Explant Breast Implants

A timely and proper explant of your breast implants and capsule tissue that grows around the breast implant is the most crucial step to your recovery from breast implant illness. As soon as the implants and capsule tissue are removed you will likely notice a reduction of some of your symptoms;  however some symptoms may linger or reappear until your body has completed a detox and healing process which generally unfolds over a year or two. Most women who were symptomatic and had a an En Bloc Capsulectomy or Total Capsulectomy explant feel they recovered their health within one or two years after removal of implants; however, some women heal faster than a year and some take longer than two years to heal. Unfortunately, there are some women who do not recover their full health due to too many years with their implants entrenching autoimmune processes, silicone ruptures causing silicone contamination or developing a serious or deadly disease due to their saline or silicone breast implants.  

Choose a Surgeon Committed to
En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy

No matter what you read or are advised by a plastic surgeon about explant of breast implants, if you are symptomatic, breast implants should be removed EN BLOC if possible and always with a TOTAL CAPSULECTOMY no matter the type of implant. En Bloc is an explant technique developed in France, which prevents contamination from the contents inside the capsule (textures, silicone, silicone chemicals and heavy metals and microorganisms known to grow in capsules and on implants). En Bloc technique means the surgeon leaves the capsule intact on the breast implant and dissects around the intact capsule and implant without disrupting the capsule so as to prevent contamination to the patient of the contents of the capsule.  Here is Dr Lu Jean Feng of Ohio, USA, demonstrating En Bloc  / Total Capsulectomy explant: 

If you are symptomatic it should be obvious to you and your surgeon that the capsule around your implant is contaminated and an En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant is necessary. Proper removal of your breast implants is your best chance at recovering your health. Even if you are not symptomatic and you have silicone or textured implants an En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant should be done for your utmost health because there will likely be contamination in the capsule. If you are not symptomatic and you have smooth saline implants then Total Capsulectomy may suffice.  Total Capsulectomy means the surgeon will remove the breast implants and then go back and remove all capsule tissue. In all cases of explanting, all capsule tissue should be removed from the chest which is called Total Capsulectomy.

In addition to breast implant illness, there are many other reasons that a Total Capsulectomy is recommended when removing or replacing breast implants. Leaving capsule tissue in the chest can cause pain, systemic inflammation, calcification, infections, interference with radiology, swollen lymph nodes, continuation of symptoms and continuation of autoimmune responses and toxicity. Hundreds of women in our community had to undergo second surgeries to remove left over capsule tissue that was not removed when they explanted their breast implants in order to finally get well. Please ensure that your explant is En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy so you are able to heal fully and don’t have to endure a second surgery.  

In the case that your implants are only a few weeks old, an En Bloc Capsulectomy may not be necessary as there would be very little opportunity for capsule tissue built by your body in the couple weeks of having implants however any capsule tissue that is there should be removed by your surgeon and it is possible that capsule tissue can grow within a few months.  

Do not drain your implants before explanting. Draining saline implants before explanting is relatively new and being suggested by some plastic surgeons and we highly advise against this. Silicone chemicals and particulate from the shell and biofilms of bacteria/fungus from the capsule and inside the implant may be washed through the capsule into your body and may cause a serious health decline. Several woman in the group have noted a marked health decline right after draining implants prior to explanting. There is no benefit to you whatsoever in draining your implants prior to a proper En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant. Please be safe and don’t drain your implants prior to explantation.  

Reasons Plastic Surgeons Avoid En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy

Some plastic surgeons argue against En Bloc Capsulectomy and Total Capsulectomy removal saying it is unnecessary as they do not believe implants cause illness, or unnecessary due to thin capsules or it carries undue risk to the patient. Again, if you’ve had your implants for two months or longer you will have capsule tissue and if you are symptomatic, it should be obvious that an En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant is necessary. It has been shown in studies that removing all the capsule correlates with our healing.  

The real reason some plastic surgeons avoid En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant is because it takes a high level of surgical skill, attention to detail, more time and requires a general anesthetic which carries more risk than a local anesthetic. Your placing plastic surgeon will not make much money from the removal of your implants and so they prefer to do as little as possible such as a short 20 minute procedure, in their office, under a local anesthetic simply cutting you and pulling out the implants leaving the contaminated capsules inside your body. Easy for them but  bad for you! Leaving the capsules in your body whether thin or thick means all the contamination within the capsules will be left behind and eventually taken up into your body which results in a longer and more severe illness for you and even substantially hampering your recovery. Some plastic surgeons even rupture the implant while removing it causing additional contamination. Some surgeons suggest draining your implants a few weeks prior to surgery which will also cause contamination to you. Some plastic surgeons will argue that an En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy explant could result in disfigurement of your breast but this is mostly untrue. A skilled and experienced explant surgeon will be able to avoid further disfigurement than the disfigurement already caused by implantation.

