Breast Implant Lawsuits Filed Globally

Lawsuits filed globally in court systems due to harm caused by breast implants continues to grow.  In the U.S. some early breast implant illness cases were dismissed due to U.S. Federal preemption which essentially protects Class III medical devices once approved for market by the FDA from liability lawsuits.  However, two cases (Catherine Gravitt v Mentor Worldwide LLC and Mize v. Mentor Worldwide LLC) passed preemption in part(s) and are proceeding to jury trial.  

Further on March 22, 2021 in Philadelphia, the law firm Berger Montague announced that many claims for injuries arising from the recall of Allergan’s Biocell textured implants will now proceed to Discovery, read more here

Since the FDA’s announcement of textured implants causing BIA-ALCL cancer, BIA-ALCL cases continue to be filed and since textured implants were pulled from markets in Europe and Canada, two Canadian law firms requested to file class action lawsuits against three textured implant manufacturers selling implants in Canada; Mentor, Allergan and Ideal for failing to warn Canadians about the potential of BIA-ALCL cancer.  Another Canadian law firm filed a request for a potential class action against Mentor silicone for systemic symptoms caused by Mentor silicone breast implants.   

If you are interested to contact the law firms accepting cases please see the list below, please also make a comment below and then come to our Lawsuit Facebook group where you can get support from over 10,000 other women interested in legal proceedings.  

Defective Breast Implants are Viable Cases

Breast implants are warranted to be safe and last a certain amount of time.  A warranty is a guarantee that the product will perform in a certain way or will conform to certain standards. If the breast implant is defective and ruptures, leaks or becomes deformed before it’s warranty period expires and causes you harm or the breast implant is deemed to be safe and causes you a serious disease such as BIA-ALCL you may have a case.  

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

SWMW Law / Tara King 1 (314) 480-5180

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Ward Black Law / Janet Ward Black or Audrey Snider 1 (800) 531 9191 for those implanted in or residents of North Carolina only due to the extended Statute of Repose period of twelve years.  

Ross Feller Casey / Dena Young 1 (267) 443-3056

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Ward Black Law / Janet Ward Black or Audrey Snider 1 (800) 531 9191 for those implanted in or residents of North Carolina only due to the extended Statute of Repose period of twelve years.  

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Williams Dirks Dameron LLC / Matthew L Dameron 1 (816) 945-7135

Shell Law LLC / Mandy M Shell 1 (816) 399-5030

Girard Sharp LLC 1 (415) 981-4800 (Class Action Case)

Stanley Law / Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Dampier Law / Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Cowper Law / Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Joey Zukran of LPC Advocate Inc. in Quebec for class action for textured implants  Contact: 1 (514) 379-1572

Anthony Leoni of Rice Harbut Elliott LLP  in Vancouver for class action for Mentor silicone breast implants  Contact: 1 (604) 682-3771

Tanya A Pagliaroli of Tanya Pagliaroli Law in Toronto for BIA-ALCL Contact: 1 (416) 583-1570

Renee Vinett of Howie Sacks and Henry LLP for mass tort for women diagnosed with BIA-ALCL from textured implants  Contact: 1 (877) 771-7006

Pagliaroli Law / Tanya A Pagliaroli 1 (416) 583-1570

Rise Lawyers Pty Ltd / Rosemary Listing  0413634739

Vogel Law in: Munich 0049 89 59997400, Baden Baden 0049 7221 9250974, London 0044 2077706344 and Zurich 0041 43 5083605

There are many new law firms and attorneys starting to file cases and the attorneys listed above are some that have been verified by the Admin(s) of Breast Implant Lawsuits.  If you would like to be added to this list please contact Nicole at [email protected].

Please join our Facebook group of over 10,000 women for more information regarding Breast Implant Lawsuits.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Karen Peters

    Mistake on spelling plastic surgeon name. It’s Martin Giuffre

  2. Christa K.

    This is Christa, I just had my 1994 implants explanted in March of 2021 due to a ruptured implant.
    After explant Dr said my Saline implants were the recalled thick and textured implants and looked far worse than what he expected. I had capsular contraction and I am concerned about possible toxins that may have leaked into my body. These were Siltex Mentor contour profile implants Lot No. 104303 Nicole, I would appreciate any input you can give to me concerning how to go forward on getting reimbursed for the explanation surgery And any further future complications.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Christa,
      The best thing to do is contact Mentor with your information and tell them your situation and experience regarding your breast implants. I realize they are recalled however you’ve had them in your body since 1994 and implants are generally warranted for only ten years. But since they are recalled who know how Mentor may handle a claim for them. Just contact Mentor. Google Mentor and your country to find out Mentor’s contact info.

