Breast Implant Lawsuits Filed Globally

Lawsuits filed globally in court systems due to harm caused by breast implants continues to grow.  In the U.S. some early breast implant illness cases were dismissed due to U.S. Federal preemption which essentially protects Class III medical devices once approved for market by the FDA from liability lawsuits.  However, two cases (Catherine Gravitt v Mentor Worldwide LLC and Mize v. Mentor Worldwide LLC) passed preemption in part(s) and are proceeding to jury trial.  

Further on March 22, 2021 in Philadelphia, the law firm Berger Montague announced that many claims for injuries arising from the recall of Allergan’s Biocell textured implants will now proceed to Discovery, read more here

Since the FDA’s announcement of textured implants causing BIA-ALCL cancer, BIA-ALCL cases continue to be filed and since textured implants were pulled from markets in Europe and Canada, two Canadian law firms requested to file class action lawsuits against three textured implant manufacturers selling implants in Canada; Mentor, Allergan and Ideal for failing to warn Canadians about the potential of BIA-ALCL cancer.  Another Canadian law firm filed a request for a potential class action against Mentor silicone for systemic symptoms caused by Mentor silicone breast implants.   

If you are interested to contact the law firms accepting cases please see the list below, please also make a comment below and then come to our Lawsuit Facebook group where you can get support from over 10,000 other women interested in legal proceedings.  

Defective Breast Implants are Viable Cases

Breast implants are warranted to be safe and last a certain amount of time.  A warranty is a guarantee that the product will perform in a certain way or will conform to certain standards. If the breast implant is defective and ruptures, leaks or becomes deformed before it’s warranty period expires and causes you harm or the breast implant is deemed to be safe and causes you a serious disease such as BIA-ALCL you may have a case.  

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

SWMW Law / Tara King 1 (314) 480-5180

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Ward Black Law / Janet Ward Black or Audrey Snider 1 (800) 531 9191 for those implanted in or residents of North Carolina only due to the extended Statute of Repose period of twelve years.  

Ross Feller Casey / Dena Young 1 (267) 443-3056

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Ward Black Law / Janet Ward Black or Audrey Snider 1 (800) 531 9191 for those implanted in or residents of North Carolina only due to the extended Statute of Repose period of twelve years.  

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Williams Dirks Dameron LLC / Matthew L Dameron 1 (816) 945-7135

Shell Law LLC / Mandy M Shell 1 (816) 399-5030

Girard Sharp LLC 1 (415) 981-4800 (Class Action Case)

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Joey Zukran of LPC Advocate Inc. in Quebec for class action for textured implants  Contact: 1 (514) 379-1572

Anthony Leoni of Rice Harbut Elliott LLP  in Vancouver for class action for Mentor silicone breast implants  Contact: 1 (604) 682-3771

Tanya A Pagliaroli of Tanya Pagliaroli Law in Toronto for BIA-ALCL Contact: 1 (416) 583-1570

Renee Vinett of Howie Sacks and Henry LLP for mass tort for women diagnosed with BIA-ALCL from textured implants  Contact: 1 (877) 771-7006

Pagliaroli Law / Tanya A Pagliaroli 1 (416) 583-1570

Rise Lawyers Pty Ltd / Rosemary Listing  0413634739

Vogel Law in: Munich 0049 89 59997400, Baden Baden 0049 7221 9250974, London 0044 2077706344 and Zurich 0041 43 5083605

There are many new law firms and attorneys starting to file cases and the attorneys listed above are some that have been verified by the Admin(s) of Breast Implant Lawsuits.  If you would like to be added to this list please contact Nicole at [email protected].

Please join our Facebook group of over 10,000 women for more information regarding Breast Implant Lawsuits.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Naomi

    I got my implants in 2015 unfortunately I have severe breast implant illness I have so many symptoms with no explanation. My implants were Allergan that were recalled are they meant to let you know that they are recalled ? I had to find out 7 years later that they were recalled from my surgeon who is going to perform my explant in 2023.

