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This website originally my story of breast implant illness and first published in February 2013, has become the culmination of breast implant illness stories and medical information from over 100,000 women in the Facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole. Our personal experience of breast implant illness is the foundation of our wisdom and may it be of benefit to you. If you have breast implants or are thinking of them, please read this website and then join the Facebook group for support and access to important research.     

After years of our activisim on the internet and social media, on May 2, 2019, the FDA issued a statement acknowledging breast implant illness and the systemic symptoms caused by silicone. Earlier, on February 6, 2019, the FDA warned health care providers about the association of all kinds of breast implants with cancer.  In September 2018, one of the largest ever studies published shows breast implants ARE associated with rare diseases, autoimmune disorders and other serious health problems. For more information regarding the FDA announcements, recent studies, medical case reports, silicone toxicity and silicone gel bleed please see Breast Implant Safety

If you have breast implants now, stay calm and focus on identification of Breast Implant Illness Symptoms and when you recognize yourself in these symptoms, move to Explant. Proper removal of your breast implants is the most important step to your recovery from breast implant illness. Breast implants should be removed En Bloc (in a manner that prevents contamination to you) and with a Total Capsulectomy (remove all capsule tissue). The body, when treated well has an amazing healing and regenerative capacity. Trust in your body’s ability to heal. Choose a surgeon that is skilled and experienced at En Bloc and/or Total Capsulectomy removal of breast implants and is dedicated to removing all capsule tissue.  Here is an international list of Explant Surgeons recommended by the members of facebook group who used these surgeons for proper explant.

Unfortunately, you will likely not get help identifying breast implant illness from your doctor or plastic surgeon. There is no test for breast implant illness and it’s being minimized by plastic surgery associations. Many women suffering from breast implant illness are misdiagnosed and mistreated for diseases that have similar symptoms and have been repeatedly told their breast implants are not causing their symptoms.  Don’t waste time on misdiagnoses and mistreatment. Time is of the essence to your health. Trust your inner wisdom. Saline and silicone breast implants made with toxic chemicals and heavy metals do not belong in our healthy bodies. Further, some plastic surgeons may attempt to talk you out of explant or tell you a Total Capsulectomy is not necessary. Do not believe this, in fact, we suggest not using a plastic surgeon for explant unless he/she readily acknowledges breast implant illness and insists on a En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant and is experienced at proper explant and can prove it to you with photos of En Bloc and Total Capsulectomy explants. 

After your proper explant, detoxification and healing will unfold over several months and here are some Silicone Detox guidelines to help you support yourself during your detox.  Step by step you can heal. Under our RESOURCES section, we have compiled other important information which will assist you through this process and contribute to your healing. Due to so many women being affected negatively by breast implants, litigation is picking up, please go here to Breast Implant Lawsuits to learn of trends in lawsuits being filed and also which attorneys are accepting cases.  

Please enjoy the first ever documentary about breast implant illness by Leigh Wood of South Africa: Toxic Tits .  Also Sunnie Brown made a fun and powerful music video also called Toxic Tits. 

We welcome your comments and questions below or directly to our email at [email protected]. Recent comments, after approved, appear first.  Most questions will receive a reply.

Best wishes in your recovery,


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  1. Maria Silva

    The FDA should do more to protect women’s health.

  2. jill

    I’m getting mine out Tuesday. I do have other health issues but was mauled by a dog last year and have not been able to heal properly due to these foreign objects in my body. I’ve been sooooo sick. Can not wait to feel better soon!!

  3. Toscha Klinksiek

    I wish I Could afford them out , I’m sick and have no money to get them out 😰ty

    1. Debbie Futch

      I am in the same boat. I’m on Medicare and I’m starting tomorrow to see what I need to get /do to get them to pay for the explant. I cannot afford to pay for it myself. I’ve been diagnosed with lupus, MCTD, RA AND FIBRO. I never connected the dots that it could be connected to my implants but I got sick three months after implants. I don’t even recall how I found out about BII.

  4. Georgann Johnson

    I just had explant surgery yesterday and am very excited to heal after 20 years of having the silicone implants.