If your plastic surgeon does not acknowledge breast implant illness, silicone toxicity, argues against a Total Capsulectomy or cannot prove their En Bloc Capsulectomy or Total Capsulectomy skills and experience to you via photographs of En Bloc removed implants and intact capsules, we suggest not using him/her for your explant.

Explant Surgery Contract

Have your surgeon explain to you in step-by-step detail exactly how the explant procedure will be done and then record the details in writing for you so you both can sign off on it. Ensure that you both sign off on the correct procedure using the words Total or Full Capsulectomy on your contract. Most surgeons do not use the term En Bloc on their contracts as it cannot be guaranteed but they should state Total of Full Capsulectomy on the contract.

Find an Explant Surgeon

Finding a good explant surgeon should not be a difficult task so we compiled a list of skilled Explant Surgeons used by over 150,000 members of our Facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole. Come to the group where you can view results, read reviews and address specific questions inside the forum to ladies who used these surgeons and who have been through the same experience of symptoms, finding a surgeon, surgery, recovery, detoxification and healing.

Other Important Things to Know in Regards to Explant

Other Important Things to Know
in Regards to Explant

Ready Your Body Before Surgery – You can prepare your body by nourishing yourself as well as you can, fueling with extra high quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support healing.  Your surgeon may request that all supplements be stopped at least two weeks prior to your surgery so as not to affect the actual surgery itself.

Obtain a Copy of Your Implantation Operative Report – If possible obtain a copy of your implant operative report from your implanting plastic surgeon which will help your explant surgeon.  

Obtain a Copy of Your Explantation Operative Report – Obtain a copy of the explant operative report for your explant from the explanting plastic surgeon. The operative report will explain in detail exactly what the surgeon did during your explant.

Obtain Warranty Information and Serial Numbers of Your Implants From the Placing Surgeon – Breast implants have serial numbers because they are implanted medical devices.  The serial number is on the breast implant itself and should be recorded in your implanting surgeon’s files.  Breast implants usually have a warranty of ten years and the manufacturer may cover some expenses of surgery due to a ruptured, leaking or defective implant.  However, please be aware that you may have to sign away your right to future legal proceedings if you accept warranty reimbursement.  We suggest getting legal advice to protect your rights before considering signing anything from implant manufacturers.

Insist on Pictures of the Explantation – Good surgeons will video tape their explant procedure or take various photos of implants once removed with the capsule tissue still on to prove they were removed En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy including your name and surgery date.  Ensure there are side photos showing the posterior of the capsule is also removed.  If the capsule comes out in pieces make sure all pieces are included in the photo so you can discern if all the capsule was removed. Secondly, a set of photos of the implants without the capsule tissue on the implant.   In the facebook group, we have hundreds of photos of moldy and colonized implants taken right at the time of explant as well as silicone cohesive gel implants that are puddles of silicone and not cohesive at all. 

Pathology – Discuss pathology with your surgeon, the costs and what you both feel is necessary or not. Ideally, if you have textured implants and any symptoms of BIA-ALCL you should be tested for BIA-ALCL using a CD-30 test.  A CD-30 test will include your surgeon capturing fluid from inside your capsules if it is present and sending the fluid samples and representative pieces of your capsule to pathology to be tested for BIA-ALCL.  Further, and aside from BIA-ALCL, your capsules and implants should be sent to pathology where the state of your implants should be carefully documented and recorded (are they ruptured, leaking, are there shell or patch defects, are they discoloured or colonized) by the pathologist and your capsules should be carefully examined for textures/silicone which may have leaked or be present in the capsule.  Then the pathologist will study your capsules and the cells of your capsules noting the tissue types and cell types, cell characteristics and any cell pathologies that may occur in capsule tissue.  Then, pieces of your capsule should be cultured using sensitive broth cultures to see if any infections grow out that you may need treatment for.   Bacterial infections grow out sooner than fungal infections.  Your surgeon will order your pathology and so you need to discuss all of this with him and which of these tests you want and the costs, some of this may be very expensive and even unnecessary depending on your circumstances and what your surgeon sees during explant and so that will be a factor in your decision. Whether you get your implants back or not is up to you, some want to see them, if you are pursing legal check with your lawyer about how your implants should be handled in order to preserve your case.

