – I read another lady’s site that said she had profound healing after receiving low-level light therapy treatments on her chest to break down capsule tissue which should have been removed but was not. Not only did the low-level light therapy breakdown the capsule tissue, it also killed the bacteria and fungus in her chest. Although I have not had a chance to try it, I believe it works and could be a profound healing tool for some. Chiropractors use low-level light therapy in their practices, hopefully you can find one near you. I have personally tried oxygen therapy and it does stimulate healing. Many are having good results getting rid of bacteria, mold/fungus and viruses using ozone.

17.  Timeframe to Feel Healthy – You will notice that the process of detoxification does increase inflammation in the body and the feeling of illness for a period. Moving toxic chemicals, bio-toxins and heavy metals through your body and organs will cause inflammation and detox symptoms (headaches, brain fog, negative mentalism, emotionalism, sore back bone, sore joints, general illness, fatigue, digestive disturbances) and an increase of your specific symptoms which is why you should go slow and need to take rests from detoxing but always maintain your clean diet and some exercise if possible. Detoxification (silicone detox) of breast implants is not a straight line, but rather an up and down process generally lasting one to two years. After explant, you will notice certain symptoms go away but then in a few months after explant, your body will begin the heavy work of detoxing stored chemicals and heavy metals from your cells and your symptoms will increase and go up and down for some months but gradually disappear one by one. Most women feel substantially healed within about one to two years. If you are not improving over years, then you need to look for other sources of toxicity. Perhaps you have a bacterial or fungal infection.  Please ensure you are not living or working in a moldy environment. Perhaps you have mercury toxicity from your amalgams.  Perhaps you have root canals that are producing potent bacteria creating illness in your body. Perhaps you have parasites. There will be a reason you are not healing.

Most of the above are things I did to get well. I was able to research a lot on the processes of detoxification and I tried a lot of things. I hurt myself sometimes by speeding up detox too much and unleashing more heavy metals and toxins than my body and organs were able to handle at one time. So, take care. If you try supplements, add one thing at a time so you can tell if something bothers you. Not everyone will be able to tolerate any or all of these suggestions and especially not in the beginning of your healing. Some have done nothing to detox and healed too.  If you have a bad reaction, stop everything and rest. Then add one thing back in at a time so you can tell what is causing the reaction. Trust your own instincts.  It takes time to heal this illness and the damage we have done to our bodies so be patient with yourself and trust in your healing.

Please join our Facebook group of over 150,000 women for support through your healing journey.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Caitlin

    Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for your info, it is so helpful! I explanted in Dec 2020 and fell pregnant 3 weeks later (after trying for 2 years). It’s now over 2 years later and I’ve developed a rash all over my chest and tummy. Do you think it could be related to my explant? I never experienced any detox reactions after explant, I had my implants for 11years and my right one was completely disintegrated.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Caitlin,
      It’s hard to say if your rash is related or not at this point. Did anything proceed the rash? Did you take antibiotics, any new supplements, vaccines?

  2. Brandie Peters

    I am in the process of explanation of my saline implants. I know I have a root canal that needs repair. Does it matter if I have a root canal prior to explant or should I wait until afterwards. I am just trying to understand if I have the root canal now will I have another infection in it because I still have the implants in because I am susceptible to infection? Or will having the root canal now aid in the healing process when explant occurs

    1. Nicole

      Hi Brandie,
      Implants contribute to infections of all kinds because they cause immune dysfunction, if you don’t have an active infection in your tooth/gum and can wait to repair it, I would explant first and heal from that somewhat at least six months, then address your root canal.

  3. Lisa

    Nicole, you’re a superstar. Thank you so much for the time, energy, and effort you put into researching BII and for sharing it with all of us. Your research is so helpful. I explanted 2.5 weeks ago and I am eager to start adding in additional detox measures in a couple weeks. I am so hopeful and I have you to thank!

  4. Rhonda

    Dear Nicole, thank you so much for saving the health and lives of many women including mine. I admire you.