  5. Kristin

    Hi there,
    I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Dr. Loreen Ali in Chelmsford, MA, or Dr. John Lee in Waterford, CT? i’m in the Boston area and am looking for explant with en-bloc capsulectomy. Thank you very much!

  6. Ashok Govila

    Dear organizers,
    I see my name on your website as one of the explant surgeons in the UAE. The information is not complete and needs to be updated as below.

    United Arab Emirates
    Dr Ashok Govila
    Villa 898,15 C Street, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 1,( THIS IS NOT CORRECT_
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Kindly add some details as below

    Middle East:
    Professor Dr. Ashok Govila – Dubai, UAE
    Novomed Center, Dubai marina Plaza building, Dubai

    I do enblock capsulectomy with implant removal and give all pictures and videos of the surgery along with the implants to the patient. Any liquid collected is sent for CD-30 test. The capsule is sent for Histopathology, and the report is handed over in 2 weeks time.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Dr Govila,
      I changed your address and added the details as requested, please check your listing again to ensure it correct.

  7. Mona Corona

    Finally, thank you for this. Looking forward to learning more about my symptoms and options The women I have interacted with are wonderful.

  8. Tracy

    For anyone considering En-bloc Expant in California, go to Dr Jae Chun in Newport Beach. His entire practice is now only explant. That is especially the way to go for silicone implants. Saline can do capsulectomy IF the doctor has experience and can skillfully remove all of the capsule.
    I’m 4 weeks post op and feel SO much better!!! I had 26 of the listed symptoms.

  9. Mary Aiken

    Please women get them out. I waited way to long.

  10. Nancy

    Please help my mom got implants over 8 years ago she feels very sick as if she is going to die for no reason we have visit several doctor they say she is fine her chest hurts a lot and clams to feel weak along with other symptoms please help it hurts to not be able to help her I need to know if it can be related to implants 🙏🏻

  11. Cathey Davidson

    My surgeon is for the swelling of my lymph nodes under arms and groin..I was referred to him by my onocologist. I have several autoimmune diseases..alopecia..fibermyalgia neuropathy..when I asked him about the things I am suffering from he barked at me I needed to see a Arthritious Dr..dont have that..plastic surgery no help.
    Who do I see ??

    1. Nicole

      Hi Cathey,
      After you realize the truth about silicone and breast implants which is they are made of an array of toxic chemicals and heavy metals and cause many symptoms and serious health problems and diseases such as many autoimmune diseases, the first real step is finding a surgeon to explant your breast implants. Your placing surgeon likely won’t explant you, so you likely need to find another surgeon experienced at explant: https://www.healingbreastimplantillness.com/explant-surgeons/.

  12. Wendy Ramel

    I have had saline implants for 20 years with no problems. Now my boobs are aching. I have no clue what kind of saline implants I have AND my Dr retired years ago so I don’t know how to get any info. I haven’t been to a Dr yet.

    1. Paula

      Same!!!! Have HORRIBLE migraines though since 1999

    2. Jami

      My Dr retired years ago as well. When I was given my folder with all the info in it after I had my augmentation done, it did not include the type of implant that was used. So, I called the practice (there were new Dr’s there) and although he had retired, they were able to retrive my information from archives.

  13. Lisa

    Thank you Nicole your a life saver 🤗 I will keep on detoxing and pushing through this and boosting any nutritional deficiencies I come across. I just hope I did not do any long term damage to my system. It worries me. I will also look into B12 shots as well!
    Thank you for helping so many women. Your truly a blessing. 😇

  14. Lisa

    I am almost a year post explant and have found out through blood work I have a high RH factor .. 22 .. (rheumatoid) over 15 is high … I have been suffering terribly with joint pain …. did you have this and did it go away after years of detox? I am following such a good protocol with diet and exercise, I also had a very low vitiman D level which we boosted up and now I am considering vitamin b12 shots as well! I am so so sore in my joints and praying I’ll get better soon. What should I do to to help this I am feeling desperate and have other women had this elevated Rh factor as well and did it get better? Praying every day. Lisa

    1. Nicole

      Hi Lisa,
      I did have a higher RH factor but it did go away over detoxing and healing time. My own healing unfolded over four years because I am a slow detoxer. I even had joint pain in my third year post explant however HydroxoB12 shots helped me so much with joint pain, lingering fatigue, brain fog, liver sluggishness etc. I am seven years post explant now and have no body pain at all, not even joint pain at 55. So keep detoxing and upping any nutritional deficiencies, keep healing.