      1. Teresa

        I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease 4 years ago and had to get disability retirement last year (my doctor filed the paperwork). Also have Hashimotos with a large nodule that is being monitored for cancer, vitiligo and now being tested for Crohns. My implants were put in 1988 (4 years before the lawsuit). Cox/Uploff/Dow Corning implants (34 years old). Am I still able to get compensation for pain/suffering/loss of wages or even to pay for explantation?

        1. Teresa


          I’ve been emailing back & forth with someone about the lawsuit and she’s asking for a proof of claim number ( I have the original paper I filled out but I don’t have the claim number from 1993). She also asked for a SID number. Do you know what this is?

          1. Nicole

            Hi Teresa,
            I don’t know what a SID number is, I would ask her for clarification.

      2. Teresa

        Sorry, meant to mention that my rare autoimmune disease is Addison’s.

  3. Kelly

    I had implants in 2003 (McGhan textured) silicone. Shortly after this I developed hypothyroidism. I don’t know if the two are connected but I have a strong feeling they are. I have always experienced pain on my right side from day 1. I have then since had unbearable deep depression, fatigue to the point where I just want to sleep most days. I just recently found out that both implants are ruptured( I could understand 1 but both)? -not sure for how long. This leads me to wonder if they were defective from the beginning. Luckily I am having surgery to explant however, my insurance will not cover the cost. I feel the FDA did not research or test these implants enough before they approved the use of them-now years later they put a Black Box warning that they could cause breast cancer. Too little…too late. Now I’m a day late and $10,000 short. I understand I made the decision to get them initially-however-if I had known there was going to be a greater chance of getting Cancer, I might not have. I want to know….who is going to be held accountable?

  4. Heather Smith

    Hi got mentor saline implants in December 2004 about 1 year later I started with all kinds of symptoms I started getting infections that would not heal cuts and wounds that would not heal getting sick very easily my bleeding times were in excess of 9 minutes I just gradually started getting all kinds of different symptoms chronic fatigue inflammation deterioration of my teeth chronic rashes and skin infections that have plagued me so bad that I will not go out in public hardly anymore I get sick in the drop of a dime. I retain water and swell up and can increase weight overnight sometimes in upwards of 25 lb I’ve developed all kinds of different food sensitivities I have absolutely no energy I used to be an excellent physical shape and now I have little to no muscle tone at all I am on all kinds of different medications I have black mold that has been detected in my blood I have been on antifungal medications for years but they don’t help I’m on water pills I’m an anti-inflammatory medication pain medication antidepressants of course I’m on medication to help me sleep because I have chronic insomnia but then at times I can sleep for days. Prayers are getting my implants I was going to school I was working I was very close to obtaining my associate’s degree in business and also criminal justice and getting my paralegal degree and now I have been on disability for 13 years. I used to be able to function well and do normal daily activities and now most days it’s all I can do to just get out of bed and clean up my small apartment and manage to take a shower and get dressed or go to the store. This is literally ruined my life my skin is scarred from so many infections I literally do not heal my skin has developed this waxy type of film over it where I cannot even see my pores anymore which is caused a horrible depression I just don’t even want to go out of bed or face the public anymore. I have been so much of both my kids lives because I’ve been too embarrassed to go out and participate in their activities they are now 15 and 12 and if I don’t get these implants out soon they will be grown and gone and I will have missed out on their entire childhood in my life will be close to over or these toxic implants will have killed me. My liver and kidneys are starting to show signs of shutting down from all the medication and also from the black mold that has been running rampant through my body for so many years. I’m praying for help praying for help that is breast implant on this is recognized and mentor will be held accountable I want these out of me so that I can regain my life again cuz this is not living this is dying slowly on a daily basis.

    1. Paula Rediger

      Heather Smith
      April 19 2021 ….. FIRST I AM SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS QUALITY OF LIFE AND PRAYERS THAT YOU FOUND HELP 🙏 that you (have HAD YOUR XPLANT BY NOW ) ‼️🙏 did u get FIND HELP legal support HOPE SO BUT HARD TO DO ANYTHING when u CANT get out of bed LUCKY TO SHOWER don’t eat much CRY & FEEL IMPENDING DEATH is coming •••••••
      ( never happen) BUT >> A SAFE & DECENT XPLANT REMOVAL ( ALL ENTITLED!!) 💕🙏🙏🙏💕

    2. Trish O. Christiansen

      OM goodness Heather,
      I understand what you are going through. I feel for you! I’ve had assorted implants for 43 years and my body is a toxic spill. I hope you can get your implants removed soon. I lost my career, neglected my daughter’s life, and was disabled for years. As a plastics RN, I believe these implants…all of them..should be outlawed!
      Best of luck to you!
      Trish (RN)

  5. Tiffany Anderson

    I had Smooth Mentor Gel implanted in 2005. 3 months before the warranty expired, my right implant ruptured. I did not have the money to fix it because Mentor was only going to pay for $1000 of the $4000 to repair it. In 2018, a lump was found: invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy followed by an explant of the left breast . Another lumpectomy in 2019 followed by a mastectomy in 2020. The cancer has spread through my body. I am continuing to fight cancer due to the harmful affects of breast implants. I am 54.