    Do I understand correctly that implants are not made of pure silicone (which is claimed to be chemically inert) but with some additives (such as Thallium, Mercury, etc. that are not a part of silicone itself)?

      1. Jolei

        Hi Nicole: I don’t think I would have much clarity on my reasons for Explanting without the work you do here. I appreciate every woman communicating her experiences with this difficult illness. I explanted on April 19, 2022. I had a complete capsulectomy but continue to have cyclical pain where the incisions are. I have experienced relief from 26 of my 29 symptoms up until this past month Dec, 2022. I had the flu with numbness in the arms and hands and burning elbow joints. My son had the same virus and is 100% better but I’m about to hit 21 days of fatigue, muscle joint pain, dry eye and mouth. I am hoping I do not have Sjorgrens as I am in my late forties. I have been taking alpha lipoic acid since I contracted the flu and didn’t realize it can detox heavy metals. The fatigue and muscle aches and chills were much worse today. I’m going to get testing as menopause can mimick these symptoms as well. I have had success with Spirulina and Keto since my surgery. This helped to heal my gut with pre and probiotics. I no longer have any inflammation in my gut. I stopped using Spirulina right before I caught the flu. Could Spirulina be used as a binder as well? Sea moss from the Caribbean islands was very helpful as well. Do you have any ideas on how I can tell whether it’s a detox reaction, immune system reaction or heavy metals causing my resurfacing symptoms?

        1. Nicole

          Hi Jolei!
          You are healing well! You are eight months into your healing and 26 of your 29 symptoms are gone! Good that you had success with Spirulina and Keto. Spirulina has a lot of nutrients we are low on and Keto is a perfect diet for our healing because protein is needed to heal our glands and organs and it lowers inflammation and does not feed our gut bugs like yeast/Candida. As for Spirulina as a binder, it may bind some metals but Chlorella is known as a better metals binder however the problem with these green powders both Spirulina and Chlorella is that they can increase autoimmune symptoms because they support the immune system strongly and if you have autoimmune symptoms and processes they will increase. So my recommendation is to stop all supplements just go to good Keto diet and see if your symptoms improve over time. If they do you will know it’s one of the supplements. To find out which one add one supplement back in at time, so add in ALA and see what happens. If the ALA causes you symptoms you could be moving some metals and you will have symptoms when you move metals which is why we chelate in rounds and rest from chelation for the same amount of time. One symptom from moving metals using ALA is you lose your short term memory, you cannot remember what happened three hours before. Most of us don’t have to worry about metals and don’t need to chelate. I would not try and move metals unless I knew for sure I had metals toxicity. If you add back in the ALA and no autommune symptoms then I would discern that the autoimmune symptoms may be due to Spirulina. Jolei, let me know what happens please, you can reach out to me on facebook too <3

  5. Nicky

    Hi Nicole
    I have tried to join your FB group on a couple occasions now with no response or acceptance. I refer to the above detox notes regularly as I am struggling with the detox and wanted some more guidance on it and techniques that have helped you and other women. I take a range of vitamins/supplements but not sure if I should be taking more and which ones will help.
    I had my implants removed august 2021 but unfortunately to my disappointment the capsules were not removed and I got more sick with new symptoms since explant. 2 weeks ago I had FULL capsules removed!! Those things certainly do not dissolve. I want to give myself the best chance of healing now that I know everything has been removed. Is there any way to get accepted into the group so I may share my experience and seek advice/tips on detox?
    Would love to hear from you,

    1. Nicole

      Hi Nicky,
      To be accepted to the group your facebook profile must be active, female and have photos of you so I can tell you are a woman.

  6. Susan

    I’m awaiting my explant date in December, I can’t wait! Question: has anyone developed Lichen Sclerosis while having implants? I was just diagnosed with this vicious autoimmune nightmare and wondered if anyone else has the same?

