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This website originally my story of breast implant illness and first published in February 2013, has become the culmination of breast implant illness medical information from over 150,000 women in our Facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole. Our personal experience of breast implant illness is the foundation of our wisdom and may it be of benefit to you. If you have breast implants or are thinking of them, please read this website and then join our Facebook group for support and access to important research.     

After years of our activism on the internet and social media, on May 2, 2019, the FDA issued a statement acknowledging breast implant illness and the systemic symptoms caused by silicone including various cancers.  For more information regarding recent FDA announcements, breast implant studies, medical case reports, silicone toxicity and silicone gel bleed please see Breast Implant Safety

If you have breast implants now, stay calm and focus on identification of Breast Implant Illness Symptoms, when you recognize yourself in these symptoms, then move to Explant. Proper removal of your breast implants is the most important step to recovery from breast implant illness. Breast implants should ideally be removed En Bloc (in a manner that prevents contamination to you) and always with a Total Capsulectomy (remove all surrounding capsule tissue). The body, when treated well has an amazing healing and regenerative capacity. Trust in your body’s ability to heal. Choose a surgeon that is skilled and experienced at En Bloc and Total Capsulectomy removal of breast implants and is dedicated to removing all capsule tissue.  Here is an international list of Explant Surgeons recommended by the members of our Facebook group who used these surgeons. 

Unfortunately, you will likely not get much help identifying breast implant illness from your doctor or plastic surgeon. There is no test for breast implant illness and it’s acknowledgement is being minimized by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and some plastic surgeons in order to continue to sell toxic breast implants. Many women suffering from breast implant illness are misdiagnosed and mistreated for diseases that have similar symptoms and have been repeatedly told their breast implants are not the problem when they are the problem. Don’t waste time on misdiagnoses and mistreatment. Time is of the essence to your health. Trust your inner wisdom. Saline and silicone breast implants made with toxic chemicals and heavy metals do not belong in our healthy bodies. Further, some plastic surgeons may attempt to talk you out of explant or tell you a Total Capsulectomy is not necessary. Do not believe this, in fact, we suggest not using a plastic surgeon for explant unless he/she readily acknowledges breast implant illness symptoms and insists on a En Bloc or Total Capsulectomy explant and is experienced at proper explant and can prove it to you with photos of En Bloc and Total Capsulectomy explants. 

After your proper explant, detoxification and healing will unfold over a year or two and here are some Silicone Detox guidelines to help you support yourself during your detox.  Step by step you can heal. Under our RESOURCES section, we have compiled other important information which will assist you through this process and contribute to your healing. Due to so many women being affected negatively by breast implants, litigation is picking up, please go here to Breast Implant Lawsuits to learn of trends in lawsuits being filed and also which attorneys are accepting cases.  

Please enjoy the first ever documentary about breast implant illness by Leigh Wood of South Africa: Toxic Tits

We welcome your comments and questions below or directly to our email at [email protected]. Recent comments, after approved, appear first.  Most questions will receive a reply.

Best wishes in your recovery,


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  1. Norma Cortez

    I had saline implants since 2006 and have not changed them. I have been experiencing lots of health issues that are not explainable by Doctors. I had blood tests to rule out Lupus, cancer and all well. Rheumatologist said it might be Fibromyalgia no testing are available to confirm. I’m in pain with restless legs all day long and feel fatigued and experiencing numbness.

  2. Heidii

    Please, what about a situation you surely have BII, but you have already taken implants out and the capsule is still left in?
    Are there surgeons who can help with that?
    Can I still heal if I have all the capsules out as well? Or am I going to be poisoned forever now?
    I explanted in May, and I’m very ill now.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Heidii,
      If you have symptoms from your implants, it best to remove all the capsule tissue, as you experiencing women that don’t often have a decline in their health because the capsule is now open and the contamination of silicone gel and toxins from the implants which was inside the capsule is now affecting your body. The procedure to remove left over capsule is called Revised Capsulectomy and we have had to watch hundreds of women have to have a second so they could finally get well. Depending on where you live, there are several surgeons we know that do Revised Capsulectomy.

  3. Amanda

    Thank you for the great information!

  4. Marcela

    Hay alguien con el Dr Nicolás Kim en Utha?