Lymph Nodes – At this time the following quote and research by Dr. Lu Jean Feng is the best research on the subject of breast implants and lymph nodes:  “I have done extensive research on silicone lymphadenopathy over the last 20 years as a result of breast augmentation. As a result, I have published a peer-reviewed paper with scientists from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C. as well as from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Silicone in the lymph nodes can be diagnosed by ultrasound and by needle localization for precise removal. The polyurethane covered gel filled breast implants are associated with extensive silicone lymphadenopathy in the axilla, retropectoral, internal mammary, and sometimes neck nodes, but never in nodes below the diaphragm. The saline implants are never associated with silicone lymphadenopathy. Ruptured gel implants are only sometimes associated with silicone lymphadenopathy.  Silicone-laden lymph nodes, if they need to be removed, should only be removed after needle localization by a radiologist experienced with the technique. I have removed many silicone laden lymph nodes after needle localization in the past, but I have stopped due to the fact that the removal makes little difference in patient’s recovery from implant illness. In addition, there are always risks of lymphedema of the arm, numbness in the arm, and seroma in the axilla. I am not aware of any medical literature showing benefit of lymph node removal in implant illness.” http://www.fengclinic.com/files/2014/10/PathologyofLymphNodesimpants.pdf

Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the cells of the immune system that can be caused by breast implants.  The main symptoms of BIA-ALCL are persistent swelling or pain in the vicinity of the breast implant, seroma, breast mass, capsular contracture and usually are associated with textured implants.  These symptoms may appear after the implant surgical incision has healed and often years after implant placement.  If you have swelling, seroma, breast mass, or capsular contracture and especially if you have textured implants please push hard for BIA-ALCL testing.  Surgeons should consider the possibility of ALCL when they have a patient with late onset, persistent fluid around the implant (peri-implant seroma) before and during explant or exhibit symptom after explant.  When testing for ALCL at the time of explant, surgeons should collect fresh seroma fluid and representative portions of the capsule and send for pathology tests.  The test is called CD-30 and few surgeons are knowledgeable about BIA-ALCL at this point so it will be up to you to educate your surgeon and persist in getting the test if you have any symptoms and/or textured implants.

Ensure That Your Implants are Returned to you If You Want Them – You paid for your implants and by law they belong to you and should be returned to you directly after explant or after pathology if you want them.  Don’t let your plastic surgeon keep them, dispose of them or tell you they cannot be returned to you because of testing or hospital rules.  Plastic surgeons are rewarded for returning breast implants to manufacturers so they make up all kinds of excuses that implants cannot be returned to you.  My implants smelled strongly of chemicals and that was how I realized I was being toxed by them.  You may need your breast implants for future legal proceedings.  If you are interested in legal then please seek advice from your lawyer on how they recommend your implants be handled by your surgeon and pathology after explant in order to preserve your legal case.

Contact the Implant Manufacturer for Warranty and Expense Reimbursement – If you obtained your implant information from the placing plastic surgeon or if you received your implants after explantation you will be able to determine the manufacturer.  If you do not have an interest in legal action, contact the manufacturer to see what is available to you in regard to warranty or reimbursement for surgeon fees.  Again, please be careful talking with and signing anything from the implant manufacturer so you do not sign your rights away.  In general manufacturers make you give up the implants and your rights to legal proceedings in return for a little money.

Please join our Facebook group of over 150,000 women for support through your healing journey.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Lenette

    Hello! I’ve had breast implants for almost 20 years. During this time, I developed hashimoto, in which it covered my thyroid and two parathyroids. Had thyroid removed. Now, 5 years later, I am so sick. I have Almost every symptom on the list. Last week, due to total weakness and muscle pain, I collapsed. Heart was going crazy!! Possible Heart failure !sent me to ER. Thank God, no heart attack. My GP has ran test after test. She strongly suspects that the implants are the culprit. I don’t know what to do! How does one go about getting insurance to pay for the removal of the implants (they are under the muscle). What does one look like after this type of surgery?
    I am so tired of being sick and sick of being tired.