    1. Stacey

      Susan, I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis in 2005 after a biopsy. This auto immune disease caused irreversible damage. I never suspected my implants would be the cause of what would be the start of an all out war/ attack on my immune system. I’ve suffered from so many debilitating health issues that could never be explained, all starting two years after my saline implants were placed in my body. I’ve had my implants for 25 years and like so many, I was told they were lifetime devices provided there was not a rupture. I’ve only just learned about BII, I have two consults for explant in September. Surgery scheduled for April 2024 which is the earliest date available.

  7. Lori

    Hi Nicole, I am 6 weeks post explant and think I may have started a detox wave. I’ve had fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations and dizziness start up again in waves. I’m overwhelmed and wanting to make sure I am following the correct protocol. I have recently started taking NAC, probiotics, B-12, Curcumin and multi vitamin. My diet is pretty clean however I still can clean up a bit more. How long do these waves typically last and any other advice is greatly appreciated.

  8. Janet

    Hey Nicole,
    I am currently one year post op. I also found out I had sepsis for an entire year from All
    Of the toxins leaking without my knowledge. I am aware these metals have a half life of 10 years. I understand it takes years to heal but I’m just feeling depressed due to how high my metal count is compared to everyone else I talk to. Do you think it’s possible for it to take that long ? I am doing everything you recommended online except for taking binders or anything. Do you feel like “you” again, but without the toxins?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Janet,
      When you test for metals we suggest you be a little suspect with the test results. For instance a hair test for metals is a good start at testing but not necessarily accurate, so we suggest to follow that up with a provoked urine test by taking a chelator and then capturing your urine for 24 hours and measuring any metals that come out. Its also good to understand that all of us have metals, most people have lead, mercury, dental metals, aluminum and others as metals coursing through our body because they are part of the elements of life. If you repeatedly test and you are sure you have a metals problem then we suggest to do a safe metals removing protocols such as taking DMSA and ALA orally following the Andy Cutler protocol, that’s what I did. Also bringing up your minerals and other healthy metals such as zinc and selenium kicks outs metals on an ongoing basis so make sure your minerals and healthy metals are at healthy levels. Eating a diet high in vegetable and fruit fiber will take metals out of your gut and colon on a regular basis.

      1. Janet

        Hi Nicole, I’m responding to your reply about the hair test. The thing is is that I had high elements (off the charts) in barium, germanium, bismuth, strontium, and titanium (these weren’t in the heavy metal section, but the other section called additional elements). Everyone that I have talked to has not had these levels which is what makes me confused and feel worried. Do you know anything about these specifically?

  9. Shay

    Hi Nicole, thank you so much for your recommendations. So helpful while starting to dive into learning about explant and post op detoxing. I’m in the season of having babies and eager to start trying for our second and get the baby train rollin again but now so conflicted on whether to put a hard pause on it and wait for the explant surgery. How long would be your recommended wait period after surgery before becoming pregnant?….Our explant doc here in DFW is booking surgeries 10 months out so it would be a long wait time before surgery so an even longer pause on getting preggers.
    On the other side, if I wait to have the explant after I’m done having babies, are my implants (under the muscle) causing toxins to pass within my breastmilk… alllll the feels and a bit of some anxieties there. Would love any and all advice 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Hi Shay,
      Personally I would wait at least six to 12 months post explant before getting pregnant, that way most of your healing and detox will be done before the changes to your body pregnancy’s brings. Under no circumstances would I breast feed with implants in my body.

  10. Hanna m

    Hello Nicole,
    I explanted two years ago and I am currently detoxing. I have been experiencing new symptoms where my heart flutters a tiny bit. Is it normal to experience new symptoms while detoxing?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Hanna,
      It’s always best to get heart symptoms checked out as it could be other things such as fluctuating hormones. Get checked to rule out anything else.

  11. Sharon

    I explanted in December 2020. I feel that my health has deteriorated.
    My question: Is there a scan that I could have that will show the capsule left in my body, MRI or something else? Or do I have to have explorative surgery to be able to find it?
    My surgeon advised that he was unable to remove all the capsule because it was attached to my lungs.

