Report Breast Implants

It is important that we report what breast implants have done to us to the FDA in the US at: Medwatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form and to Health Canada in Canada at: Health Product Complaint Process

It is also very important that we report what breast implants have done to our children. The organization Birth Defect Research for Children Inc. is collecting data on disabilities that may be related to breast implants through an ongoing research project titled The National Birth Defect Registry. To declare go to  Please note the form does not have a specific category for breast implants, so Mothers are asked to enter information in the “Other Exposures Not Listed” at the end of the Maternal Exposure section.  

If you would like to check for a recall of your breast implants please go here:   FDA Medical Device Recalls

Please join our Facebook group of over 150,000 women for support through your healing journey.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Francine Cloutier

    I had a breast réduction in 2011 in Gatineau, Québec. Paid by the quebec insurance. It is an horrible, humiliating story. Doctor Tracey Tompson did the surgery and told me I should pay extra 600$ To have liposuccion so I will be more satisfied of the result but no obligation on me. So as I had Not much fat there I said “no, i think I will be fine.” But I was horrified after the surgery. Both side were huge. So I ask her what she can do with that so she did a retouch that didn’t help at all. But my right side was better ,but the left side stayed the same. I still have a lot to say….but I will not go into all the details of all this. 5 years ago I realised that she had put a breast implant in my body. Beleive me please. But so hard To get help from my new doctor that I think do Not want To get involve in a story that can affect a big industry that make money with these monsters that kiIl women by thousand. And a surgeon that will be pursued …… I had a MRI in the US in june 2020. They denied it. Also do not want to get into problems . I have all the symptoms of breast implant illness. On my left side of my body. I cannot sleep on my left more than Two hours. It get all sore and numb down to my feet. I have very great fatigues, lymph node under my left arm, wbc monocytes at the lowest level, Blurred vision with “aydies” in my left eye , sore neck and shoulder on the left, autoimmune symptoms, my body is fighting so hard To stay healthy. I feel It will give up soon. I will die if nobody help me. I have infection inside me. I cannot have my teeth repair ,my dentist cannot freeze when there is infection like I have. I will die and nobody Will say that It is because of The implant. I am sure that I am not the only one that will die and never report To FDA. I need HELP. Please beleive me.

  2. Beth Flanigan

    Hi Nicole, I am new here and trying to find an explant surgeon in the Reston/Manassas area of Virginia. I heard there is a list of providers but I haven’t found it.

    Appreciate any help!
    Thank you!

  3. Amber Monroy

    I had breast implants for 30 years and just explanted a week ago. I have been so sick with so many symptoms and feel even worse after explant. I want the FDA to know how dangerous breast implants are and how they ruin peoples lives. Who do I contact to report this?

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