  2. Donna

    Hello! I’m a 63 year old who is trying to find a good surgeon in my area for en bloc explant surgery. It’s been 42 years since my first set (4 in total) and I want them out.
    Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Edmonton, Alberta? Thank you 🙏🏻

  3. Alma

    Hi! I’m new to this group. I’m finally scheduled for my explant surgery on feb 1st. Any advice? DOs and Don’ts .. thanks

  4. Kimberly

    Hello. I stumbled across a post on Instagram that led me here and I believe it was no accident. I was suffering from severe BII in 2014 after having saline implants for 10 years. I had them removed in 2014, but knew nothing about the capsule until today when finding this website. I started feeling better year by year, but very slowly, and I’ve truly never been the same. Then this year I started having really weird symptoms again (not as severe as pre-explant, but difficult), they’ve tested me for EVERYTHING under the sun. It’s all come back “normal” in my blood work. Now I’m being sent to a neurologist to test for MS. And after reading all this, I’m wondering if my surgeon (who was against removing my implants) left the capsules? Could the capsules be causing all my weird symptoms? How do I find out if my capsules are there or not? Does imaging pick it up? My explant was almost 9 years ago, can I do anything at this point? Thank you so much for creating this site!

  5. Shannon

    Hi I am having a lot if medical issues and they found a mass in my left breast last week. I found my implants on the recall list and reached out to mentor explaining my health issues and the mass. I requested that they cover all the expenses for removal, repair and reconstruction. They replied with this.

    Good Morning Shannon,

    Thank you for reaching out to our department regarding your concerns regarding breast implant devices. Please retain the following file number SR-1245906 for your records.

    We at Mentor® understand the concerns you may have. Patient safety has been and always will be our company’s first priority. If you haven’t already, please followed up with your health care provider to discuss any medically related inquiries.

    In order to make an appropriate warranty eligibility assessment, please provide the file number above to your physician and have them contact us to confirm your diagnosis and provide your scheduled surgery date.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 866-250-5115 Option 2 then option 4

    I assume they will????
    Im seeing a surgeon next week Thursday, is there anything specific I need to tell her??? Would she know what to do with this??

  6. Kate

    I am trying to decide if I need another surgery to see if there is any capsule left in me. I only had my implants in for 14 months and got them removed 3 1/2 years ago. I had no health problems at all prior to getting implants, as soon as I got them in, I developed many symptoms, joint pain, headaches and brain fog being the worse. After a year of getting my implants removed I couldn’t stand the pain any more and was put on low dose naltrexone. After a year of being on the low dose naltrexone I actually now have developed an autoimmune disorder. I still suffer from my symptoms I had when my implants were inside of me. Dr Aaron Brown from British Columbia removed my implants and he re assured me that he got 100% of the capsule. I am unsure of this.. In the past 3 1/2 years I have tried so many supplements, detox’s, juicing red light therapy, etc..
    Do u think I still have capsule left in me?
    Thank you for reading <3

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kate,
      Dr Brown provides photos proving he took out all capsule so those should be your answer, you can also request a copy of your explant operative report from him wherein he should write in words exactly what he did. From the explants I have seen of his I don’t think you have left over capsule, it’s likely something else. Are you Vegan, vegans don’t heal because they are very low on nutrients that are required for our healing. Also check low B12, check low iron, check low vitamin D, check low minerals. Feel free to reach out to me for some personal support.

      1. Kate

        Hi Nicole,
        I appreciate your reply, thank you so much.
        I am not vegan. My Rhuematoligist has gotten me to take many, many blood tests. I am low on iron, that I do take a supplement for. My vitamin D and B12 are normal and minerals I am not sure. I have blood tests indicating some of my immunoglobulin subclasses are high and some are low. I can share these with you if you’d like. But these basically indicate that I am allergic to something. These numbers prior to surgery were normal. I do know I am allergic to some types of metals and me not knowing prior to surgery that implants contain metal. That’s what makes me think that maybe some capsule is still left inside of me, for these numbers to be the way they are. I don’t have any social media, so I am unable to reach out and talk to other women about this. This website is my only form of communication to talk to other women about this. I am at wits end on what to do next.
        How can I get my mineral levels checked?
        Thank you <3

  7. Cathy Nemeth

    I do not recommend plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Perry, Bay Shore, NY. At my consultation, I had asked if he can do an aesthetic flat explant and remove the flap to which he said he can. My explant was on April 8, 2022. He did not do an aesthetic flat; it is a flat denial and he left the “dog ear” flap under my arm, explaining that the flap requires an additional surgery. A family member, an RN, had examined the wound site, and stated that the sutures did not look like the work of a plastic surgeon, but rather a closure by a general surgeon. I’m now left with a flappy, cinched site, and a large flap under my arm that is extremely uncomfortable. Simply, he failed. Another issue that was discussed at my consultation was the return of my implant post op; I was assured it would be returned. I was told the morning of surgery, at my bedside, that it was not going to be returned. It was a battle to get the hospital to release my diseased implant. Another hiccup out of his office was the Rx script for my mastectomy bras and prosthetic. His assistant, Kelly Whelan, had entered the wrong code as Cosmetic when it should have been coded History of Breast Cancer. It was rejected by my insurance, I was left to pay it in full, and I’m now in the process of an appeal with my insurance provider. Stay far away from this practice. I hope this is helpful. Stay well ladies.