    I fear that the remaining capsule is making me sick.
    I have followed a detox diet and done a heavy metal detox.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sharon,
      There is no scan/radiology or test that will prove if you have left over capsule. We suggest to request a copy of your explant operative report from your surgeon wherein he has to record in words exactly what he did. In general we heal over a year or two post explant, if you are not healing in that time you may have to consider left over capsule. Read our Silicone Detox page on this website to learn how to support your detox and healing.

  12. Brittini

    Hello All!

    I am a week post op. I had my Allergan Silicone implants for 12 years. My right implant was ruptured. I am feeling better. The color in my skin has come back. I am anxious to get detoxing and it’s a bit overwhelming reading all the information. I don’t really know where to start.

    I still have some abdominal bloating which I’m assuming is from the anesthesia. I was curious if anyone else had bloating and it took a while for your stomach to go back to normal? I have been trying to drink fluids and keep my diet minimal. I am gluten free and dairy free thanks to the implants so I’ve stuck with that since having the implants out.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Brittini,
      Getting right diet down and gut healing protocols are really the most important steps to support your body to detox and heal. The diets that help us most are anti-inflammatory and antifungal so cut out all sugars and sweets, alcohol, gluten grains and most dairy as these foods are inflammatory to the gut and feed yeast/Candida. Take lots of probiotics and prebiotics, eat lots of traditionally fermented foods and bone broth/collagen to heal your gut. If you are suffering from bloating watch for yeast/Candida overgrowth in your gut, it flares up in many post explant because of our poor gut health and also antibiotics damaging our good gut flora which keeps yeast/Candida in check.

  13. Taylor

    Hi, does anyone know how to detox from the bones? For some reason the chemicals leaked into my bones specifically and I can barely walk. I am almost 2 years post-op. I have been detoxing naturally and it has gotten a lot better but it’s mostly my inability to move that is getting me down. Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. Cristina


      I am wondering if you developed arthritis like me? Your doctor or rheumatologist might be able to help.

  14. Alexa


    I am about 1 year post-op explant. My detox pathways are blocked, so I have been elminiating toxins through going to the restroom as well as sneezing (around 5-10 times a day). The sneezing is making me uncomfortable and adding onto my ptsd from bii. I fele like it’s unlocking another, new trauma for me to detox this way but I feel there’s nothing else I can do. Is there anything you could recommend for me?

  15. Lex


    I am 1.5 years post op explant and struggling with Ptsd. I feel like I’ve been in a war and I feel so alone. For our mental health, is there anything that has worked for anyone? I have been doing energy healing for 8 months now but I feel like I could use more support.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Lex,
      The PTSD related to breast implants and the profound illness they cause in us is real because many of us have experienced it. Make sure you are supporting your adrenals so your Cortisol levels are healthy. Cortisol helps us handle stress and helps us feel well being and calmness. Make sure you do not continue to suffer from infections such as yeast/Candida as that can add to our negative feelings and also fatigue our adrenals. Learn to meditate and get lots of exercise. Spend as much time as you can in nature. Avoid drugs and alcohol which are depressants.

      1. Lex

        Nicole ,can i ask why it toook you 4 years instead of 2?I feel like it will be the same scenario for me.

        1. Nicole

          Hi Lex,
          I have one of the worst versions of MTHFR which slows my ability to detox down by about 80 percent and so I had a bad load of heavy metals from breast implants but also from mercury fillings and a dental event where my orthodontist but a brace bracket on one of my large mercury molar fillings and it galvanized mercury into my body the entire time I wore those braces. Also, unbelievably, I lived in Hawaii for a number of years and ate a lot of Ahi Tuna which is loaded with mercury which I did not know at the time. So after removing my breast implants I had a long road of detoxing lots of stored metals.

          1. Lex

            Hi Nicole,

            Thanks for your response & information. I looked to see which variant I have and it’s a mild A1298C. I would love to know if this is the same one you have, but regardless if mine were leaking microscopically I’m sure that could mean it could take around 4 years too.

  16. Day

    Has anyone experienced weird scalp flaking after removing the silicone?

    1. Cristina

      Yes, I can’t get rid of it.