  2. Amy Simpson

    Dear Nicole,
    I had my first implants in 2011. I had saline implants. My first implant I ended up losing one implant due to infection. After my incision opened completely, they removed that implant and let me heal. I was very very sick with the infection. We waited 6 months and put an implant back. I then had to have a hysterectomy in 2017 and got a horrible infection and was admitted back into the hospital for iv antibiotics and very strong antibiotics at home. A year later I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast ( which is the one that got infected). I had so much that they had to remove all my breast tissue and I decided I did not want biopsies on my right side everytime I went in, so I had a bilateral. We did genetic testing and there were no markers for breast cancer in my genetics. They removed those implants, did spacers and I got an infection and was back in the hospital for 3 days for iv antibiotics until they cultured my infection. I was put on Levaquin and had a horrible reaction and I have never been the same since. I thought it was just the antibiotics but I have 23 of the listed symptoms of BII. Is there anything legally I can do? I want these things explanted as soon as I can.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Amy,
      So sorry that you have suffered so much and also had to take so many antibiotics that treat infections but also wreck our good gut flora too. Sounds like you were also floxed by Levaquin, do you know about that? Google it. Obviously your body does not like implants.

  3. Row

    I have had mine done 2010 Tampa, Florida. They are Mentor. I was told they last for a lifetime and it will not give me any issues or health problems. 2015, I started having the shakes, unable to sleep, migranes, anxiety, depression and GI problems. 2018 I started having breathing problems, heart palpatation, lower heart rate like I was some athlete whicb I wasn’t. Joint and muscle spasm and pain. No one could tell me what was going on! 2020 I went blind a few minuetes 2-3x a day. My neck was very thick, I was getting dizzy and fainting 3x a day. I was restlesd and tired a lot throughout the day. Coffee was not doing it for me anymore. I had my blood test done my glucose was high, Vitamin D was low, TSH was not optimal. I was diagnosed with graves and ashma. I went through 4 eye surgeries withing 2 years, using inhaler before walking outside the door. 2022 April My right breast was swollen, painful and had mammogram and MRI. They compared my 2018 and 2022 Cat Scan and MRI. I had a silent rupture on my right breast! Now, I am still waiting to get consultation with a surgeo to have these removed completely! but only 2 doctors in las vegas accepts insurance!! it’s horrible! Who is held accountable for that? I have two boys, a single mom and I have a disbaled child that I can’t fully concentrate because this uberable pain mentally, physically and emotionally that I went through and still am!

  4. Tammy Morefield

    I never would have gotten my Mentor Saline Implants if I had known about BII either. Most people wouldn’t. We all deserve compensation for removal. Oh yes, my left breast is deflated.

  5. Karen Peters

    Mistake on spelling plastic surgeon name. It’s Martin Giuffre

  6. Karen Peters

    Hi Sheena. So sorry to hear of your experience. I had a double mastectomy due to cancer in Edmonton. Dr. Gieffre was the plastic surgeon that put first expanders in and then implants. I’m also sick and getting worse. I’m planning on getting them out in Guadalajara Mexico in November. Feel free to email me.

    1. Carmen Rockwell-Hoover

      Hi Karen, his partner, Dr Campbell did my reconstruct after BC in 2011 and full mastectomy, reconstruct started 2013, Mentor Saline textured, complete 2015 after 2 blunders causing extra surgeries, he retires.
      Dr Giuffre did my explant in 2019, he was rude, condescending and unprofessional. He did not accept that BII was real, I was very, very sick at the time. At time of surgery I asked for implants to be returned, because the one implant came out in pieces, he totally disregarded my request and I had to make 2 requests for the CD30 test😡 I am lucky now to be seeing Dr Taveart, at the Kaye Clinic, he is considered a BII/ASIA Specialist. Almost all symptoms resolved in 2019 but many coming back, I suspect this is due to pieces of implant left in….and the process starts over. I would like to see this Dr removed, total jerk! Still not always on the ball and having issues navigating these lawsuit documents, papers etc. Love and light to you, all the best with your explant!🤗

      1. Chrysta

        Hi Carmen
        I had my original ones done by Dr Edwards, same medical clinic as Campbell and Guiffre. He was a good doctor for the implants but I haven’t heard back from him yet about getting the explant. His staff says that he is away quite a bit now….eye roll! Anyways I found a surgeon in Canmore, Dr Laliberte who does en blocs. His staff was amazing and walked me though what I needed to do to get in to see him quicker. I guess he takes medical cases as priority over cosmetic. My consultation is March 30th (just 3 weeks to get a consult!!!!!). I hope he works out because I will be recommending him. Fingers crossed.

