Report Breast Implants

It is important that we report what breast implants have done to us to the FDA in the US at: Medwatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form and to Health Canada in Canada at: Health Product Complaint Process

It is also very important that we report what breast implants have done to our children. The organization Birth Defect Research for Children Inc. is collecting data on disabilities that may be related to breast implants through an ongoing research project titled The National Birth Defect Registry. To declare go to  Please note the form does not have a specific category for breast implants, so Mothers are asked to enter information in the “Other Exposures Not Listed” at the end of the Maternal Exposure section.  

If you would like to check for a recall of your breast implants please go here:   FDA Medical Device Recalls

Please join our Facebook group of over 150,000 women for support through your healing journey.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Linnea

    I have had saline under muscle implant for 18 years had replaced with the gummy bear about 3 years ago, I am being tested for Parkinson’s, the left side of my body aches and I am unable to tap my thumb and finger together at the same speed as my other hand, in fact the left hand is a lot slower, Why I don’t think it is Parkinson’s is because I don’t shake or have tremors and I ache on the left side of my body. Has anyone else had similar symptoms,

    1. Nicole

      Hi Linnea,
      I don’t think you have Parkinson’s either and we are so happy you are on track for explanting those toxic bags of health wrecking chemicals and heavy metals so you can start healing.

    2. Naara Souza

      I have the gummy bear too, Mentor. My left side is completely affected. Numbness on my left face, arms, legs. Today I’ve received the diagnostic white matter hyperintensities T2. I mean this is a diagnostic for people with advanced age. I want the implants out of my body

  2. Pamela

    Hi, I’m currently considering explanation surgery. My last augmentation/revision was in 2007. I have had implants for about 30 yrs total. When I look back at my s/s it started about 2 yrs after my first surgery with debilitating migraines. Long story short, I now have some autoimmune diseases, hair loss, painful joints, brain fog, no energy, etc. The list goes on and on. To be quite honest, it scares me to know I’m going to have a complete body change (I’m divorced) yet I know I want to feel better. I can’t continue this way anymore. Has anyone had any reconstruction and if so who would they recommend? I live in So Cal. Thanks.

  3. Debbie Perkins

    I had mentor gel ruptured then got a new set ruptured again. Now have saline and I am worried. I have a lot of symptoms. Debbie Perkins

  4. Summer Locklair

    I am sorry. I am in same boat.

  5. Simona

    Thank you Nicole for all you do!

  6. Brandy hertz

    I’m hoping to find a doctor to take these implants out as well as the capsule! My implants are on the list of recalls allergan nutrelle
    I’m hoping to find a doctor to take Medicare since I’m out my savings to get them and fix them 18,000!!!! Ugh

      1. Jennifer

        Does anyone know of Champ VA insurance covering any cost of explants?

  7. Ulla

    Hallo, ich bin Ulla. Ich habe vor 5 Jahren ein Brustvergrößerung mit motiva Implantaten machen lassen. Schon ein paar Monate später habe ich das Gefühl gehabt, dass mein rechtes Implantat kaputt ist. Es wurde 3 mal ein Ultraschall gemacht. Es wurde aber kein Defekt gefunden. Dann ging es los mit meinen Schmerzen am ganzen Körper. Gelenkschmerzen, Muskelschmerzen, Sehnenschmerzen, Nervenschmerzen. Kein Arzt konnte mir helfen und ich wurde als Hypochonda abgestempelt. Nach dem ich von der BIK gehört habe und die Facebook Gruppe gefunden habe, war ich überzeugt, das ich die BIK habe. Vor 2 Tagen habe ich nun meine Implantate entfernen lassen obwohl mir alle Ärzte abgeraten hatten, weil sie es nicht glaubten. Aber bei der Explantation wurde festgestellt, das das rechte Implantat kaputt war. Es war regelrecht Matsch. Ich bin praktisch 5 Jahre mit einem kaputten Implantat rumgelaufen. Ich hoffe, dass es mir gesundheitlich bald besser geht.

  8. Sarah

    My mother is seriously ill from allergen textured breast implants put in March 2002. She has been diagnosed with ALS and has severe mercury, lead, and cadmium poisoning. Can someone help me find a lawyer willing to prosecute ????

    1. Summer Locklair

      If you find one please let me know also.