  17. Faith

    I just read do NOT sauna a with implants. Mine have not been removed yet. I have sunlight infrared sauna. Should I avoid until explant?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Faith,
      We do suggest avoiding sauna or anything that heats up your implants and gets the silicone gel and chemicals bleeding out through the shell and into your body. Explant, heal and then sauna.

  18. Ricio

    Do you know someone in the group that can do the hair test?

    Any place ?
    Thank you

    1. Nicole

      Hi Ricio,
      Yes Pippa Galea in the facebook group does our hair tests.

    2. Velmon

      Hey Ricio. Trying to join this facebook group but having hard time coming in- I also had implants placed in som 10 years ago and i am haveing autoimmunie-like symptoms . Need to have them removed, but because of limited budget having hard time finding a provider. The three low-price explant providers mentioned on the list of explant doctors cannot be reached.

  19. Tara

    Thank you for all of the information. I had saline implants for 17 years, and I had them removed 3 days ago. I am feeling emotional and overwhelmed, but I will continue to come back to re-read the information here and process it all. I appreciate the information on diet going forward. I was experiencing severe joint pain and auto immune symptoms with no explanation based on my lab work. I am a fitness instructor and active person, yet the bloating and constant abdominal distention was increasingly discouraging. I developed an absolute intolerance to certain foods without explanation. I have experienced increasing brain fog and anxiety that was often debilitating.

    I appreciate the resources. Thank you so much. I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed.

  20. Kiki

    Hi Nicole, thanks for the great information. I wonder if it’s worth mentioning using natural skincare/ body care, as our skin is the largest organ and absorbs all the toxic chemicals we put on it.
    I think swapping to natural washing detergents and laundry liquids as these are also absorbed. 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kiki,
      Thank you for the suggestion, in the group I say, don’t put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth during your detox and healing period.

      1. Ree Ved

        Hi Nicole

        I explanted 6 years ago after a ruptured PIP implant. Symptoms have been largely under control except the fatigue which has been chronic. Now 6 years on I have all symptoms again. Fatigue, hair thinning, rash, memory problems, very painful joints and muscles. I’m 36 and it sucks quite a bit!

        I exercise and my diet is good. I think I need to now go for a heavy metal detox but a little unsure where to start with that. If you know of any successful intensive therapies, it would be great to know.

        Thanks so much

        1. Nicole

          Hi Ree,
          Did you get the vaccine recently which may have initiated similar symptoms? I detoxed heavy metals using DMSA, Alpha Lipoic Acid and also NAC, all of those supplements grab onto metals and escort them out of the body. NAC also supports our bodies natural detox systems. Make sure you are on an anti-inflammatory and antifungal type diet, eating Keto style (low carb) supports our healing well.

          1. Ree Ved

            Hi Nicole,

            Thanks so much for your reply. I have chosen not to get the covid vaccines but did get covid in July. It is possible that triggered something.

            Brilliant thanks for the detox tips. I have seen somewhere offering Glutathione injection which I may look into further.

            The main difference I’ve seen this time round is how sore my muscles are. The fatigue never left but it feels intensified right now.

            I’m on anti inflammatory but perhaps need to research more re anti fungal. I take a good chunk of vitamins to replenish too.

            Can I ask-have all of your symptoms now disappeared/are under control?

            Thank you

          2. Nicole

            Hi Ree, yes, I am totally healed from breast implants but it did take me a few years to recover my health from all the damage they did. Be patient, you’ll get there, clean diet is key to managing symptoms, cutting out inflammatory foods.

          3. Ree

            Thanks Nicole. Such great news to hear you’re totally healed. Really gives me hope! I had the PIP implants and my left one ruptured. Though they took it out-including the shell, there is a lot of residual silicone in my left breast which I think they can’t remove.

            I don’t know if the things you’ve recommended have the potential to strip that silicone out of my body even if there’s physical silicone still picked up on ultrasound scans as it did recently. Do you have a view?