    1. Cindy Pappert

      I am have the same problem. Since I have had mine starting in 2012 after chemo and radiation and bilateral mastectomy. I have had to replace them 2 times once was for infection and the other was I had the textured ones that are recalled…I have been diagnosed with 2 autoimmune disorders. I have chronic anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Along with G.I problems, migraines… I was never told and about all these complications, if I was I may not have put them. I want mine out the sooner the better.. Good luck

  6. Elaine Kotler

    07/29/19 bilateral mastectomy due to cancer and Mentor Artoura smooth high profile tissue expanders implanted
    09/06/19 L expander explanted due to rare infection, Staphylococcus lugdunensis.
    11/27/19 L expander reimplanted
    05/18/20 expanders explanted and Mentor, 755 cc smooth, round moderate plus profile breast implants (surgery delayed 2 months due to COVID-19)
    I expressed concerns about pain, itchiness, and other symptoms prior to permanent implants. I felt like I had poison ivy inside me. Asked about allergy to silicone or metal of expanders. Dr. suggested that it would all go away with removal of expanders and there is no such thing as allergy to silicone. Expanders did not stay in place, turned around inside me. I saw a dermatologist, but itchiness was not ON skin, it was underneath. Nothing changed with implants. Poison ivy feeling continued, GI troubles, joint issues, vision issues, and more on the list of symptoms of BII over the year with expanders/implants. I saw an allergist, who reached out to Johnson & Johnson for materials of implants so she could properly test for allergy. J&J refused. I have seen numerous doctors for health issues, unaware of BII and the list of symptoms. Couldn’t believe how many boxes I checked when I found the list. Now, the pieces start to fall in place.
    08/21/20 Explant scheduled. Let’s hope it’s soon enough to reverse the symptoms. My quality of life is very low with the implants. BII is REAL, and doctors should include BII in the list of risks of implantation.

  7. Stephanie Marx

    Implanted to correct tubular breast in 2006 after hysterectomy to feel more feminine. I have been sick for years. Disabled in 2015. In the process of scheduling my explant.

  8. Lynn Milam

    I explained in late 2018 but now have been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. I’m concerned over my future health and the problems I may still face post explant. My list of issue pre explant are far and wide. I wish I had never put them in my body.

  9. Emma Hardcastle

    Hi there, I have thankfully just explanted mentor textured implants after 20 years of severe suffering M they have stole my life .
    I’m definitely feeling a fantastic improvement in my symptoms…. I would say 75% improvement after 11 days post explant.
    I understand that my body has struggled for so long that I’m going to have to put some effort in to help my body detox from the damage the leaking imp,ants have caused me. I would really like to see these criminal companies get what they deserve for all of the suffering they have caused too any people….it’s truly shocking that they are getting away with this! I would love to keep informed of anything regarding these issues…thank you,Emma xx

  10. Judi DeWaters

    My heart goes out to you…sincerely.
    My Mentor silicone implants were put in post breast cancer mastectomy 2006. By 2010 (maybe prior) my health began to systematically deteriorate, one thing after another. Auto immune symptoms that my Dr. had thought it was Epstein Barr. The debilitating dry/burning mouth was a common symptom of Sjogrens. Labs showed no sign of that. The endless health issues of
    debilitating chronic fatigue, headaches/migraines almost daily, chest pain, trouble breathing, photosensitivity, cold/heat intolerance, brain fog, poor memory, chronic body pain, chemical smells sensitivities that caused migraines, rattling in my lungs, chronic dry hacking cough, gluten intolerance, latex allergy…these all began after the implant surgery. This all affected my ability to function on so many levels like work, socially, being a wife, being a mother.
    Once I learned there was a name for it & read the endless list of women’s stories on the BII blog…those stories were all my story and terrified me. When I saw my surgeon 14 years later to see if he’d do an explant and code it medically necessary so my insurance would pay, his response was surprising. He said he’d done a lot of explant for women with all my same health issues. He had a patient who after 2 or 3 years of implants suffered from a torso rash. Steroids and nothing she tried touched it. He added that the women who had them removed actually began to feel better, some of them on the day after explant. That some symptoms began to either lessen or disappear as months passed. The day day following mine I felt like someone turned the “alive” switch back on! Some of my other symptoms have disappeared or gotten better. I still suffer with dry mouth, latex/gluten health issues. The patient with the torso rash, following her explant her rash was “all gone” per my surgeon.
    At what point in time will the FDA just accept/admit that the implants are toxic, crippling women and destroying their lives?!
    Its beyond time they do the right thing.
    It’s beyond d t