  15. Zoe

    I am 20 months post explant and feeling despondent. I still suffer regular flares and still experience new symptoms. I’m following all recommendations and do have some short periods where I feel well, but then crash again. Was your recovery similar? Is there anywhere I can read similar recovery stories to keep me inspired and hopeful?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Zoe,
      My own healing unfolded over four years and it was very dependent on diet and gut health. Most women heal over a couple years so try and be patient while working on your health and sussing out areas that may need support. Thoroughly read our website as it will give you many suggestions on things you may need to suss out and support. The Silicone Detox page and the Breast Implant Illness tests page may give you hints on where to look and what to fine tune such as diet changes, nutritional deficiencies and infections that thrive in us and affect our health. For instance cutting out all sugars, gluten and dairy from my diet made a significant difference in how I felt and still feel. Also killing fungal overgrowth such as yeast and Candida in my gut made an improvement. I also had a protozoa gut infection called Giardia from travelling. Shoring up my low vitamin D, low B12, low iron and low minerals helped me feel better too. After years with toxic implants our nutritional status can be very negatively affected which affects our health and healing. B12 shots helped me so much because it turns out I have MTHFR genetic detox defects affecting my B vitamins which affects my ability detox and heal and bringing up my low levels of B12 cleared up lingering fatigue, lingering joint pain, supported my liver and took away lingering brain fog. Our health is greatly affected by these toxic implants and healing takes some lifestyle changes and work on our part.

  16. Vickie Sully

    I have saline implants under the muscle Ive been told by 3 Drs only silicone implants can possible cause issues. Is this true?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Vickie,
      Breast implant illness is not really to do with the brand or type of implant that you have. Breast implant illness occurs in all brands and both saline and silicone implants and is a very multifaceted illness. For both saline and silicone breast implants a strong and immediate response to the silicone shell directly after implantation may be predicated by your genes specifically HLA B27, HLA DR52 and HLA DR53 which are genes associated with being ill in the first year after implantation and a higher sensitivity to silicone. Even if you don’t have these specific genes your body will still respond to the fact that breast implants are huge foreign objects implanted in your chest near vital organs and glands and you will experience the usual foreign body immune response as your body mounts an all out war which causes immune deficits, immune dysfunction and eventually autoimmune symptoms and diseases. Our overwhelmed immune system eventually switches over to attacking itself instead of attacking invaders. This is known as switching from TH1 dominance to TH2 dominance and it is when the immune system developes antibodies against itself instead of killer T-Cells to kill what it perceives to be abnormal cells. Eventually, both saline and silicone breast implants cause immune system failure by overwhelming the immune system and allowing various infections in the body to gain a foothold and cause many of our symptoms. These infections can be bacterial, viral, fungal or parastical. Next the approximate 40 toxic chemicals and array of heavy metals in silicone which are known endocrine disruptors, inflammatory, carcinogenic, cytotoxic and neurotoxic poison our fragile endocrine gland system (thyroid/adrenals and others) and poison our Thymus gland and our immune system, poison our gut health and create toxicity in our organs and body. With saline there is also the added element that many of the saline ports collect body fluid and can mold and these organisms can cross into the implant due to defective valves and colonize the implant. These microorganisms produce metabolites which are toxic to us known as biotoxins. The interior of all capsules is perfect place for infections to occur and grow and the inside of capsules necrotize over time. Textures add another layer of toxicity and also textures soak up body fluids and provide spaces for infections to thrive. Textures also aggravate the immune system as they flake off and travel through our lymphatics. Many of us also have pathogens and parasites in our gut due to bad gut health and even past our gut as they inhabit our body because there is little immune opposition to them due to immune deficits. Due to poor gut health we cannot digest our foods and due to autoimmune processes our guts and bodies are full of inflammation. We could go on and on but as you can see saline and silicone implants profoundly damage our health in many ways.

    2. Kira

      Unfortunately your doctors aren’t telling you…or maybe don’t even know…that saline implants come INSIDE silicone shells! They are just as toxic

  17. Sandra Hines

    What’s your recommendation on tissue implant?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sandra,
      Do you mean fat transfer?