            That’s my last question. Thanks so much for everything you’re doing on here 😊

          4. Laura

            hi nicole,
            can you share which heavy metals detox protocol you used?
            I took the Doctor’s Data heavy metals test unprovoked and it came back slightly elevated for Barium, Thallium and Cesium.
            I then took it again with 500 mg DMPS and 1,000 mg DMSA oral chelators. The results came back high in lead, antimony and thallium (mid yellow range) and OFF THE CHARTS IN MERCURY (140 when it should be <1.3)
            my doctor is suggesting a low oral dose of DMSA and DMPS in a few weeks after i stabilize. i have felt considerably worse since the test. i feel like the DMPS and DMSA caused a lot of heavy metals to recirculate in my system (my dr doesn’t think it would still be bothering me 3 weeks after the test) bc i have more burning, prickling sensations, numbness, nausea, some shortness of breath and fatigue. basically all of my symptoms from pre explant (5 months ago) have worsened again.
            i see you used DMSA and then ALA. i’m more willing to try those chelators over DMPS (i’ve read a number of articles that scare me).
            i had been starting to see improvements with most symptoms especially the fatigue and now it’s all come rushing back and I’m really struggling. Any advice is welcome!
            thank you!

          5. Nicole

            Hi Laura,
            I did take DMSA and ALA only because I did not have access to DMPS. If I had had access to DMPS I would have taken it instead of DMSA. If you know you have mercury toxicity by various reliable testing indicating you do, its important to remove the mercury from your body as soon as possible and DMPS does this the best. Please reach out to me on facebook, I would like to see your tests indicating mercury toxicity. Many times we are told we are mercury toxic when we are not. Getting the mercury circulating like the provoked tests do does make us feel poorly.

    2. Leslie

      Absolutely true. Good point.

  21. Louise

    Hello Nicole, thank you so much for this site.
    I explanted April 2020 and today I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I know I still have a lot of rest products from the implants in my body, and I wonder how I can eat without detoxing too hard? I’m planning to do a more proper detox after the birth and breastfeeding, but it would be meaningful to hear your thoughts about what I can do in this moment without causing any damage on my little one. Thank you

    1. Nicole

      Hi Louise,
      You likely do not have to worry about detoxing at all and especially because you are pregnant!

  22. Chris Jackson

    I lived in a house that had a leak under it and it pooled water for years. We had continual mold issues in one hallway, not very noticeable, but some black dots kept popping up on the wall. I somehow got mold sick in that house and never recovered. It took took 20+ years to figure it all out, I just today figured out a connection to Silicone intake and Lupus, Ive now got lupus symptoms and its from the mold but I think its more from the binders plugging up my liver. When you get mold damage in our body, all the experts will suggest zeolite clay or bentonite clay, or other “binder” Beware they all can really hurt you, but the silicone zeolite seems the absolute worst. Mold, silicone, lupus skin burn and zeolite clay connection.

    1. Sonia

      So how are you healing?

  23. Samantha Bryant

    Good Morning Nicole, I’m wondering if you can help me. I’m 7 months explant with complete capsule removal. I’m experiencing a lot of different stomach “issues”. I’d like to attribute to my body detoxing (I quickly forget how much time this will take) as well as entering menopause. I’m bloated, weight gain, gas, indigestion . Any thoughts?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Samantha,
      Those symptoms are very common in us due to fungal overgrowth such as yeast/Candida overgrowth which usually flaresup after explant due to the antibiotics we take during explant surgery damaging our good gut flora which keeps fungal overgrowth in check in the long run. Antifungal diets and lots of probiotics helped me put my gut back in balance.

  24. Sheyla

    Please help, I’m 9 months post explant, my tonsils are super swollen, feels like something is constantly stuck in my throat for the last 12 months, also have a swollen lymph node on my neck, I’m suffering from headaches and ear pressure every single day. Doctors don’t know what else to do with me. Any tips?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sheyla,

      Were the capsules ompletely removed when you explanted? Get your throat swabbed to see what is infecting your tonsils. Watch for thrush and fungal infections which can cause some symptoms you list. If you have antibiotics when you explanted this can cause a overgrowth of fungal in us such as thrush, fungal sinus infections, fungal in our gut such as yeast and Candida overgrowth. Antifungal diets, antifungals and lots of probiotics are necessary for many of us due to the fungal overgrowth we commonly get.