    1. Mary Harvey

      Omg… my textured gummy bear Mentor was put in during a mastectomy in 2016.
      Now I developed a autoimmune disease. my hands/feet skin peels and rips. I wear gloves every day, if I dont, my skin rips. causes my heart rate …out of control. I went up 2xs on HBP medication. I get heart flutters. Cant breath. My breast burns on the sides. I pray my insurance will cover the removal. I take prescription vitamins so my immune system doesnt get depleted and it helps with the burning pain. Many days I cant walk on my feet … pain is so bad. I pray so hard to get help. I am more concerned for my heart. I am unable to work out because of my feet. Even put cotton on my feet to see if that would help. Gained over 50lbs due to this insane illness. I really cant go anymore. Just keep praying

  11. Sheila Green

    I was a study patient with a doctor in Arkansas, Gene Sloan. Per the study information the doctor was supposed to check up on me in intervals but the only times he saw me was right after surgery. The other times i saw him i had to schedule and pay for the visit. Each time he would walk in fondle my boobs and tell me everything was ok. I explained the pain i was in and the fact that right breast laid in my arm pit. He said that happens alot take some ibuprofen. Since getting these memory gel submuscular demons my life has gone to hell. The last time i saw this doctor to talk about the implants he turned his back and walked away stating study was over. He offered to fix HIS MISTAKE BUT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. It was a 10 year study and my 10 years wasnt up. I am miserable…i suffer from migraines, exhaustion, and chronic pain everywhere, nausea and a list of other mess much like all the other ladies. I want my life back.

  12. Pamela Berry Harris

    Had a rupture in 2003. Had Mentor Textured Saline Implants in 1999. Doctor refused to fix or remove and told me it would not hurt me. That’s says it all. I have one lung now, amoung many more autoimmune disorders.

  13. Rebecca Norman DeLoach

    I am about to get my implants removed as I have developed Raynaud’s disease and blood tests positive for autoimmune disorder. Waiting to see rheumatologist. Also have swelling in legs and tingling in hips and numbness in my feet.

  14. Arlene Canin

    I filed a lawsuit many years ago and received 2500.00. After so many years, I still have silicone under my muscles and still in pain and my lawyer said there was nothing he could do. I know there are surgeons that can remove them from under my muscles but I don’t have the money to do anything about it except try to file another lawsuit but don’t know who to go to.

  15. Lisa

    I have Natrelle Inspira SSLP soft touch Allergan implants. I had them put in 2018. A year later diagnosed with RA. I am 49, please advise me how to proceed with legal action.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Lisa,
      Likely the easiest route is to contact a lawyer from the above list who is taking breast implant illness cases.

  16. Sally

    Hi there I’m from Melbourne Australia and looking fir any information about any lawsuits. Also i have a lot of symptoms since i have had my breast implants , memory loss, hair fall out , aches and pains especially in my ribs , back , neck , shoulders and breasts . Any information would be helpful.

    1. Tracy

      Hi I’m from Brisbane
      Do you ever find help with lawyers

  17. Kris Hodge

    Do you feel better now?

  18. Dawn

    I truly wish I could call and get these toxic bags out I just can’t afford it I don’t no what to do but lay here and be sick and hope and pray allergen will help us sick so sorry for what you have endured you seem to be a very strong women god bless you and thank you for your concern!

  19. I spent over $25,000 out of my own pocket in 2016 and getting these implants out, doctors visits, and supplements. I am a breast cancer survivor.

    I had the Allergan nitro for 10 highly cohesive silicone implants that were recalled. I only had them in 22 months as they almost killed me. I spent over $25,000 out of my own pocket in 2016 and getting these implants out, doctors visits, and supplements. I am a breast cancer survivor.

  20. Dawn

    I have only had my implants for ten months,allergen smooth cohesive,I have gotten very sick from them to the point I can’t work.if I would of known this could happen I would of never got them!!its so hard to get someone to believe me I’m laying here with a headache body aching and chronic fatigue.i just want them out but can afford it my ps said he would do if but he don’t take capsules out and he sucks it out .i no this isn’t right I slowly feel like I’m dieing and I feel like my dr should of told me of the sickness!