  18. JoAnn Neurohr

    I had breast reconstruction in August of 2015. The implant never healed properly and had it removed in 2017. Always had a discharge with the first implant, was found to have an infection pocket around plant when removed

  19. Marlene

    I had breast reconstruction in 2013. I developed a lesion on my foot May 2019. It started out as about 5 pustules the size of a pinhead. It is now another 3 in in diameter and continues to get bigger. Dermatologists diagnosed Palmoplantar Pustular psoriasis. I have never had anything like this. I am 61. Has this ever been reported as a breast implant illness?

  20. Peggy Garsee

    I had to have first implants removed, while removing it burst, Dr had to suction and scrape silicone from left breast, I also have health problems that can be found, talk about painful, yeah, when I came to, I felt like I had been murdered.

  21. Deanna

    I have the gummy bear textured implant. I developed staph and MRSA. I have had to have 4 breast surgeries and the staph went to my right leg. I have had 16 surgeries on my leg because of staph and MRSA. I have autoimmune disease. I have a pain in my left armpit. Could this all be from the implant?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Deanne,
      It is well known that silicone and breast implants cause immune deficits and overwhelm our immune system allowing infections to thrive in us that would normally be controlled by a healthy immune system. Your breast implants are certainly not helping your health and well being.

  22. Krista Guerrero

    I have Had my implants for almost 8 years now and i have Been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and among other things for the past 4 years. The doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with me. This is my second time going to see a hemotologist for my white blood cell count and I’m bruising very easily. The first time i went the doctor prescribed me Xanax and sent me on my way. I feel That’s all they are trying to do is push pills on people cause it’s easy for them. I just Want to me normal again and have my life back! Please help!!!!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Krista,
      Please read our entire website, each page has information you need to know and which will help you take the next steps to heal yourself: https://healingbreastimplantillness.com/. After you realize it’s your implants that are causing your health problems, the first real step is to plan your explant. Please see the Explant Surgeons list on the website to find a surgeon to explant you properly so you heal!

  23. Dixie

    I am so desperate to find help for my daughter. She has had implants for nearly 20 years. She has been diagnosed with Hoshimoto and lead poisoning in the past and now has been diagnosed with Scleraderma! She refuses to even consider the implants could cause these problems. I feel in my heart this is greatly contributing to her multitude of health issues. Presently she is barely existing, in pain constantly and deteriorating quickly. I would gladly provide transportation and lodging for someone who has experienced this issue to just talk to her! Please, please can someone help me, she is my only child, my husband is in heaven and I don’t know where to turn for help.

  24. Carrie

    Got mine removed recently. IBS, silent acid reflux, Lump in throat, skin rashes, fatigue and chest pains are gone. I guess works different for everyone but I am feeling better already.

  25. E-

    I’m overwhelmed by the similarities of this condition with what I have been going through for a few years. I’m at the beginning of realization and research. I could use some guidance and support in Alberta, Canada.

  26. Jewell

    Hi my name is Jewell. I had implants done August 2019. I’ve had a cough for a month. My joints and muscles ache. My left breast burns and hurts. I think my left breast is swollen. I’m tired all time. I have other symptoms as well. I feel my health is declining. I’m concerned these issues may be related to my implants.

  27. Ellie BCN

    Thank God I found your site, going through my 2nd implants, the first ones were put in in 1995 (Silicone gel) one of them ruptured in 2008, had them removed together with the capsule, it had also leaked into my body, the surgeon had to “pick” the left overs of the silicone from my breast. Had new ones put in in 2011, MonoBloc Cohesive gel which are supposed to be “safer”. I’m always sick, poor wound healing, infections, breathing illnesses, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, stomach problems, cyatic pain, muscle spasms. Now one of them might have ruptured (again!), getting MRI results this Monday 13th. I came across your site as I was looking for info on having them removed for good, but was not sure as I feared the end result. Little did I know that my implants were also making me sick!! Now I really want them out. I have reviewed your surgeon’s list and found one in Madrid that can perform this complete removal of implants and capsulectomy. I feel like God brought me here to show me what is really happening to me. I want to be healthy and free again. Please let me know how can I also detox after the removal as I’ve been reading that detoxing is possible! I’ve made a request to join your FB group. I no longer feel alone, there are so many of us!! I hope that this type of procedure will be banned some day, it is damaging our healths and no one is warning women of the dangers of having these things put into our bodies. Thank u so much, so happy that I found you!!