  5. Dagmara

    OMG , all ladies I hope you get your health back asap
    I am 46 and really want to get them to improve my look but something made me look for more information and I can’t believe what I am reading !
    I am aching just reading this!
    Wish you quick solution to your issues and lots of health

  6. Beth

    I have had saline implants for over 10 years now. I’m going to be 50 next year. For the past year and 1/2 I have been dealing with low libido, digestive issues with the only dx of IBS and diverticulosis, heartburn for no apparent reason and bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. I have done a good elimination diet (lowFODMAP) with little no success at all. Ringing in my ears (not super loud but it’s there all the time) diagnosed with RA. My vision went from perfect to awful in the past 3 years. I eat healthy and live a fairly healthy lifestyle. Could this be a result of my implants? Also… forgive me for sounding so vain, I had implants because I lost pretty much all of my already non-existent breasts due to nursing 3 children. I just wanted something to put in a bra to make me feel more feminine, sexy. I want to feel better but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am a little worried about having just skin flaps for breasts again 😞

  7. Claire Sayers

    Hi.How do I join this group? I’m 54 years old and have had saline implants for nearly 20 years.
    Struggle to find enough info on the internet.

      1. Jen

        Hello Nicole I just put in a request to your Fb group. I had my saline implants done 2003. For years I have suffered from digestive issues yet recently that has been beginning to heal which is fantastic. I have chronic EBV, struggle with sleep and energy, my brain does not feel as sharp as it once did, I test negative for RA but have symptoms, I’m in process of looking at my thyroid and hormones in general. How does one actually know she has BII? I’d imagine there are many women who don’t have it and could also have autoimmune issues caused by something else? It feels scary to go the route of explant when you don’t have a definitive answer that it is in fact BII.

        1. Nicole

          Hi Jen,
          Most women recognize themselves in the list of symptoms here: https://www.healingbreastimplantillness.com/breast-implant-symptoms/. In regard to saline implants some women with saline can have their implants for a decade or two with few symptoms but then eventually their health declines rapidly and because they have had their implants longer their autoimmune symptoms are more entrenched. Breast implants are not lifetime devices, most implants should be replaced every ten years, especially silicone which tend to bleed toxic silicone gel long before ten years, more like six to eight years. Even saline implants have to be explanted at some point, older saline can have colonies of mold in them.

  8. Barbara Norris

    I am wondering how far out doctor Chun is. I am in Utah and all the doctors are at least 6 months to a year out. I don’t even know what my body will be like by then because it’s deteriorating so rapidly. Tingly arms and hands, achy joints everywhere, especially neck and shoulders headaches, and vision problems. I really want these out as quickly as possible but I am going to hold out for it qualified surgeon

  9. Melissa

    So grateful to find this community – so tired of being dismissed!
    After doing my own research I think I may have Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome and possibley BII.
    Do the two often go hand in hand?
    Would an EnBloc / Total Capsulectomy address the issues with PMPS (phantom pain, burning/throbbing, stinging, pinching, stabbing pain)?
    In addition to the above, I’m experiencing fatigue, general malaise, depression, boday aches, flu like symptoms that seem to be increasing in severity over time – I’m two years out from unilateral mastectomy & reconstruction due to breast cancer.
    Any quidance would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time!

  10. Mandy Mehuron

    Mentor Saline smooth implants done in 2003.
    Currently 6 mths of unexplained severe illness. Can’t work… take care of our 9 year old Lil girl. Severe sudden Anxiety depression… I can’t drive , work and developed phobia to leave the house. I’ve been hospitalized 4 times in 6 mths. Had ever test known to man and seen every specialist.
    Had gallbladder removal, severe GI issues… daily nausea diarrhea stomach distinctions…. unknown fluid in my abdomen outside my organs or stomach (there shouldn’t ever be there).

    I’ve lost 30 lbs in 5 mths.
    Daily headaches, on and off joint pain , weird nerve numbness and tingling in my legs and lower back hips and sometimes arms.

    The anxiety out of no where is the worst. I’ve never been even shy let alone any social phobias. It all literally hit me like bam!

    Consulting with Juliann Institute Dr Polcritti in Spring Hill Fl.

    Anyone else used him??