    1. Peg

      I believe you Dawn. I too had smooth silicone gel implants that were put in after breast cancer . I had a double mastectomy. They were put in 2017. I have chronic Lyme disease specifically auto immune disease. I became very ill immediately! I had chronic fatigue and terrible pain and a lot of all the other breast implant illness symptoms. I kept telling my husband that I was not long for this world. I felt like I was going to die. I became a shell of myself and stayed in most of the time. In 2019, I went to see a new Lyme physician who told me my body was trying to coexist with the implants. I immediately started researching and found out that these poisons were leaching into my system. My body was trying to fight the implants . The Lyme took a backseat and was worsening. When I read the breast implant illness, I was shocked to see that I had many of the symptoms. After visiting my Lyme physician again, it was clear to me that I needed to get them out. Now, trying to find someone that would explant and do a capsulectomy on both sides including scraping the implants off my ribs was my mission. I already had 7
      surgeries related to my cancer and much medical debt. My son and I both have Lyme and need very expensive injections weekly and my husband has a heart condition.
      Through the grace of God and probably my deceased parents, a surgeon’s name popped up and to my surprise, she specialized in explanting, doing a perforated flap specifically DIEP procedure. In November 2019, she did a delay procedure where she got fat in my abdomen ready to be put into my breasts for the next surgery. This involved cutting me from side to side…. a 5 hour surgery. Next on December 10th, my doctor had to do a full capsulectomy leaving no silicone behind. To her surprise when she opened me up, the implant had breached and silicone was all over my right breast. No wonder I was so sick. That added 2 more hours on to the ten hour surgery. She literally had to scrape the silicone off my ribs as well as scrape the implants off of them. A bloody mess. After that the fat/ flap had to be put in each breast and all the blood vessels had to be reattached with the help of a micro surgeon. Both the abdomen and breasts had to be closed up. Next I was put into ICU for about 1 1/2 days to make sure the fat took and then was put onto the surgical floor. I was home by the weekend. I then spent 8 weeks in a recliner day and night. I am now driving and doing physical therapy. I am awaiting my final surgery in May to finish the reconstruction on my breasts. Lastly, she will provide a specialized tattoo artist who will tattoo my ariola in around the new nipple she constructed. My doctor is an excellent surgeon who is kind and caring. She puts you first and understands how you feel. Her staff is equally kind and caring. Your health always comes first. I went to Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. I can’t say enough good things about that hospital. My doctor made sure I had my own nurse and a private room. They were all so kind and caring from the time I entered the hospital to the time I left. My husband stayed with me all week in my room.
      My surgeon is Dr. Julie Vasile. Don’t wait Dawn, call her or Email her. I sent an email and she called me directly. She is a top surgeon and does an impeccable job. I felt safe and trusted her. She truly saved my life as well as my Lyme physician. Feel free to contact me. God Bless.
      Dr. Julie Vasile
      1290 Summer Street 2200
      Stamford, CT
      1-203-965-0656. She has 2 offices. Her other office is next to Nortwestchester Hospital

      My Lyme Physician is Dr. Zijad Sabovic
      3000 Park Avenue
      Bridgeport , CT1-203-331-8704

  21. Aimee Slossberg

    Hi Nicole,
    I am scheduled to have my ideal implants explanted. Is there any place I can read/ research about certain procedures that need to be followed (ie: the surgeon must keep the implant / if you take them home they can’t be used in court?) I’m not sure I want to sue although I don’t want to ruin my chances if I decide to. Thank you so much for all you do for us! Also do you know of any attorneys that are accepting ideal cases yet?

  22. Michele

    So there is an attorney taking mentor study lawsuits. I never got any papers. Just told it was a new product to be in a study

  23. KateL

    I had implants in 2005. I’ve had some serious health issues since 2010/2011 such as Relapsing, Remitting MS (no family or genetic history of such), Fibromyalgia, Joint and Spinal disease, Chronic Fatigue and some Nuero issues plus breast pain in the last year and a half. I am now beginning to think the implants may be responsible as there is no history of these medical issues in my family and I was in excellent health prior to the implants in 2005. My issues are worsening to the point I cannot return to work. Just wanting to find more information as I have Mentor gel implants and thinking I need to have them removed but also don’t have the finances being off work from illness so trying to research this.

    1. Nicole

      Hi KateL,
      Your symptoms are classic symptoms caused by breast implants. Most all of us were in perfect health before breast implants and in a handful of years with breast implants our health was completely wrecked. We are explanting properly in droves and healing over a couple years. You can too!

  24. ;brittany


  25. Sheena Lynn Mailer

    I am from Alberta Canada. I just received a phone call from my plastic surgeon on Jan 21st 2020. He informed me about the BIA ALCL cancer that textured implants can cause, and told me that the type of textured implants used in my reconstructive surgery were the type causing a rare type of Lymphoma in patients and I would have to be tested right away. I have had my implants since 2005. He also informed me about Breast Implant Illness. I had seen an article last year about this, but never thought much of it, only because before I had my implants I was already suffering with Fibromyalgia and the symptoms I had were very similar to Breast implant illness symptoms. But this last week I have been doing a lot of research into this illness and discovered that I had a lot more symptoms that are not Fibromyalgia involved. These problems have been stumping the specialist i have been seeing, as to the causes of these issues. My Fibromyalgia symptoms after all of my Breast Cancer surgeries had doubled almost over night, and doctors told me that was to be expected because it is a very stressful time. But they never settled down but instead continued to get worse every year. I can no longer work. I am confined to my bed most of the time. My marriage suffered until it finally broke. My relationship with my 4 children suffered greatly and then became strained because I could no longer do anything with them or ever go a watch them do things. They hated seeing me like I was, so they started staying away, and I cant blame them. I am no longer living a life, I am just surviving. I am in so must pain now that I had started looking up Dr assisted suicide in Canada and what was all involved so I would be ready when I couldn’t take it anymore. I used to be an athlete, a very involved mother and wife, I loved being in nature, being with people, I was a partner in a home started business that was growing , I loved the job I had outside the home, before my Breast Cancer and Reconstruction surgeries. I no longer have any of that. And now I know its because of something I chose to put inside my own body. Something I was told was safe. I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around all of this, and would like some help figuring out what comes next. I am mad as hell and want this disrespect and disregard for womens health to be put front and center for once. So the world can see what has been done. There is no doubt in my mind, that if this was penile implants causing Illness like this and Lymphoma, that the problem would have been fixed years ago. It’s not right and it needs to stop and it needs to stop now!!