  28. Gabriela

    Hi my name is Gabriela and I got my breast implants in 2006 and I’m sick with nausea and depression and my breast hurts left side only looking into getting them removed! I have health net with medical and I’m not sure if it covers !? I’m not financially stable for plastic surgery like I was 14 years ago.

  29. Kim

    Hi, if my implants are Saline should I be concerned. I’ve had them since 2001. I was diagnosed with MS in 2014.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kim,
      Many with breast implants are misdiagnosed with MS and some have breast implants and MS.

      1. Kim

        I definitely have MS. I had a Spinal Tap to confirm. I had Oligoclonal bands as well as brain damage.

  30. Nicolene

    Hi Nicole, i had surgery done in August 2019. I feel my body is still fighting so many symptoms. I had the textured implants and they were leaking silicone into my system. How long will recovery take for my body to heal as i dont have any immune?

    Thanks nicolene Taylor

    1. Nicole

      Hi Nicolene,
      In general women heal over a year or two. Right now you are about four to five months post explant and are in the thick of detoxing and you will have symptoms so be calm and patient and anticipate your healing. Please read our guidelines to help you support yourself: https://healingbreastimplantillness.com/silicone-detox/.

  31. Linzi annear

    Hi can I be added to the Facebook group please my name is linzi annear x

  32. Mary Puckett

    Hi, I’m having explant surgery tomorrow. Had a mastectomy in 2014 and a textured, silicone implant. Around two years ago, my mental and physical health began to decline. I did not feel like myself on every level. The symptom that told me I have this illness is thoughts of dying. Three months ago, I began having thoughts I might not wake-up, that “I need to clean out my drawers because I might die tonight.” It is so clear to me that these thoughts cannot be “explained-away” or blamed on other things. This illness is a thief! I would still be searching for answers if it were not for this site. I discovered it when my breast with the implant started leaking fluid from the incision scar a week ago. My doc said it was fluid build-up around my implant that found the least resistant path to drain. Researching this led me to discover BII. Thank God! Divine intervention, for sure, When I told him I did not want to replace the implant because of my symptoms, he was not quick to acknowledge the veracity of this illness, but he did add that we have to pay attention to so many women having the same symptoms. So, I guess he gets a C+, with the hope he will educated himself. My problem is that I am hesitant to tell him I want the total capsulectomy because I know his feelings on it. I know how stupid this is and I hate being this weak! Could someone offer me a suggestion on how to talk to him about this? My surgery is a 10:30 tomorrow morning. I am eternally grateful for having the explant surgery so quickly and for this site. Thank you again for all you have done for women around the world!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Mary,
      Hope this reaches you before your surgery to give you confidence. You have textured implants and fluid is collecting in your capsules and that is a symptom of BIA-ALCL – Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma. Your surgeon should collect the fluid and representative pieces of your capsule and send them to the pathology lab for CD-30 testing to ensure you do not have BIA-ALCL associated with textured implants. Your surgeon should also do an En Bloc and Total Capsulectomy explant, if En Bloc is not possible then all capsule tissue should be removed for your full recovery. Please ensure all of your capsule tissue is removed when he explants you today.

  33. Holli Shufflebarger

    I was diagnosed with triple, negative, ductile carcinoma in 2013.
    I’ve had chemo & radiation, only for it to return in 2014.
    It was a HUGE choice to have a double mastectomy, but definitely felt the need.
    NOW, I’m coughing up jelly like junk with black dots in it. They did a CT back in May & found NOTHING. I insisted my family physician order another CT scan & he told me I was too young??? So, I called my oncologist to see what he thought. He ordered another scan, which was done in November & I now have 7 spots in my lungs, when there was nothing in May.
    I have coughed up blood 3 times & am scared to death…not of dying, but of the battle again & leavingthose who love me behind. I’m also a caregiver for my mother. It’s been rough.
    I have another CT scan next month, in January, then I see my oncologist again to see if anymore growth has occurred. We will repeat this process until we know more.
    They cannot biopsy due to them only being 2mm in size.
    The fear & anxiety are about to kill me & I know not what to do.
    Thank you & I hope you add keto your group!!!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Holli,
      Please reach out to me on facebook Nicole Daruda with the flower logo and I will add you to the group.