    I can’t get these poison bags out soon enough.

    Young , dumb and insecure is the only reason I even have them. Wish my 20 year old self had been wiser.

  11. Rachel Post

    Hi Nicole,

    I have been poisoned for 3 years now from my breast implants. I was told I have lung damage and seeped into my lungs, so it’s been affecting my breathing and making me super uncomfortable. I have been super patient and I know the detox process can take a few years but I am worried about further damage from my organs which makes me discouraged. Do you have any advice for me?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Rachel,
      For some of us detox can be longer and more difficult but we still detox and heal over time, it’s just takes us longer. Trust your body’s ability to detox and heal, it’s inherently wise and know exactly what to. Remember that in seven years your body is entirely brand new because in seven year time span every cell of your body is remade. You will heal Rachel.

  12. Julianna Avni

    Finally, there is a community that supports us.
    After suffering from BII For many years. I can not wait to have my surgery.

  13. April

    Hi, Tracy. I just submitted my paperwork via email to Dr Chun’s office. My friend had her explant by him too. It’s so promising to hear how you are already healing. I have a long list of ailments too. I’m so ready to be healthy again. I love that you went to Chun and am encouraged that he’s the right Dr for me. Your post reaffirms my decision. Ty for sharing.

  14. Muriel Del Cid

    Hello! I’ve had my gummy implants for 10 years and earlier this year started having rashes. One day my hives were so bad that even my fingers and legs swelled up! I’ve seen countless doctors and allergists and all my tests are normal and anti-histamines do absolutely nothing. I also developed a growth on my thyroid which was benign, could this be related ? I went back to see the surgeon who did my breast aug & he told me if I removed my implants, the skin around my chest would become concaved and sunken in, and I’d be worse off than before! He completely freaked me out and I’ve spiraled into just accepting my current state but I know something is wrong.

  15. Dana

    I had en bloc explant over 6 months ago. I haven’t seen hardly any improvement in my symptoms since the surgery. I still have dark circles under my eyes, acne, hormone imbalances, and I can’t lose weight. Is it normal to not be feeling better yet?

  16. Susan

    Good morning Dr. HWUANG in Colorado is now 9700 for enbloc no lift or fat transfer in 2022.(she is 6k and surg suite, anesthesia is the rest.) Also I would like to know what criteria you use to add or remove surgeons from the list. Seems the commentary about them is not consistent making it hard to compare one from another like how many explanations per year and if they still implant— seems like all do and all the other data points you all track. Thank you so much love what you all are doing I just want to I have enough information to make choices

  17. Andrea83

    Hello I just noticed your comment I have breast implants and hadhimotos with 13000 antibodies that no specilist seems to care about … reading this had made me realize why I’m not getting pregnant and what I need to do next … can I ask how long after explant did you reverse your hashimoto??

  18. Andrea Johnson

    I am having similar problems. Though the neck and shoulder knots are causing daily migraines. I’ve been everywhere. Neurologist, chiropractor, spine specialist etc. Have had injections, medications, nerve block to no avail. I have to think at this point it has something to do with these 20 yr old implants.

  19. Michelle L. M.

    Yes! Please! I know I need an explant but without health insurance, I can’t afford it.

  20. Liz

    Hi ladies,

    I have had my textured gummy bear implants about 10 years. I am currently undergoing testing for MS. One of the tests was an MRI in which they found two lesions in my brain. Curious if anyone on here has had similar findings, gone through with the explant and found their progression of MS to stall? I am experiencing loss of vision in one eye on the left side that is slowly expanding across my eye. The eye doctors state my eye is healthy and the nuro doc does not think the vision loss would be caused by my lesion. Again, has anyone else had similar symptoms? I have also been experiencing hives, a very low energy level for an extended period of time, and other miscellaneous systems. Any information would be helpful!


    1. Nicole

      Hi Liz, many women with breast implants have been misdiagnosed with MS including the brain lesions. After they explant properly and heal over a couple years, their symptoms of MS including the brain lesions disappear.

    2. Becky

      Optic neuritis.

    3. Angie

      I had the same thing, however, my neuro Dx me with Chiari malformation in 2012. I also have the textured allergen 410 implants for 13 years now, third set, first two smooth saline in 2000.