    1. Karen Peters

      Hi Sheena. So sorry to hear of your experience. I had a double mastectomy due to cancer in Edmonton. Dr. Gieffre was the plastic surgeon that put first expanders in and then implants. I’m also sick and getting worse. I’m planning on getting them out in Guadalajara Mexico in November. Feel free to email me.

  26. Betty Nimcheski

    My name is Betty Nimcheski, I had implants placed in 92 they ruptured I got cancer had a double mastectomy they placed expanders in told me they were safe… to make a long story short I ended up getting MRSA and another infection. I’m going on my seventh year of reconstructive surgeries. I am still not done. I go in for my 11th surgery on March 10th I was bedridden for two and a half years I now have fibromyalgia I’m sick everyday. I’ve lost everything I had a 6 bedroom 4 Story 4 bath home. I had a great job, I was married that’s all gone. I’m on disability now living in the worst conditions that anyone can imagine. I wore my vehicle out chasing doctors for six and a half years. I have nothing left because of breast implants mentor that were ruptured in me and because of doctors chopping on me. I had no idea it was my implants until I started thinking that’s the only thing it could have been but now I have an autoimmune disease and we’ll never get well. I have about 50 for different symptoms.

  27. tracey

    I am on permanent disability. I am 56 years old, was a Flight Attendant, Pharma Rep and went to Grad school to become a therapist because I was diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia” in 2010. In October 2019 I started getting rashes underneath my armpits and my chest. I asked my primary care doctor to order a diagnostic mammogram. It came back that my implants had been ruptured since at least 2012. I used to work at an imaging center! They knew I was sick, knew that my implants were ruptured…but no one said a word!

    Here’s the list of my ailments from my SSDI outcome: fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, irritable bowl syndrome, arthralgias, sleep disorder, reactive airway disease, Sjogren’s disease, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, degenerative joint disease of the right shoulder, ulnar nerve palsy, anxiety and depression.

    My implants are Mentor smooth gel-filled implants. It doesn’t matter what type you have. Believe in yourself. The doctors will tell you you’re mentally ill and crazy. I went from making six figures with a Master’s in Psychology to having to be on food stamps. My attorney only wanted to win my case and I lost $80,000. These implants have ruined my life. My earning potential is non-existent. I am exhausted from having to explain myself everyday that “you don’t look sick”! If I had known my implants were ruptured in 2012 when I worked at a hospital I could have had them removed for FREE! My PET Technologist died of cancer…but she had Sarcoidosis for years before her death. I believe she was also wrongly diagnosed and suffered from BII or ASIA because she had the original silicone implants decades before they got recalled. This illness does not discriminate. They can tell everyone that it’s not your “type” of implant. They can sent you to a shrink. We know our bodies! Listen to your bodies, Google AISA. Take the 25 minutes to watch this video.

    My friends told me for years it had to be my implants, but the media and doctors said differently. Research and get as much info as you can. Get on the Facebook group and get help. 100,000+ women cannot be wrong!


    Hello I had implants back in 2007. They were by EuroSilicone. Tho they are smooth implants it appears by the testimonies of 10s of 1000s of women it makes no difference smooth or textured as we are all suffering identical symptoms. Myself included. I have declined in health over the past 8 years without explanation until April 2019. I am set to explant soom by a wonderful DR who is very educated in BIA and BII and has written articles on both. His name is Dr. Mowlavi in Laguna Beach and is a magician and an artist with the body. I was wondering since I did have them in Mexico and the implants were EuroSilicone(I dont think the dr faulted) do I have recourse?

  29. Priscilla Freeman

    Does anyone know anything about McGhan Saline implants? I’ve had them in since 2005.
    Been miserable and sick for about 10years now and had no clue it could possibly be linked to my implants. Hoping to Explant Feb 2020. Thanks in advance guys!