      1. Bárbara

        Hi Nicole, I had my breasts done 5 years ago. Lately I been feeling tired and no energy and now I discovered your page. How can I get help to get my implants removed and how will I know I’ll be okay.

    2. Cindy Vandesande

      So very sorry to hear about your unproductive cough. This must be a very shocking and frightening experience. It is important to connect with others who can support and empathize with you: opposed to, offer unsound and uneducated opinions. Most clinicians will subject you to dangerous and unhelpful diagnostics having nothing to do with your implants. They have not been made aware of breast implant illness let alone En Bloch. It’s time for you to consult with a reputable En Bloch surgeon ASAP! This illness is very serious as you are experiencing. Peace will come with knowledge and a productive plan of care. God Bless

  34. Cyndy Conklin

    I’m waiting on ‘moderation’ I’ve had too many major surgeries.. aeortic valve replacement., double, double mastectomy (1st one wasn’t complete) everything was great until my breasts became so deformed that I can’t even stand seeing them. Alway been very fit but now just too tired. Can’t figure if it’s age?64.. or the leakage and swelling under my arms.. but I My GP said the silicone had to come out. But I can’t stand the thought of total nothingness. My aunt chose not to reconstruct 20 years ago.she died shortly after. And I don’t want to look like she did..but I don’t want to feel and look like I do. I’m lost.

  35. Cyndy Conklin

    I had a double mastectomy when I was abt 34 due to extreme family history.Genetic testing was not available at that time. I had another double mastectomy after I had my last baby as I was producing milk from tissue that should have been removed. I’m now suffering from deformed and leaking breasts. Need help.

  36. Marcela Bandy

    Hi, I’m new here. Thanks for approving my request to become a member! I’m from Honduras, Central America. I found out about this group 2 days after explant surgery.
    It has been such an eye opener and source of validation, to say the least!
    I have had to beat so many health issues in my lifetime (this was my 18th surgery!), but this time was so different. I’ve had 2 sets of Allergan silicone implants in an11 year period, both of which are the brand and type now being recalled. The first one had to be removed in an emergency surgery, my left breast and side were significantly red & swollen, high fevers with terrible chills. When I first was admitted to the hospital, no doctor could pin point what was wrong until I saw my breast. I was advised by my PS to explant & wait 3 months to heal and then get a new set of “better textured implants”. The pathology report concluded there was no microorganism growth, just diffused inflammation due to an allergic reaction to a foreign object. This was dismissed by my PS, & 3 months later I had a new set of implants. I explanted 1 month shy of a 2 year ordeal. Going to so many specialists, labs, imaging in my country as well as in the US, having Drs. scratching their heads not being able to give me a proper diagnosis. Inclining to of course an autoimmune condition, either Lupus or Frybromialgia and prescribing drugs “just in case”. I never took any of them. I even told the rheumatologists about my first experience with implants and that, if they thought they were the culprits for all of my symptoms (I’m a very athletic 46 yo behaving like an 80 yo, not even being able to go up the stairs in my house without feeling half way I couldn’t catch my breath and my legs not responding), I was ready to get rid of them ASAP. Every single one dismissed this possibility! It was my moms & brother’s intuition that lead my back to my implants being the cause of my health issues. Soon enough, 2 weeks after coming to terms with it and with my husband’s total support, I had my surgery with the same PS (he’s the best in my country & for whom I USED to have such respect & admiration), because to this day he doesn’t believe me and says everything is in my head. And that is not the worst part!
    Upon waking from surgery, I found out he didn’t do a total capsullectomy as we had talked about prior and NOTHING was sent to pathology. He did give me my implants back, which thankfully are intact. So I KNOW I have yet another surgery ahead of me. I’m just allowing myself to heal from this one (2 weeks PO) and then deal with what’s ahead. Having read so many stories of so many brave women, that I can relate to is a feeling beyond words. I have cried and been overwhelmed with so many emotions, but at the same time, you have empowered me to keep on believing in my intuition and innate ability to be my own advocate. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