  9. Charlotte Kaiser

    Hi I am Charlotte I had right mastectomy 2 years go n still always researching n lookingvat pro n cons. I have waited cause have been undecided n as everything I am hearing I pretty much at point not , it’s too much . I keep looking for more n more information about it all Cancer sucks, n I am going to Ann Arbor, in Michigan for an another opinion of DIEP for my reconstruction if I decide. But I am in the air about all , so if anyone could give me more information, also I would like to kno about the Gummy Implant ? God bless all you ladies praying for health to become better😘❤

    1. Nicole

      Hi Charlotte,
      Whatever you do do not get the gummy bear breast implant(s), they seem to be the most toxic implants yet. Women cannot keep them very long, symptoms come on and keep adding on until they are removed. Breast implants are not worth the symptoms and health risks. Natural is best.

    2. Donna

      I current have the Gummy bear implant and I’m just finished hell’s of testing, three biopsy’s, and was just informed that they thought I had breast implant associated lymphoma. I have a lot of fluid around my right implant, both have CC, lots of little pains, especially when I fought or sneeze, it feels like something is being ripped off my ribs and armpit. Now my capsule has ruptured without any trauma. I also have a 5cm mass. All of this mess from
      Textured gummy bear implants that I researched for months and thought I was getting the safest best implant 13 years ago. Now awaiting my surgery date to clean up this mess.

      1. Donna

        Typos in my post… Supposed to say^ pain when I cough or sneeze.

      2. Teri

        Plz post once you have them removed!!!

  10. Averil

    I had smooth round implants on top of the muscle implanted in Feb 2017 after a DMX for BC.
    I have had very sore neck and shoulder pain. Back pain. Dry tight skin on my arms and legs. places on my head very sore .
    In August 2018 ..I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. Luckily caught early. One and a half years after breast implants. Jan 7th explanted after finding this group.

  11. Cheryl lanphere

    Had Mentor under the muscle for 10 years !!! Had numerous symptoms. Explanted Oct 30th/2019. Better. But being patient for all symptoms to pass !!!! So thankful for this group 😘❤️🙏🏻

    1. Holly McGoldrick

      Hi Cheryl, I also had Mentor under the muscle and for almost 6 years. After the past 6 months of a multitude of symptoms and a RA diagnosis I scheduled my en bloc surgery which was last week. One week in I already am feeling my body detox. My face has color and skin looks radiant, my joints are not hurting!! I’m also anxious to feel better and better.

  12. Bonnie-Lou Ferris

    The Doctors TV show I watched last week had many women with BII on show with their testimonies. Many women on TV show had Explant surgery and feeling better instantly. One lady was still ill from BII after explant. Got my attention. I have almost all symptoms. In hospitals Specialists, Doctors, MRIs Cat Scans Ultrasounds x rays, blood work, had silicone implants 30 yrs ago. 6 yrs ago explant surgery. Surgeon said both ruptured and she could not get out all silicone. Said it won’t cause health issues….never gave it a second thought trusted surgeon with my life. Not now that I watched The Doctors TV show!! I as many women Lost so much life can’t buy time. Health is Wealth. I want my life back! Positive solutions please anyone where do I start? This is a crime making us ladies sick I thought so many time I was going to die. I have been hiding in pain suffering anxiety from my health issues how extreme it’s effecting my well being and life. Way to much life to live and love to share! I want my LIFE Back!! They must be accountable! Please can anyone help? 💓

  13. Bonnie-Lou Ferris

    Have almost all symptoms where do I start? What tests? Who? Where? How to detox?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Bonnie-Lou,
      Read each page of this website, all your questions will be answered.

  14. Kimberlee Williams

    Nicole I have saline also – what should I be tested for as far as heavy metals or toxins?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kimberlee,
      With saline, toxins and and heavy metals is less of an issue, mold can be an issue but your body is likely just responding to the breast implant as a foreign body with autoimmune processes and symptoms.

  15. Brenda Welling

    I’m look forward to the information that might help my daughter with her breast implants. She has many symptoms but she has saline inplants. Do the saline inplants have chemical or mercury problems

    1. Nicole

      Hi Brenda,
      Yes saline and silicone both cause breast implant illness and saline have the added problem of mold in valves and even inside of the implant.

      1. Averil

        Plus my PS told me saline implants have a silicone textured outer covering . So, yes symptoms are real with with saline implants too.

  16. Debbie

    I have the textured implant in my left breast. I get headaches and brain fog a lot. I now have IBS , dry skin, rashes, itching., poor sleep. I had an implant in right breast but 6 months after it was in I became very sick and dr had to remove it. I then had a Tran flap surgery. That also came with complications. Now I’m stuck with one implant in.

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