      None are safe and the FDA is lying. They are recalling these because they handed them out after replacing saline ones. They are hiding info. They have known all along they were ALL UNSAFE. Especially if you had capsular contracture your body is going to reject everything again. Your safest bet is fat transfer and a lift. Check out Dr Mowlavi aka DR Laguna on instagram. He is brilliant!

    2. Amy

      Hi Priscilla

      I’m Amy I have mentor smooth round implants since 2004. If want to chat, I’m available.

  30. Carris

    Have no idea what kind I have, but they’ve been in since 1996 I believe. I had capsular contraction and more surgery to ‘fix’ that’, but have been diagnosed with Fibro/ME/CFS since 2002. My life changed drastically. I am not the same person I was. My symptoms are basically the same as most everyone elses…fatigue, discomfort, often I was literally bedbound. I can’t do any sort of strenuous exercise although I have continued to work (self employed), yet on a limited basis. I awake every morning with discomfort, headaches and often just want to close my eyes and hide under a blanket. I do NOT allow my family to bear my struggle, or anyone else, for that matter. I will NOT play the victim, but due to this illness, I was divorced; literally because I became another person. I couldn’t, with good conscience, make my husband live with a person who had become literally another person. (He had been married many years to a woman who had become an invalid). I continue to have many good aspects of my life, I try to remain upbeat and involved, to a degree, but I know that I am not nor will ever be the person I use to be. Yes, part of me is angry with myself for the choice to have these damn things put in in the first place, but what frightens me is that, if I have them removed, per the protocols they outline, and I remain as I am, this surgery may not make a difference. Perhaps it IS ME/CFS or another such auto immune disorder which will not improve after an out of pocket expense of at least $6,000.00? My funds are limited, and this will be taken from my piddly IRA. I MUST hear from others. The surgeon who did the implants is retired and likely dead. Medical records are very likely gone. Sometimes I fear that the two tramadol I receive a day will be discontinued, as my MD will be retiring soon. I am unable to take other kinds of (as this medication is now determined to be a narcotic) medications. I get nauseated from other such meds. I also have GAD, and have been on a minimal amount of a benzodiazipine for many years, and take tenormin for intermittent heart palpitations etiology unknown after specific cardiac testing. This medication is used very infrequently however. I also have an Rx for CFS/ADHD, but that too is only taken as needed. I wish with all my heart that I could work and live without any of them, but they very often are the only positive impact on my qualty of life. I will NEVER revert to illegal medications, and marijuana is used excessively sparingly, as it frequently havs the opposite effect on me; anxiety. I think I sleep fine but as said, awake to suchan overall discomfort. After taking one Tramadol, I feel better, but damn, why do I even NEED this! Ibuprofen was fine until my MD said my liver enzymes shoed elevation. I stopped them and w/in two weeks, my enzymes were fine. I will likely do the surgery, no matter what, and if it doesn’t help, so be it. My quality of life (accepted but not one that contributes much), has caused me to remove myself form social events, lose friends and as mentioned, a marriage. Seems I’m not giving to this world anymore. No, I’ve NEVER been suicidal. I would not ever do that to my family. I live in WA state. ANyhelp would be greatly be appreciated. PS. Because of the use of Tramadol, my MD does not want me to go on antidepressants; fearful of seizures, which I have never ever had.. In the past, I’ve used them but to not much use. Any advice would be grateful

  31. Silvana Sophie Balsimelli

    I had allergen non textured style 15 397 cc implanted in 2010
    And was part of some study they caked fir few years with questions
    Terry Dubrow the Tv guy on Botched my doctor
    Symptoms started 3 or 4 years later
    I thought were menapause
    Night sweats, blurry vision, memory loss ,body swelling (rings didn’t fit ) extreme burning dry eyes, joint pain, severe anxiety, can’t sleep,
    Jaw clenching, hair falling out , weird skin rashes all of it crept up on me.
    I am a chiropractor so I knew I didn’t feel well and would do detox programs and dietary restrictions to improve my symptoms
    I also exercised which became very difficult
    I had to change my style of work activity babe see much less patients in a day, it would take me hours to recover from working. My life became only about how am I going to make it through work and pay my bills.
    In fact I am covered by Medical insurance since I am such low income now.
    My brain and body could not function to properly pursue a healthy career.
    Last April my boyfriend heard a woman on Facebook explain my exact problem and shared with me. The pieces all came together
    I researched fir months and set up a go fund me to help me get the Explant and take off work. I am 9 days post surgery and aside from
    Surgery pain I can already feel my eyes have stopped burning red and itchy, I feel like I can breathe deeper , keeping track with photo and writing to the progress of my symptoms.

    I have my unruptrered implant but the right was was ruptured and he gave me video and pictures of the implant and surgery.

    I pray that the world will know how dangerous and toxic these implants really are so we can save them from a tortured life that is not necessary.

    1. Amy

      Hi there. I’m Amy.
      What state are you from?
      I work in behavioral health and treat incarcerated individuals. Are you explanted? How was your procedure?
      Thank you.