  8. Bobbie Butler

    Thank you to all the caring compassionate women that have shared information and experiences, so others can learn and go on the healing journey.

  9. Michele

    Hi Everyone
    I have an explant scheduled with Dr. Lu Jean Feng based in Cleveland, Ohio. Does anyone have personal experience with this surgeon and will you give a review/opinion of your experience with her and the facility ? I am very nervous about surgery and am looking for any helpful information. I also have a consult with Dr. Amy DeRosa of Michigan, but it isn’t until the end of November and her surgery dates are two months past consult. I feel waiting that long could be a problem for me due to my situation and so I am willing to travel to Ohio to get this surgery done. Thank you for any feed back.

    1. Dana

      Hi Michele,

      Did you have your surgery with Dr. Feng? I had a consultation with her a few weeks ago.

  10. Audrey

    Hello! I’m new to this group and have been encouraged by a friend who has had explant surgery. I’m 62 and have had my implants for 32 years. I’ve had numerous issues over the years and had never thought my implants might be involved. Will I have any special circumstances having had them in so long? I don’t have any hardening, or disfigurement.

    1. Michele

      Hi Audrey
      I’m 55 and have had my implants for 32 years also. I also had great luck with my implants staying soft, pretty and aging naturally. I would have said I had no health issues with or from them until now. My right breast changed a little at the beginning of 2019 – nothing drastic, but since my breasts had remained symmetrical and soft I noticed it. My MRI said everything was fine and the “doctor” said BIA-ALCL wasn’t real. I wasn’t feeling sick, so I let it go. Fast forward to now – the more the breast changes – the worse I feel :/ I am scheduled for explant in September and will post any info I can that might be useful.

  11. Filipa

    Hello, thanks you for this very helpful blog.
    I had an appointment regarding explant surgery and the dr said he will use an incision around the areola, is this a usual/preferred method? Or should I find a surgeon who will use the breast crease scar where the implants were inserted.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Filipa,
      En Bloc Capsulectomy cannot be done through the areola, it’s even difficult to do a Total Capsulectomy through areola but some good surgeons can do it, most of the good explanters do an incision along the breast crease when they explant.

  12. Luna

    Hi there 🙂
    I got my implants 2,5 weeks ago, and have been quite depressed ever since. I am not sure I am experiencing BII symptoms, but I surely want them to be removed. I am sad, confused and also experiencing brain fog. Also, I thought I didn’t want anymore children, but right after I got my implants, I knew I wanted a child, and I really don’t want implants interfering with a potential pregnancy. I read on one of the other comments, that the capsule would not be a problem if a remove them quickly, within 2-3 months? I will be able to remove them 4-6 weeks after they were
    Implanted. Would it be ok to remove only the implants, then? Also thinking about the future pregnancy and breastfeeding. I don’t want any toxins for my baby and everything 🙂 Otherwise I would have to wait maybe one year and then remove everything, but that would be a bigger operation and if removing them right now would save me from having a full capsule removal, that would be preferable. Looking forward to hearing your opinion.

  13. Cindy

    I got my breast implant one week ago and I am discussing with a plastic surgeon to get them removed. I see that it says you don’t need to get the capsule removed as it hasn’t fully formed, but I’m already experiencing symptoms like brain fog, vision blurriness/changes, light sensitivity. This makes me concerned that I will still have these symptoms post having my implant removed if i get it removed within a few weeks. Any advice please?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Cindy,
      If you are getting them removed this quick, capsule won’t be a problem. If you wait two three months then capsule may need to be removed too.

  14. Kim

    Thank you for all the comments and information here. My implants are 12 yes old. My right breast is getting harder and a little painful. I am tired often and have some depression. Otherwise healthy! However I now realize how harmful the implants are to my system and I would like to get them taken OUT! I am very concerned about going into the hospital during this crazy time. I’m not on FB. Does anyone know of a good surgeon in the Sacramento ca area? Thank you all. Bless and healing and health to us all.