  21. Ilene

    Get the entire capsule removed.

  22. Melanie Moon

    Oh please I too have so many of these same symptoms and I don’t have health insurance because I am a hairdresser but I can’t work much longer due to the new symptoms adding weekly sometimes daily. 🙏

  23. Jessi

    Hello !
    I am new to researching Bii-
    I had saline implants 16 years ago (I was 17 😬)
    Over the last 16 years I’ve been diagnosed with hypo thyroid, hashimotos, anxiety, fatigue …and then about 2 months ago I started eating an antiinflammatory diet (read it could help with the hashimotos) and took up hot yoga (going 6 days a week) … last month I had symptoms what felt being thrown into hyperthyroid instead of hypo, I felt like I was crawling out of my skin, the brain fog was intense I became forgetful, I had anxiety so bad and the feeling of impending doom constantly for 2 weeks. I had and still have loose bowels, I lost 9 lbs in less than 2 weeks, my vision changed drastically, even with new prescription my eyes are now light sensitive and still “off”… I was told by my endocrinologist that it couldn’t be from my thyroid (my numbers changed but were still within range) and all the bloodwork I’ve done shows nothing significant. I even did a brain mri that came back normal. Has anyone had any issues with breast implants to have a reaction like this all of a sudden?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Jessi,
      Your symptoms are classic breast implant illness symptoms and Hashimoto’s which you describe is common symptom from breast implants. Silicone chemicals are known endocrine disruptors and disrupt our endocrine glands like thyroid and adrenals.

      1. Stephanie

        Hi Nicole,
        I too was diagnosed with Hashimotos after 8 years of having my saline implants. I recently just explanted last week and can already see tremendous improvement of my symptoms. I was wondering if you know or heard of anyone’s Hashimotos going away after explanting? Thank you for your time!

        1. Nicole

          Hi Stephanie,
          Yes, many women in the group have healed their Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases caused by silicone and breast implants by removing their implants including me, I healed Hashimoto’s, Unspecified Connective Tissue Disease, Fibro symptoms, RA symptoms and many other symptoms by explanting and you will too.

    2. Juanita M

      OMH YES! I’m going thru that right now. I Have autoimmune GRAVES that has hyperthroid issues where my body is attacking my face and thyriod causing these symptoms : red eyes, brain fog, dying panic attacks, Muscle weakness to the extreme, sadness and spirituality lost and blurry vision. I worst part is I feel like i’m dying. I was told that “sometimes it just happens, your body gets confused and attacks”. Now I know what the root cause is because i found this site and all the ladies that have shared their story I help me figure out whats wrong with me. Thanks so much!! Going to get these out!

  24. Tressa McAndrew

    I’ve had my silicone implants since 1984. Over the years I have experienced illness that no one could really explain. I thought I was legit going crazy. My first mammogram was 8 years ago at 50. Nothing seemed unusual. Fast forward. Breast pain, intense rib pain under breast. Many other symptoms. Yesterday mammogram and Ultrasound showed a rupture. I started researching and was soon crying uncontrollably.? All these symptoms I’ve been having, never thinking it could be tied to my implants. Keeping it to myself, suffering in silence. I thought I was dying and was afraid to tell my husband. I’m just starting my journey to explant, but I am convinced now it’s not just in my head. I am so grateful to you all for having the courage to share your stories. Monday my next app, and I feel better prepared to discuss this now . I am terrified but determined to follow through with their removal. I cannot continue like this. Thank you for listening. 🙏🏻

  25. Sarah

    I had breast implants 23 years ago. Ever since breast cancer mastectomy AROUND the implants “to avoid a reconstruction” I have had gastrointestinal issues which have worsened over the last 6 years. I also had radiation therapy THROUGH the implants. I have debilitating reflux and gastritis but scopes show nothing amiss ie no hiatus hernia or malfunctioning lower esophageal sphincter. “You’re fine my dear” Except I am not.

    The cosmetic surgeon has no problem doing an en bloc explant as he is well qualified in doing it and didn’t put the implants in in the first place. He did say not to expect any relief from the gastrointestinal symptoms as it’s very unlikely to be caused by the implants.