      1. Sarah

        This is exactly me right now except I am 2.5 years post explant I’ve had multiple tests and no knows what’s going on. I have swelling and pain in my cheek above my sinus and around my eye socket but apparently my sinus is all clear, I have ear pressure, headaches and the lymph node in my neck is swollen. Irs been going on for a month now and I am desperate for a solution.
        I have a suspicion that not all my capsules were removed and wanted to know the best test to check to see if that is the case?

        1. Nicole

          Hi Sarah,
          Have you checked for fungal overgrowth? If you research sinusitis it’s almost always caused by fungal infections in our sinus. Fungal and other infections have to be eliminated in order to heal after explant.

          1. Sarah

            Hi Nicole thanks for getting back to me. I have since discovered that I don’t have sinusitis. The Dr’s don’t have a clue whats going on.

            Here is the full run down of what’s been going on thrbkast 7 weeks.

            It started with facial pain just above the cheek bone and the following day I had a pocket of swelling near the nose and what I assumed to be sinusitis it was very tender and a bit red so i got some over the counter sinus meds and carried on this way for a week, until I noticed the lymph node in my neck was swollen. I saw a Dr who prescribed antibiotics but I had a very bad reaction to them them and was throwing up and having panic attacks so they gave me an injection to claim things down and told me to wait a week before trying a different antibiotic.
            2nd antibiotics and I had the same reaction as before and the pain and pressure in my face is giving my a headache my right ear indeed nostril are blocked and I’m dizzy and the lymph node is still swollen.

            I then goto an ENT who does and endoscopy and sinus cavity in the nose is all clear he sends me to a dentist to check it’s not tooth infection that comes back all clear so back to the ENT for a CT scan and what do you know sinus is completely clean no infection.

            Next stop an infection disease Dr who does blood tests to check for infection and also an ultrasound of the lymph nodes in the neck – again everything is coming up clear.

            I’m in my 7th week of this and no one knows what it is, I can’t take any form of medication as I keep having a reaction to it but I’m in constant pain and it’s driving me insane.
            The swollen pockets on my face appear to be superficial and change in size and placement from day to day some days they are more painful than others. The best way to describe them is that they are similar to when you get bitten by a mosquito and you get a raised white area of the skin.

            One other thing to mention, I have been seeing an osteopath for the last 2 months originally for sciatic pain but have been going weekly for treatments as something else always seemed to pop up that needed her attention but now I’m wondering if going to her had an adverse effect re detoxing.

            Any advice greatly appreciated. 🙏🏻❤

        2. Marina

          have you gone to the dentist to ck for dental issues? that can cause those symptoms too

    2. Sonia

      Hi, did u ever get answers?

  25. Bridget

    I explant in 35 days. Does anyone have the recipe for that Gerson juice recipe? The link doesn’t lead to a recipe. thank you!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Bridget,

      I will fix the link today!

  26. Deborah

    Hi char. I live in Billings, Montana. Who did you find to do your explant? So happy your feeling better. I’ve had mine for over 20 yrs. I have insurance but they say i got them done for cosmetic reasons so they won’t pay to have them removed. BCBC. Any info on how to medical code correctly would be so wonderful. Thanks

  27. Melanie

    So I only had my implants for 7 months and right away knew something wasn’t right with them and got them removed. How long do you think it will take me to detox from them if they were only in a short period of time. Right now I’m almost 9 wpo and have been having headaches and getting heart palpitations for about a week off and on. Also how long does a detox wave last?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Melanie,
      If you got a proper explant which means all the capsule tissue was removed, your healing will likely unfold over a year or so.

  28. Meredith

    Hi! I have had a burning pain in my left breast for a couple of weeks and no clue why. I’m curious what you found out from your scan?