  37. Vanessa. Edwards

    I’m anxious. I went to my Plastic surgeon on Nov. 27th. He suggested removal of the implant. He suggested two procedures he could perform. I just want to know if I have ALCL. I’m so depressed and angry. I was supposed to have a biopsy under u/s the week before my plastic appt however the radiologist on duty felt the fluid was too small to collect. I’ve had over the past few years as much as 11cc. Of fluid removed. I’m at my wit’s end. Oncologist not responsible. Plastic surgeon suggest flap or replacement. I had breast cancer so I have endured a lot. Five years since dx. Complaing of pain for as long as I can remember. I need help. I’m afraid I may die from ALCL. Thanks for your information.

  38. B.True

    Love the new format!
    It is no easy thing to own the responsibility of maintaining a site like this, especially when the publicly accepted medical authorities provide responses that are so variable causing near constant fluidity to approved surgeons. Your efforts saved my health and possibly even my life. I am 6 months post explant and I am so blessed to feel like a human again.
    It’s thanksgiving day 2019, and I have much to be thankful for this year. Let me start with you. Thank you for Having to courage to take on ALL the professionals who didn’t know they were wrong. May God fill your life and lead your steps and may we all find support needed to make this journey back to health. 💜✝️💜

  39. Jennifer Fournier

    Thank you for sharing this information. I went to see my surgeon last week to discuss explant surgery, he got upset and told me there is no proof and that BiI is a social media disease

    1. Nicole

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, plastic surgeons will and do deny that breast implants and silicone cause systemic symptoms but the FDA does recognized breast implant illness and released the now close to half a million adverse event reports filed on breast implants since they have been brought back onto the market in 2006. The FDA is also putting a black box warning on breast implants giving its highest warning available to users. Plastic surgeons deny breast implant illness as breast implants are a large portion of their revenues.

  40. Becky Sublette

    Thank you for the sacrifices made to educate and support women. Unbelievable what you all have done. The growth of your mission is amazing and proof that it is profoundly important. I explanted after twenty seven yrs, age 65, saline under muscle with NO problems as a preventative and for peace of mind . I fully support this mission and pray for continued success and health.

  41. Judith Lugo

    Thank you for all the breast implant illness awareness you bring to people everyday.

  42. Julie McCarthy

    Definitely not sure I’d be what I am and who I am today without this life saving website. Because of all the amazing information and these amazing women here, I’ve gotten a new lease on life. Words truly aren’t enough to show the gratitude I feel for Nicole and everyone here.
    This is an issue that will soon be forever gone, I pray. Too many of us have lost out on pieces of our lives because of these toxic implants, that we believed to be nothing but safe. No one should have to go through so much as most of us have.
    Thank you again to Nicole for starting this movement. Between you and our good Lord, You have saved soooo many.

  43. Rhonda Varvaro

    Thank you educating us, and giving us a vision of becoming once again the person we used to be. I personally feel that finally there could be an explanation for my undiagnosable declining health since 2008. My first recollection was rejecting the Mirena IUD, as my doctor claimed 1% have infections, therefore it couldn’t be the cause. I didn’t care, I removed it anyway. Although vaginal infections stopped other issues like polyps, fibroids, heavy bleeding started. With that began underarm lymph node swelling to goiter size with every internal infection. Nasal surgical site infection with Cadaver tissue was the final catalyst in 2015. Since then, autoimmune test positive, GI colitis, joint, vision, 3 more nasal surgery’s, and not one diagnosis other than my Anti-DNA DS & SSA, HLA-DQ 2 & 8 both positive, GI Endo/Colon positive for colitis and inflammation but having a Rheumatologist tell you it’s a False/Positive, was my final mental breakdown. It’s devastating when you even test positive for disease, and someone makes you feel like it’s all only in your head. So again, thank you for bringing to light a disease that is REAL. Armed with research, thanks to you, and so many others, I must now become my own advocate. These toxic bags that have slowly been killing me since 2001. It’s sad to think how much data was being withheld, information that could have helped me years ago.

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