    I really hope to get some relief aftet explant so I wondered if anyone else has had similar gastrointestinal problems as the major issue and if they resolved at all after explant.

    Thank you.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sarah,
      Our gut does heal in time, after a proper explant. Please read our Silicone Detox page on our website which talks about diets and other protocols that help to heal our gut: https://www.healingbreastimplantillness.com/.

  26. Ally

    Same!!!! All the same diagnosis. I can’t afford anything either. I keep getting infection after infection, so I’m unable to even work. Yet, no proper diagnosis to qualify for disability. We are hardly surviving since I can’t even work. I’m so thankful for this informative website.

  27. Ally

    Same thing! All signs of Lupus, ongoing infections, constant fatigue, Raynaud’s syndrome, Hashimotos Disease, just had gallbladder out which is also a symptom, anxiety, depression, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, constant issues! Praying I can figure out a way to get them out and it will help me (and you) start to heal and enjoy life again.

  28. Ally McMillen

    That is so nice of you, Juli. I’m fairly new to the idea about BII. I have been battling a “mystery illness” for quite some time. I looked up the symptoms and I have so many of them! My Rheumatologist, Immunologist and Infectious Disease doctors are all baffled by me. I have so many auto immunes, fever all the times, can’t work, I’m a complete mess and have two young daughters to care for (all while doing virtual school) and I almost never feel well. I had sepsis twice in one year. I seem to get little viruses and my body manifests them into potentially deadly infections. Countless bloodwork, scans, this and that. At the point where I feel it MUST be the implants. The sad part is I had a mini lift done about 20 years ago, and they only put a small implant in to achieve the same outcome but without the scaring of a full lift. I haven’t been able to work, no diagnosis to qualify for disability either. And you can only imagine all my doctor bills with sepsis twice in a year, surgery after surgery, etc. This has to be what is making me so I’ll. I believe I have saline, but clearly something isn’t right. I’ll do whatever it takes to get them out, but help would be amazing somehow. I would happily donate in other ways/help educate people perhaps? Thank you Nicole for creating a safe space for everyone and the resources.

  29. Bianca Carmona

    Hi Catalina,

    I am feeling the exact same thing. We’re you ever depressed before the implants ?

    1. Chari

      Hi, my name is Chari…I was diagnosed with Sjogrens about 8 years ago, with only dry eyes being a symptom….
      4 years ago I had breast implants, since then I have been dealing with not only dry eyes, but achy joints, extreme fatigue, sore feet, hips, and shoulders…. my question is …. could this just be Sjogrens progressing, or caused from the implants????

    2. Ismaray

      Me opere los senos en el 2016 y desde el 2018 comence a sentirme varios sintomas como calambre en la cara,manos y pies.Luego poco a poco han ido apareciendo mas sintomas como dolores de cabeza constantes,dolor en el brazo izquierdo acompañado tambien de dolores en el cuello.Siento constantemente malestares de estomago mareos y a veces fatiga. De ves en cuando siento ardor en el seno izquierdo ,la cara y las orejas se me ponen Rojas y las siento calientes.Me detectaron hace un año una bolita pequena en el seno derecho y otra en el cuello.Me las examinaron y supuestamente no son nada alarmante.Hace poco mi neurologo me ordeno una imagen del cerebro y para colmo me salieron unas manchitas blancas las cuales dice q pueden ser MS .Estoy muy a angustiada ,triste y preocupada.Alguna ha sentido tantos sintomas?

      1. Cynthia

        A lo que estoy leendo lo que esta descubriendo son las simptomas de enfermedad de implante. MS simptomas le pego a la que manija esta pagina y cuando se las saco comenso a sentirse bien y las simptomas de MS se desaparecerdon. Consulta para remover las implantes. Creo que eso es lo que te causa enfermedad.

  30. Kaera

    Dr Kim Taylor – toorak

  31. Amanda

    I’m a nurse as well with the same symptoms. I’ve been out of work. I see my neurologist 1/29 to rule out MS as well. Then my mom told me about this site. Praying for the both of us as I am also a wife and mom. I can barely function and I was running miles in August. 🙏🏻

    1. Amber

      I have implants and have been diagnosed with MS and found out about this website and group. I am hoping to find the answers I’m looking for as well

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