  32. Jacqueline Koenig

    Hi. So far no lawyer to represent me as mine aren’t on the list of recalled. Going to email people in government to see if I can gather stronger interest in understanding that we all need representation cause even the smooth silicone makes you very sick.

    If you know of anything new, please let me know. Thanks Jackie

  33. Stephanie L.

    Is there anyone that would know if it’s better to have an attorney for yourself as a single case or to join a class action suit? I’ve have years of my life stripped from me and my loved ones and All on the account of SICKNESS and I’m still suffering and losing, I’m actually on my way to the Explant Dr now and got this ball rolling….mine are ruptured and I have “fluid” between my implant and capsular Contracture and I’m soooo sick!

    1. Suzy

      Hi Stéphanie, same thing for me. I have Allergan textured cohesive gel since 2009. Ultrasound shows ruptured of the left implant and high amount of fluid between implant and capsule. I’ve being sick for the past 5-6 years and before I find out about BII I almost wanted to end it with my life. On my way to Explant next monday January 27th 2020 wit Dr Gaby Doumit in Montreal Canada. As soon as this is done, I will look into joining a class action suit and also a single class action against Allergan and also against my first surgeon who implanted.

  34. Tina Martinez

    Thank you for this web site. Traded cancer for silicone 2005 was in study with mentor… a mentor dr human lab rat….
    Even though I had cancer where’s my study proff?? Implants removed oct 2019 after years of sickness and bleeding in capsule implant.. thank godness I found a dr….
    About time some people will luck out with settlement… I’m just blessed to read the stories and for who started the ball rolling with how bad implants are… not sure on how to make a difference I’ve settled with better health scars bills….since my year 2005 wasn’t lucky..
    thank you Website Life is not fair.. silicone does make you sick… here’s idea.. Sue the FDA. Or plastic company… only wish and pray…..

  35. Joanne lucas

    Hi thank you for all your work. I have had my textured implants since 1997 and Explanted 2/5/2019. I have so many of the symptoms of BII for most of the time when Explanted most have gone but I’m back with so many of the symptoms again as they are flair ups because I had a ruptured implant and I’m fighting the detoxing chemicals left in my body. Please help me and my insurance did not cover my explanting😞

  36. Karen Vigesaa

    I had Allergan Natrelle Silicone Style 115 implants for almost 6 years, I had an explant 3/28/2019, before explant I had so many BII symptoms, 90% of these symptoms are now gone. Thank you for caring so much, getting us all of the information and connecting us together.

  37. Debra Twomey

    I had over 30 BII symptoms since 2017. I had Mentor Smooth saline implants since 2014. I have over $20,000 in dental and vision out of pocket expenses. I live in VA. Thought I had an attorney until after his research could not find a medical expert willing to say definitively the implants were the cause of my illnesses, thus no direct evidence he would not pursue the case any further. He was also concerned lawyers could not get past US pre-emption. I explanted Oct 7, 2019 and no issues with my implants. I’m looking for a contingency lawyer and willing to represent me and preferably not by a class action suit. I NEED at least my medical bills covered and would love pain and suffering. I’m praying there is an attorney willing to take my case. Someone please help me.

  38. Rhonda Varvaro

    Thank you for the information! 2001 Mentor Saline, style unknown. Contacted Mentor, no record of PS making a Mentor implant order until Dec. 2001, my implanted May 2001. Received a black and white zeroed copy of a lifetime warranty replacement for deflation due to crease fold, trauma, loss of valve integrity, shell integrity? So who knows what this PS actually implanted? Sick since 2008, autoimmune, more Dr., ER, blood test then should ever be normal, and no diagnosis.


      It isnt just silicone making women ill. So many have reported

  39. Debs Burch

    I am ecstatic that you continue to pursue answers for our path. I have had 3 sets of implants for over half my life. I explanted the 3rd time on April 2, 2019 and had to pay for their removal out of pocket due to “Medicare” regulations. I saw the FDA meeting in March and knew that I had to get those toxins out of my body. I am going to try and appeal Medicare’s denial, but would appreciate anyone’s advice/experience with this.

    Also, any input on joining a lawsuit would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

  40. Karla Johnson

    Thank u for your self-less support of so many women around the world. You are truly making a difference & I’m so appreciative of all of your hard-work & efforts. God Bless from Mississippi.

  41. Janien

    I have McGhan textured implants from 1991.
    I have medical documentation regarding leakage/rupture with implants capsular contraction. I have many medical issues

    1. Cande Howell

      I am in the same boat as you and it is great to find another to feel some kind of validation for myself!! Thank you! 1993 allergan/mcghan saline implants.

  42. Mary Gonzalez

    Good job on the website!

  43. Sharon Antoniello

    Thank your for for paving the way for so many of us.

  44. Teresa Gomez

    Lawsuit Facebook group

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