Breast Implant Illness Experts

Dr Pierre Blais

Dr Pierre Blais is the world’s foremost expert on breast implants as failed medical devices and has written several articles in regard to the failure of breast implants based on his analysis and findings during examining thousands of implants.  Unfortunately Dr. Blais is no longer accepting specimens or inquiries due to retirement.  If you submitted a specimen to Dr. Blais previously and want it returned, please email him at [email protected]   

Dr Lu Jean Feng

Dr. Lu Jean Feng of Pepperpike, Ohio in the U.S. is one of the world’s first and foremost explant surgeons with many educational video’s regarding proper En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant and breast implant illness here.

Dr Feng recently completed a long term breast implant illness study recently published here.  Dr Feng has conducted other clinical research and studies here.

Dr Diana Zuckerman

Dr. Diana Zuckerman founded the National Center for Health Research specializing in women’s health issues, and has been speaking out about breast implants for close to 30 years. In 1990, she was an investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives who was responsible for the first Congressional hearing and report on breast implants, which pointed out that the FDA had allowed breast implants to be sold without ever requiring studies of women.  This raised questions about leaking implants, the possible link to cancer, and many of the health risks that have been coined breast implant illness by this website.  From 1990 through today, she has analyzed the dubious “check book” science that was published and widely quoted to falsely assure women that breast implants were “proven safe.”  Dr. Zuckerman regularly speaks at FDA meetings regarding health problems from breast implants and other implants, and is currently assisting women to get explant surgery covered by health insurance in the U.S.  Please browse Dr Zuckerman’s breast implant website containing valuable insurance and other information for U.S. women.    

Dr Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld

Dr Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld is another expert who published AutoImmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced By Adjuvants – ASIA Syndrome in regard to breast implants here.

Dr Frank Vasey

Dr Frank Vasey is a Rheumatologist and has written about the dark side of silicone implants here.

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We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Rita Boland

    I have researched the net extensively to try and find a qualified surgeon for complete removal of encapsulated implants. My situation is dire.
    Thank you,
    Rita B

  2. Rebecca

    Hi, I’m from Dorset in England. I have almost all of the symptoms of BII and the past month got dramatically worse. If I request to have them removed by the company I had them done due to this. Should I still have to pay? I can’t understand or get round the fact, that something so harmful to my body, I should have to pay £4000/£7000 to have them removed. I paid so much to have them in. I can’t feel the way I’m feeling anymore, but I also can’t afford £4000/£7000 either.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Rebecca,
      Your placing surgeon may remove your implants for a lower cost however he is unlikely to explant you properly which means En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy. The only thing you can do is report your symptoms to him and tell him you want your implants removed and all the capsule tissue removed as well and see what he says. Don’t let him talk you into just slipping the implants out or leaving the capsules behind because you won’t recover from your symptoms. Removing capsule tissue correlates with our recovery. We feel its safest to go to a surgeon known for explanting properly even if does cost you.

  3. Silvia Smith

    Where can I get surgeon names highly recommended for Wichita, Kansas?

  4. Lise Tanguay Chowdhury

    Thank you Nicole for all your work and research.
    So important and valuable.

  5. Elena Diaz

    Those doctors listed for implant explant are the only ones in United States? Is there any in Mexico?

  6. Marcia

    Can these things cause mental illness to get worse? Can they make you suicidal?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Marcia,
      Yes breast implants do cause anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, studies show there is higher incidence of suicide with breast implant users.

    2. Julie

      Bonjour, Marcia
      Oui tout à fait, je fais partie de ses femmes. J’ai eu un implant durant près de 30 ans et durant toute ces années sans acception j’ai été placé dans trouble de santé mentale, malgré le fait que je disais aux médecins vous faites fausse route sur le diagnostique. Je ressentais que c’était mon corps physique qui était malade et qui me donnait des symptômes psychologiques tel que la dépression, l’anxiété, les attaques de panique, les idées suicidaires, des signes du trouble de la personnalité, etc. TOUS ces symptômes sont entièrement partis depuis mon opération en capsulectomie-en bloc par la Dre Lu-Jean Feng, une pionniaire dans ce type de chirurgie. Ma vie est passée de position alitée à vivre à nouveau! Le silicone qui était dans mon corps est partie en majorité, on ne pourra pas pour l’instant savoir combien de dépôts il reste dans le système imminutaire, mais ma santé est revnue à 90% passant de plus de 60 symptômes à 2-3! Garde courage et surtout renseigne-toi bien. Lis toutes les informations sur son site, Nicole a un excellent résumé de toutes les informations nécessaires pour se sortir de cet état qui accable notre santé.

  7. Cathy Phillips

    I am so grateful, thank you

  8. Amy Hooks

    Hi, have you heard of or come across any research or studies that have shown abnormal cardiac values (extremely elevated HDL, elevated Cardiac C reactive Protein, elevated Fibrinogen Antigen, elevated apo-lipoprotein A1) associated with Silicone Breast Implants?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Amy,
      Come to the group and use the search feature and search the posts about those specific test values and you will find women reporting them.

    2. Lisa Schaefer

      I coded 6 times exactly a year after my gel implants were out in. Spent a week in the hospital and they couldn’t figure out why! I’m currently seeing a cardiologist who’s sending me to an EP cardiologist thinking I need a pacemaker because my heart goes from the 30’s to 160’s. No blockages, no enlarged heart. I have chest pain and shortness of breath thinking I’m having a heart attack but I’m not. I just recently heard of the recalled implants so I started researching. I don’t have that brand but I have nearly ever single symptom shown! My neurologist wants me to do a 5 hour memory test cuz I can’t remember things. I am bipolar manic depressive but I’ve tried to kill myself a few times in the last year! My anger and rage is worse than ever! I’m in tears now because I’m 105 pounds and had implants put in after weight loss surgery. So now I’m worried!

  9. Ruth Heidrich

    Thanks, Nicole, I’ll check this doctor out. BTW, what is “SSED”?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Ruth,
      SSED stands for Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data.

  10. Taqtik

    Thanks for sharing the informative information with us.

  11. Ruth Heidrich

    I have a dear friend who is a chemistry professor who questions me when I refer to heavy metals being leached into the body along with the silicone. Are there any reputable, scientific sources that I can both read and refer to him?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Ruth,
      Yes there are, please check out Dr. S V Maharaj who is a silicone platinum expert. Also women do heavy metal testing via hair and other tissue samples that show metals and many go on do provoked 24 hour urine tests and find the metals. Personally I found high vanadium in my hair tests and vanadium was one of the highest metals in my breast implants according to the SSED for my implants.

    2. Charlene Maloney

      Yes, Please google “Gel Bleed and rupture of silicone breast implant investigated”. It will bring up a report from the “Cllinical Medical Reviews and Case reports, 2016.”
      This is a case of a female who had a rupture, cancer, then passed away. This is the report of her autopsy which shows that she had silicone particles throughout her body. It seems somewhere it does say they found silicone droplets in the brain and liver.

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