  7. Trish O. Christiansen

    OM goodness Heather,
    I understand what you are going through. I feel for you! I’ve had assorted implants for 43 years and my body is a toxic spill. I hope you can get your implants removed soon. I lost my career, neglected my daughter’s life, and was disabled for years. As a plastics RN, I believe these implants…all of them..should be outlawed!
    Best of luck to you!
    Trish (RN)

  8. Christa K.

    This is Christa, I just had my 1994 implants explanted in March of 2021 due to a ruptured implant.
    After explant Dr said my Saline implants were the recalled thick and textured implants and looked far worse than what he expected. I had capsular contraction and I am concerned about possible toxins that may have leaked into my body. These were Siltex Mentor contour profile implants Lot No. 104303 Nicole, I would appreciate any input you can give to me concerning how to go forward on getting reimbursed for the explanation surgery And any further future complications.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Christa,
      The best thing to do is contact Mentor with your information and tell them your situation and experience regarding your breast implants. I realize they are recalled however you’ve had them in your body since 1994 and implants are generally warranted for only ten years. But since they are recalled who know how Mentor may handle a claim for them. Just contact Mentor. Google Mentor and your country to find out Mentor’s contact info.

      1. Teresa

        I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease 4 years ago and had to get disability retirement last year (my doctor filed the paperwork). Also have Hashimotos with a large nodule that is being monitored for cancer, vitiligo and now being tested for Crohns. My implants were put in 1988 (4 years before the lawsuit). Cox/Uploff/Dow Corning implants (34 years old). Am I still able to get compensation for pain/suffering/loss of wages or even to pay for explantation?

        1. Teresa


          I’ve been emailing back & forth with someone about the lawsuit and she’s asking for a proof of claim number ( I have the original paper I filled out but I don’t have the claim number from 1993). She also asked for a SID number. Do you know what this is?

          1. Nicole

            Hi Teresa,
            I don’t know what a SID number is, I would ask her for clarification.

      2. Teresa

        Sorry, meant to mention that my rare autoimmune disease is Addison’s.

        1. Michelle

          Breast implant illness mimic Addison’s disease due to lowering our adrenal and thyroid levels. I was diagnosed with Addisons too, many of us have been on here, but when they did a ACTH test on me, I showed negative for Addison’s disease. Now that I have explanted, I’m going to test my cortisol and ACTH again in 6 months to see if my levels have improved.

          1. Kim

            Michelle, this is what happened to me. I had virtually no acth to command the adrenals to release cortisol. I’m wondering if you were diagnosed with any brain inflammation?

  9. Paula Rediger

    Heather Smith
    April 19 2021 ….. FIRST I AM SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS QUALITY OF LIFE AND PRAYERS THAT YOU FOUND HELP 🙏 that you (have HAD YOUR XPLANT BY NOW ) ‼️🙏 did u get FIND HELP legal support HOPE SO BUT HARD TO DO ANYTHING when u CANT get out of bed LUCKY TO SHOWER don’t eat much CRY & FEEL IMPENDING DEATH is coming •••••••
    ( never happen) BUT >> A SAFE & DECENT XPLANT REMOVAL ( ALL ENTITLED!!) 💕🙏🙏🙏💕

  10. Tracy

    Hi I’m from Brisbane
    Do you ever find help with lawyers

  11. Kelly

    I had implants in 2003 (McGhan textured) silicone. Shortly after this I developed hypothyroidism. I don’t know if the two are connected but I have a strong feeling they are. I have always experienced pain on my right side from day 1. I have then since had unbearable deep depression, fatigue to the point where I just want to sleep most days. I just recently found out that both implants are ruptured( I could understand 1 but both)? -not sure for how long. This leads me to wonder if they were defective from the beginning. Luckily I am having surgery to explant however, my insurance will not cover the cost. I feel the FDA did not research or test these implants enough before they approved the use of them-now years later they put a Black Box warning that they could cause breast cancer. Too little…too late. Now I’m a day late and $10,000 short. I understand I made the decision to get them initially-however-if I had known there was going to be a greater chance of getting Cancer, I might not have. I want to know….who is going to be held accountable?

  12. Cindy Pappert

    I am have the same problem. Since I have had mine starting in 2012 after chemo and radiation and bilateral mastectomy. I have had to replace them 2 times once was for infection and the other was I had the textured ones that are recalled…I have been diagnosed with 2 autoimmune disorders. I have chronic anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Along with G.I problems, migraines… I was never told and about all these complications, if I was I may not have put them. I want mine out the sooner the better.. Good luck

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