Breast Implant Illness Experts

Dr Pierre Blais

Dr Pierre Blais is the world’s foremost expert on breast implants as failed medical devices and has written several articles in regard to the failure of breast implants based on his analysis and findings during examining thousands of implants.  Unfortunately Dr. Blais is no longer accepting specimens or inquiries due to retirement.  If you submitted a specimen to Dr. Blais previously and want it returned, please email him at [email protected]   

Dr Lu Jean Feng

Dr. Lu Jean Feng of Pepperpike, Ohio in the U.S. is one of the world’s first and foremost explant surgeons with many educational video’s regarding proper En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant and breast implant illness here.

Dr Feng recently completed a long term breast implant illness study recently published here.  Dr Feng has conducted other clinical research and studies here.

Dr Diana Zuckerman

Dr. Diana Zuckerman founded the National Center for Health Research specializing in women’s health issues, and has been speaking out about breast implants for close to 30 years. In 1990, she was an investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives who was responsible for the first Congressional hearing and report on breast implants, which pointed out that the FDA had allowed breast implants to be sold without ever requiring studies of women.  This raised questions about leaking implants, the possible link to cancer, and many of the health risks that have been coined breast implant illness by this website.  From 1990 through today, she has analyzed the dubious “check book” science that was published and widely quoted to falsely assure women that breast implants were “proven safe.”  Dr. Zuckerman regularly speaks at FDA meetings regarding health problems from breast implants and other implants, and is currently assisting women to get explant surgery covered by health insurance in the U.S.  Please browse Dr Zuckerman’s breast implant website containing valuable insurance and other information for U.S. women.    

Dr Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld

Dr Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld is another expert who published AutoImmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced By Adjuvants – ASIA Syndrome in regard to breast implants here.

Dr Frank Vasey

Dr Frank Vasey is a Rheumatologist who has written about the dark side of breast implants and studied the link between rheumatic disease finding and symptoms and silicone breast implants here.

Dr Jan Willan Willem Cohen Tervaert

Dr Jan Willan Willem Cohen Tervaert of Edmonton, Alberta is a professor of medicine and immunology at the University of Alberta in Canada and has published several articles: 

Autoinflammatory/autoimmunity syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA; Shoenfeld’s syndrome): A new flame (2018)

Silicone breast implants and autoimmune rheumatic diseases: myth or reality (2017)

Breast Implant Illness: Scientific Evidence of it’s Existence

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We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Amy

    Can someone recommend an explant surgeon who specializes in en bloc and BII near the Chicagoland area?

  2. Judy

    I am confused on why under the info it says not to discuss if you have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, connective tissue disease and autoimmune disorders when your trying to get insurance to pay for explanation? Isn’t that the point to tell them that’s why you believe you need them out asap? Or am I misunderstanding?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Judy,
      Typically insurance only covers for ruptured implants, bad capsular contracture, chronic pain or infection/tissue necrosis that won’t clear after treatment, if you mention autoimmune or other symptoms they will decline chalking up your symptoms to something else that they don’t cover.

  3. Susan

    Is there a surgeon in El Paso Texas or Las Cruces NM that specializes in explant?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Susan,
      There are several very good explant surgeons in TX, please see the Explant Surgeons page on this website, scroll down to the state of TX.

  4. Christine Owens

    Could anyone recommend explant doctors/surgeons near Charlotte, NC?

    1. Rebecca Collins

      Christine, hi! Who did you end up using near Charlotte?
      Thanks for any info!

  5. Cheryl Duet

    Thanks Nicole I’m so thankful I found out about this site I am scheduled for ex plant July 12 2021 I’m am scared to death but I know I’m doing the right thing by getting them out. Thanks again for all your research.