  15. AJ Hickman

    I hope so. I had a bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy in 1982 with Silicone breast implants. In 1996 I had them replaced because I was told I should. Never had capsule hardness etc. but I have mysterious autoimmune issues. Positive ANA. Severe fatigue. And my breasts just always hurt/feel inflammed. Want them out. But with almost zero breast tissue I’m a bit concerned. One plastic surgeon refused to do my explant because he said I would “look like a boy”. I just want to feel better.

    1. Michele

      Hi AJ
      I’m 55 and have had implants for 32 years now. I have never gone through any thing like a mastectomy, but I had very – very little breast tissue, so I am also worried about my outcome. That being said, I just want to feel better, too! I’ve scheduled explant. If I get to feel like myself again, I guess “looking like a boy” will be awesome! 😉 But seriously, I am very nervous and at the end of the day your health and feeling good and strong are all that matter. If you decide to explant, I hope it all goes well and you get to feel better – best of luck

  16. Nancy Touchet

    I’ve had mentor saline breast implants for 22 years. I woke up yesterday morning to a “ Flat tire “ on my left side. Ive never had any problems with my implants and I’ve had regular mammograms / MRI’s the whole time. My question for the group is has anybody ever used the doctors in the Indiana area or Ohio area? What’s my first step? Do I need to get a referral from my family doctor ? I know I want them removed but not sure if I should replace them or just get a lift, if needed?

    1. Karyn

      WhT did you end up doing? My story is exactly the same!!

    2. Candice

      I’m looking into getting my removed as well what did you end up doing about yours? Did you get a lift afterward or are you thinking of a lift I know I shouldn’t worry about that kind of stuff but I need to know?

  17. Emily

    Hello: I am not on Facebook so am not able to join a group to learn from other women about their personal experiences. I thought I’d ask on this site. I have gotten a lot of information I needed from it-thank you so much for that! I had BII symptoms and problems for several years and figured out what my health problems likely were due to after reading a news article about BII and looking into it more. I had my explant with Dr. Chun 18 days ago. I am healing well so far but do have some questions from others who have had explant. I have read a lot of personal stories about people feeling immediately better and noticing changes for the better in how they feel right after explant. My last 18 days have not been that way. Although my incisions and muscle repair are healing fine, my symptoms have blown up since the surgery. I used to get horrible migraines with BII but they had almost stopped in the last 1 1/2 year. I just had 3 debilitating migraines in this past week. I am still swollen in my extremities, another problem I had before the explant. My hair loss, which had been ongoing for 2 years before the explant, has increased after the surgery. I have been losing loads of hair in the last 18 days-at a fast rate than the months prior to the explant. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if it is some kind of process I have to go through to reset things-I know through medical testing prior to the explant that my hormones-estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol were way out of whack (adrenals completely fatigued and not functioning prior to the explant) so I am wondering if my body is just readjusting and this is part of it. It is very discouraging because I hear all of these testimonies of women feeling so much better after explant but my BII symptoms have actually been worse since the explant. Any comments or personal experiences you all could share about this would be so helpful and I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Emily,
      The noticeable improvement that some have directly after explant is partially due to a surge in Cortisol produced by the Adrenal gland that occurs during all surgeries when the body is cut open. The extra Cortisol helps with pain, stress, lowers inflammation, modulates our immune system and increases our good hormones. When we are adrenal fatigued our body does not surge as much Cortisol and so we won’t notice the same immediate affects but we still heal. Make sure you support your Adrenals. Read our Silicone Detox page of the website too, diet is very key to managing symptoms and supporting your healing. Hope this helps <3

      1. Emily

        Hi Nicole-Thank you so much for responding. Your comment about the natural cortisol surge after surgery makes sense, and would explain what I have and have not experienced after this surgery. I’ve had more pain, and it has been more prolonged, than any other equally invasive surgery I’ve had in the past. My cortisol levels were basically flat prior to surgery, they didn’t rise in the morning and they were slightly too high at night-resulting in insomnia at night and of course fatigue during the day. My body was likely incapable of responding as it should to the surgery. I had not thoroughly looked at the detox section of this website so thank you for that direction. Reading your information there has already been very helpful in understanding this process and where to begin to help my body heal. Reading other readers’ comments and your replies has also been very helpful. I have worked in healthcare in the past myself and my husband is a physician (who thought my issues were related to aging-he also had not read or heard anything about safety issues with the ‘new’ era of breast implants) and through all of the health problems I have experienced over the last few years I have never felt so helpless and lost in trying to discover what was wrong with me. None of the ‘experts’ were able to explain, or would even try to discover, what was causing me to have so many new health problems. In these few weeks after explantation, I have learned that the same issue exists after the implants are gone. There is really no one to talk to in the medical field about BII, implants, and explantation and what to expect and details for how to get through it. Your research and volumes of information regarding this issue for all of us dealing with it is invaluable. Thank you so much for your efforts in gathering this information, keeping it current, and for responding to our cries for help with great advice and personal anecdotes. We are all benefiting from your experience and time and I am very grateful.