  29. Angela Faulkner

    Does the hair ever come back? I’m 48…😬

    1. Nicole

      Hi Angela,
      Our hair does eventually stop falling out and does start re-growing. Also for some the grey reverses and for many the hair grows in thicker and and healthier than with implants.

  30. shanna sanchez

    I’m 10 1/2 months post explant and a lot of my symptoms have subsided but i’m still dealing with neuropathy issues. I have pain in both feet that tend to up my legs and effect my knees. I’ve had x rays done of my knees as well as a nerve conduction test done and multiple brain MRIs and all came back normal. I’m feeling hopeless at this point. I’m 35years old with a 4 year and I feel like my everyday life is still being hindered. Has anyone dealt with any of this? or done anyone know of a neurologist in the tampa area that Is familiar with BII. I don’t feel like my neurologist is listening to me.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Shanna,
      Have you had gadolinium contrast? What’s your diet like? Please read our Silicone Detox page on the website to understand which diets best manage our symptoms and support your healing. Your healing will continue past one year too, so be patient.

      1. Iris Carpenter

        I’m thinking of trying TRS liquid zeolite, the clinoptilolite (sp?) type to start detoxing about 2 weeks after my Apr 7th explant. Your ideas? Getting a little nervous now.

        1. Nicole

          Hi Iris,
          I did not use TRS because when I researched it I found that TRS Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite composed of a microporous arrangement of silica and aluminum tetrahedra. Silica and aluminum are both in breast implants and can be aggravating to us. Try it but pay attention to how you feel, watch for an increase in inflammation with it.

    2. Kristine

      Yes I have neuropathy too. And I’m so sorry u too are dealing with this. Mine has affected my peroneal nerve so I have drop
      Foot. I am only 2 weeks explant. I will let you know if anything starts to work better. I have noticed a decrease since explant but still having a hard time walking. Keep the faith. It takes time 😘

      1. Kim

        Hi Kristine,
        I have neuropathy & drop foot, too. My explant scheduled for June 8th. I would love to hear how you’re doing.

    3. Tam

      Have you ever taken Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin or Avelox? They prescribe these black box antibiotics for a UTI’s, kidney infections, etc. These antibiotics are fluoride based. They are called fluoroquinolones. I took 4 250mg doses of Cipro in 2011. It caused instant damage to my feet. I had extreme pain and developed torn tendons in both Achillis. Every joint was affected. Cortisone shots in my feet did not help. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning. There is a ton of info online and on Facebook too. My feet hurt more now after explant. I am hoping it subsides soon.

      1. Sondria Giardina

        I was on a Macrobid when mine happened!!! For a UTI

    4. Sondria Giardina

      I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome in my legs. The pain is burning, stabbing, can’t stand on them for long because they swell. Night time is horrible. I can’t wear shoes other then slippers or flip flops. And no clothing that touches my legs. It is miserable!!! I haven’t explanted yet, hoping to get my appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping that in time it will help with my pain!

      1. Mary Gregory

        I was diagnosed with CRPS in my rt arm, it is miserable. But I never thought of someone having it in their legs, I can’t imagine. I explanted in Jan and so many of my symptoms went away, not all of them, but so many. My CRPS is better I don’t have to wear a glove or sweaters or blankets everyday but I’m the pain is still there and I was also diagnosed with RA in a finger of the same hand. I thought CRPS was horrible but I think RA is worse. But my question is, have you explanted yet? If so how are you doing now? Did your CRPS get better? If you haven’t explanted yet could you possibly, if you remember, to update me when you do explant. I am very curious to see if this pain will go away completely and if yours does what did you do to help it along. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

  31. Stacey pillari

    I had an explant of Allergan Natrelle smooth gummies done dec 2019 and my left was ruptured. Most of my health issues are better except my left hand hurts in joint, my knee joint, and my neck at c curve and left trap feels knotted up and frozen. Also, I am still weak with less energy. My joints in the areas ache constantly and I don’t know what to do. Is this all from the toxins? Will it ever get better? What can I do?

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