  6. Annie Ellis

    Lisa! Explanant those implants! I had mine way too long, I complained of weird symptoms and Mammograms DONT See Silicone. I had them removed in 2014 along with a mass under each one. The Oncologist decided morning if surgery to just remove the big glands under my right arm. Turned out a mass there too. I felt better about 3 years. Every single symptom mentioned here I now have. My brain function, both knees went bad in couple months, dry mouth, teeth being extracted that were fine a month ago, eyes are awful vision and so painful, ALL my glands Everywhere are big and painful. Some days I can barely do Anything. I once again have been a GUINEA Pig, going to 8 specialists, Rhuematologist, Hematologist, etc.. I see the Oncologist in a few days. I wish she had if taken out the glands under my other armpit as the MRI Does show glass like Opacities and irregular lymph glands and now another mass I am now upset she did not take out in the explanation surgery, as m illness now is Much worse than 6 years ago, most likely because the enlarged silicone filled glands were Left under tgat arm. I Know the silicone has traveled to my brain, got a brain MRI last week and have the 5 hrs of tests for brain function next week. My sister never had her implants taken out. Instead SHE was Also a Guinea Pig. She hit blood and bone cancer, had her pancreas removed, had heart palpitations and had heart valve replacement. After TEN MONTHS in hospital she came home. We were out watching the dolphins play in the ocean and as I walked her in to her room she had strokes and ended up in ICU 6 days. She was on a ventilator and would never walk, talk , breathe, eat, drink , or do anything again. She could Understand the doctor telling us this, and her eyes got huge and I knew she did not want to live like that! We ended up pulling her breathing tube and letting her go. In the Autopsy they could see signs of 28 consecutive Strokes, oily silicone all in her brain and Everywhere! Silicone all around the heart valve they had put in And the other heart valve was diminished like IT was eaten. Silicone took her beautiful life. I am Praying they can remove the rest of the boy glands and several masses I now feel around my rib cage. In the last TWO MONTHS my symptoms are through the roof and my life is ruined because the implants were taken out but nothing all the silicone filled glands. Scary thing is, every single gland is now big and painful all around my head, everywhere…. The salivary glands are huge and I am afraid since the silicone was already Leaked in to my underarms tgat it is in All my glands from salivary to in my brain. My heart palpitations are most likely just like my beautiful sisters, heart valves being damaged by silicone! Now there is a hard lump in my mouth that wasn’t there a month ago. It’s gotten so scary. To think how many Doctors I have gone to in the last year, especially the last 6 Months is crazy. Then I finally found the video and this site and information tonight!!! I will be telling each doctor. I Know the silicone oil has gone Everywhere, my head aches are insane, I got Rheumatoid arthritis , Srogens syndrome, and so many other health issues. My life at 64 went down Fast! My poor sister never had a chance, as the doctors had no clue. Since she didn’t complain about pain in one breast like I did for 4 -5 years, NO doctor even Thought of her implants being the culprits! Believe me You Want them out if you are having any of the symptoms. I can’t believe how Fast it took me down, from being a long time stunt woman, to where I can barely drive 5 miles do shopping for my 90 year old mom, feed the birds and back to bed. Couple doctor appointments a week and still all just Guessing. I am PRAYING I can get some life back and that these Hurrendous Pains subside🙏 Wishing you a smooth recovery, but I definitely would not wait on getting them out if you are having Any symptoms.

  7. Cheryl Duet

    I have implants since 1996 and have been wanting to remove them for years but when I went to talk to dr about removing them he examined my breast and said that he didn’t see any issues and said he saw no reason to tale them out. Now keep in mind since I got my implants my health has declined in so many ways not feeling good for years then finally when I went in for my yearly Gynogoligist check up in or around 2006 which was 10 years of having my implants, I talked to my dr about me loosing strength in my arms and legs. He had me immediately go to a neurologist and from there it was test after test after test. Then they finally sent me to a rheumatologist and after numerous blood test and other test they diagnosed me with Lupus. I have since been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, poor circulation in my lower extremities, my cervical and lumbar are terrible I have had surgery once on my cervical and looking to have another surgery sometime this year. I had lumbar surgery on Jan 29, 2021, I have all types of issues with reflux, gastroparesis, etc, I’m now facing having to have my mitral valve replaced and I my tricuspid valve has leakage also, I have high blood pressure, I’m now over weight due to medication they have me on. I’m on way to much medication daily hate having to take it. They even have me on chemo pills once a week. From the medication they had me on since 2006 for lupus I recently was taken off of Hydroxychloroquine and prednisone due to both my eyes making changes which means I may go blind waiting to see eye doctor to see if there has been any further damage to my eyes since I was taken off. This was diagnosed Jan 27, 2021. I am facing a vein procedure in both my legs one scheduled on June 17, 2021 and the other leg soon thereafter once my right leg heals. I have issues in both my feet. I would love to talk to someone regarding having my implants removed properly so that my body can heal. I just never been right ever since I got these implants. Tired of hurting 24/7 Thanks Cheryl Duet

    1. Mini

      Hi Cheryl,
      I also was told that I needed a vein procedure in my left leg, but I refused to have my main vein cauterized and closed off. I just knew it had to be something else. After my explant, it went away. I hope this helps.

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