  18. kah

    I as in a similar situation but with a good plastic surgeon will remove them regardless… it took my a long time to find a good one and I had the removed a few weeks ago. Please do your best to get them out full capisullectomy as well. You will feel much better

  19. Sammie

    Now I’m worried more, I do have alot of these symptoms and take alot of medications for inerstitial cystitis and never seen the correlation tell I seen this list. I do have allergan silicone implants but never had expanders. The Dr office has never contacted me either. What should I do next. Wonder of insurance will cover this

    1. Maria

      JOIN the FB group Breast Implant Illness by Nicole and there will be tons of information and stories from others including experiences with doctors. Insurance won’t likely cover unless under certain conditions. This site has a recommended list of doctors experienced in explanitng the safe way. Good luck. I’m just starting my journey and consulting with surgeons.

  20. Heidi

    To all the strong Beautiful ladies I have encountered her on this website that God lead me to, as nothing is coincidence. We need to go National on talk shows and everywhere we can. Just because there is not enough research being put into this, there truly is hundreds of women suffering tremendously from so many of these same symptoms associated to these various types of implants. I too have been a sufferer of all symptoms listed. On 5/19/21 I had the implants removed. It’s been 12 hours later and I feel so good. I have suffered tremendously and can say having the implants took so much of my life. I am so proud of all the ladies who are standing together and bravely helping each other, fighting for our health and taking it back. We know our bodies as women. We must fight that insurance companies it’s all about the money. They need to look at these symptoms with implants as a medical condition and need to cover treatments. This has a name CANCEL BREAST CULTURE ! Let’s go ladies we will fight the change. Where 2 or 3 gather in GODS name he is there and together we are strong in numbers. This is a journey that has brought us all together and I wish all the women a speedy health recovery. Much love and hugs to all my sisters out there. ❤️

    1. Nicole

      Hi Heidi,
      Cancel Breast Culture, that is really good!

  21. Heidi

    Janet, I had breast implants for 15 years and became extremely ill. I too was diagnosed with Thyroid disorder and Hashimoto’s disease, I have three modules in my throat. I cannot lose weight to save my life and have muscle joint inflammation along with everything and anything the can effect and make me not be able to function. The began researching everything on breast implants and realized I needed to get them out NOW and I did today can, I just tell you that right after surgery I felt so much better and they have only been out for 12 hours now and my whole being feels Incredible! RUN and save your HEALTH! Do it before your condition can be irreversible. I too have a daughter and a feel I have taken so many years and time from our precious moments and our time of enjoying life but, today I have REGAINED IT ! Thanks to JESUS my Lord and Savior who is always looking out for me. God Bless you and I truly wish you the Best ! ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Zulay

    Hola, por favor alguien de venezuela que se haya retirado las prótesis,. Presenti muchos de los síntomas tengo 17 años con p.i.p texturizados. Por favor soy de valera estado trujillo

  23. Sandra Medrano

    How can you email this to me. Thank you

  24. Sarah

    I had implants since 1996 and it was replace once by PIP then by Allergan macrotextured
    I heard about the BII and asked my surgeon to remove them .
    I was not aware of the capsulectomy method .
    Then I came across a French BII group and they told me to also explant the capsule
    I have contact a surgeon who ask for an IRM to show if they were siliconose in the lymph gland and the breast ( so in the capsule also)
    According to the IRM there is no silicone
    My health as not improved since the explant ( it was 9 month ago)
    Should I still take the risk of operation to revive the capsules left inside ?
    Thank you for your help

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sarah,
      We know for sure that removing capsules correlates with our full healing and recovery from breast implant symptoms. If you have left over capsules and your health is not improving after months, you may need to consider that the capsules may be the cause.

    2. Nancy

      Hello! I just found out via MRI that one of my implants is leaking, intracapsular. So would I still request to keep the ruptured implant? Thank you!

  25. Ruth

    An MRI for an unrelated issue showed my implants are both ruptured, my family doctor sent a referral to my plastic surgeon,he said explanting them should be covered by MSP ( I live in British Columbia, Canada.). It’s been almost four months and I haven’t heard from my plastic surgeon. Do I have to have my original plastic surgeon remove them in order for MSP to cover the cost?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Ruth,
      No you don’t have to have your original surgeon explant your implants, any plastic surgeon should be able to do it. I would get back to your family doctor and let him no you’ve hear nothing and would like him to resubmit to one of the surgeon on our list of explant surgeons for BC, here: https://www.healingbreastimplantillness.com/explant-surgeons/. Dr. Aaron Brown of Abbotsford does a lot of explant for ladies in BC.

      1. Ruth

        Thankyou 😀

    2. Sarah

      Thank you so much Ruth
      I have schedule capsulectomy for the 12 of April

  26. Christa Grace Rogers

    Holy F, this is intense reading all the comments. It seems mostly, like I am reclaiming my body. I feel sad that I put basically a foreign object into my body, that my body is constantly fighting off…and has contributed to fatigue, depression, chronic pain….We put all of this weight on our chest, over our heart’s maybe because we want to feel more beautiful, or believe we will be loved from it…but really it is emptiness..the love comes from within, feeling beautiful or self acceptance is a feeling cultivated from within, from a deep sense of self worth, that we cannot attain from the external world, or approval of others. We must approve of ourselves, and know that we are worthy of love, no matter what our appearance may be, or whether or not that reflects in us having a partner or not. if we think we might get something out of it….If I could have told 18 year old me to love herself the way she is, and just give her a big hug, tell her she didnt need to do it…Its not worth it…I would.

    My heart goes out to all who seem to be in some scary situations. Let’s continue to educate ourselves, and inform each other of what’s really going on..It really is important that we share our stories and our voices..I am hoping that less and less woman/young woman, will resort to surgery to enhance their “beauty.” in a word that seems to value the way one looks, places far to much value on “Appearance.” I pray we can really start to love and accept ourselves the way we are…and take better care of our overall mental/emotional/physical health, and honour our intuition.

    I am so grateful that I came across a post from a woman I follow on instagram, of her sharing her journey and decision to have explant surgery, which led me into doing some extensive research…and how that brought me to a full realization that this is what I need to do. Sometimes we get used to the way things are, and can even feel quite powerless, or not even perceive there is another way…and It is so nice to take inspired action, and see that there is help, and there is alot of support out there, as long as we look towards solutions, and do what is most loving for ourselves.

    Lastly, I am grateful this site exists, I just booked my consult with one of the surgeons that was posted up on this site…So thankyou!!! And good luck, and safe journey to all..We all deserve the best health, and to be provided with great care, and support. Many blessings to all on your journeys back to self love, and thanks to all who gave their energy and time to put this site together.

  27. Grisette Martinez

    Saludos! Me gustaría saber si en Puerto Rico hay algún cirujano que realice el procedimiento. Gracias

  28. Paula Rediger

    🙏 THANKS FOR INFO > searching for right dr ! feeling like I’ve been dying / fiber many yrs /now GI /
    ect issues & pelvic prolapse … (ZERO ENERGY ) YR NOW / AUTOIMMUNE DISFUNCTION
    I WANT THEM OUT ••••• ((WHY DO PRICES VARY SOOO MUCH EVEN IN SAME AREA ❓❓)) > I LIVE ILLINOIS medicine has become as political as ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$! (NOT OUR HEALTH ) scarey ((now esp C19 ))) should people SYMPTOMATIC WAIT❓ANY GOOD Napperville area DRS ladies ❓
    BEST EX PLANT> near KENDALL county Illinois I truely feel like I’m dying /fading /weak /off balance /hair loss TERRIBLE !! EXTREMELY Dry skin ( any one eSE )

    1. Bobbie

      Hello !!! New to this group but am obsessed with all this information ! I did much research and found a doctor in LaGrange Illinois , had a consultation and was extremely impressed with his information about BII and his procedure . I’m scheduled for explant in October, that is how far he’s booked, and then of course the pandemic didn’t help.
      He only does 1 surgery on his surgery days because of the time involved, and detail . Again I was very impressed
      His name is Dr Michael DeWolfe , in LaGrange and does his surgeries at MacNeal hospital

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