Breast Implant Lawsuits Filed Globally

Since our last update there has been a growing number of lawsuits filed globally in court systems due to harm caused by breast implants.  In the U.S. some early cases were dismissed due to U.S. pre-emption however three cases have now passed a stage(s) of pre-emption, the Gravitt versus Mentor Case Number in Illinois, the Sumpter versus Allergan case in Missouri and the Graham versus Mentor case in St Louis.  Since the FDA announcement of textured implants causing BIA-ALCL cancer, BIA-ALCL cases continue to be filed and since textured implants were pulled from markets in Europe and Canada, two Canadian lawfirms requested to file class action lawsuits against three textured implant manufacturers selling implants in Canada; Mentor, Allergan and Ideal for failing to warn Canadians about the potential of BIA-ALCL cancer.  Another Canadian lawfirm filed a request for a potential class action against Mentor silicone for systemic symptoms caused by Mentor silicone breast implants.   Recently and since Allergan pulled their textured implants from the U.S. market other class actions against Allergan textured implants may be underway in the U.S. and other countries.

If you are interested to follow the global developments of breast implant lawsuits and most importantly which law firms are accepting cases read on and make a comment below and then come to our Lawsuit Facebook group where you can get support from over 10,000 other women going through the same process.

Defective Breast Implants are Viable Cases

Breast implants are warranted to be safe and last a certain amount of time.  A warranty is a guarantee that the product will perform in a certain way or will conform to certain standards. If the breast implant is defective and ruptures, leaks or becomes deformed before it’s warranty period expires and causes you harm or the breast implant is deemed to be safe and causes you a serious disease such as BIA-ALCL you may have a case.  

Informed Consent Not Given to Women

Informed Consent
Not Given to Women

Many women implanted with breast implants were not given prior informed consent before surgery as required.  Prior informed consent before surgery is mandated and outlined by the FDA in the Pre-Market Assessment Letters and the Post Approval Study Criterias.  Failing to give proper informed consent to users as mandated by the FDA and noncompliance may result in lawsuits passing pre-emption.  We have collected some of the Pre-Market Assessment/ Post Approval Study Letters so you can read and assess if you were given proper informed consent prior to surgery:

Spectrum Saline Mentor PMA

Inamed PMA 2000

Mentor MemoryShape PMA 2013

Mentor MemoryGel PMA 2006

Allergan Highly Cohesive 140 Naturelle PMA 2013

Allergan PMA 2006

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

SWMW Law/Tara King 1 (314) 480-5180

Stanely Law/Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law/Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Ross Feller Casey/Dena Young 1 (267) 443-3056

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Stanely Law/Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law/Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Williams Dirks Dameron LLC/Matthew L Dameron 1 (816) 945-7135

Shell Law LLC/Mandy M Shell 1 (816) 399-5030

Girard Sharp LLC 1 (415) 981-4800 (Class Action Case)

Stanley Law/Shawn Staples 1 (713) 980-4381

Cowper Law/Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 860-1677

Cowper Law/Noel Garcia 1 (877) LAW 3707

Joey Zukran of LPC Advocate Inc. in Quebec for class action for textured implants  Contact: 1 (514) 379-1572

Anthony Leoni of Rice Harbut Elliott LLP  in Vancouver for class action for Mentor silicone breast implants  Contact: 1 (604) 682-3771

Tanya A Pagliaroli of Tanya Pagliaroli Law in Toronto for BIA-ALCL Contact: 1 (416) 583-1570

Renee Vinett of Howie Sacks and Henry LLP for mass tort for women diagnosed with BIA-ALCL from textured implants  Contact: 1 (877) 771-7006

Pagliaroli Law/Tanya A Pagliaroli 1 (416) 583-1570

Rise Lawyers Pty Ltd/Rosemary Listing  0413634739

Vogel Law in: Munich 0049 89 59997400, Baden Baden 0049 7221 9250974, London 0044 2077706344 and Zurich 0041 43 5083605

There are many new law firms and attorneys starting to file cases and the attorneys listed above are some that have been verified by the Admin(s) of Breast Implant Lawsuits.  If you would like to be added to this list please contact Nicole at [email protected].

Please join our Facebook group of over 10,000 women for more information regarding Breast Implant Lawsuits.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Emma Hardcastle

    Hi there, I have thankfully just explanted mentor textured implants after 20 years of severe suffering M they have stole my life .
    I’m definitely feeling a fantastic improvement in my symptoms…. I would say 75% improvement after 11 days post explant.
    I understand that my body has struggled for so long that I’m going to have to put some effort in to help my body detox from the damage the leaking imp,ants have caused me. I would really like to see these criminal companies get what they deserve for all of the suffering they have caused too any people….it’s truly shocking that they are getting away with this! I would love to keep informed of anything regarding these issues…thank you,Emma xx

  2. Judi DeWaters

    My heart goes out to you…sincerely.
    My Mentor silicone implants were put in post breast cancer mastectomy 2006. By 2010 (maybe prior) my health began to systematically deteriorate, one thing after another. Auto immune symptoms that my Dr. had thought it was Epstein Barr. The debilitating dry/burning mouth was a common symptom of Sjogrens. Labs showed no sign of that. The endless health issues of
    debilitating chronic fatigue, headaches/migraines almost daily, chest pain, trouble breathing, photosensitivity, cold/heat intolerance, brain fog, poor memory, chronic body pain, chemical smells sensitivities that caused migraines, rattling in my lungs, chronic dry hacking cough, gluten intolerance, latex allergy…these all began after the implant surgery. This all affected my ability to function on so many levels like work, socially, being a wife, being a mother.
    Once I learned there was a name for it & read the endless list of women’s stories on the BII blog…those stories were all my story and terrified me. When I saw my surgeon 14 years later to see if he’d do an explant and code it medically necessary so my insurance would pay, his response was surprising. He said he’d done a lot of explant for women with all my same health issues. He had a patient who after 2 or 3 years of implants suffered from a torso rash. Steroids and nothing she tried touched it. He added that the women who had them removed actually began to feel better, some of them on the day after explant. That some symptoms began to either lessen or disappear as months passed. The day day following mine I felt like someone turned the “alive” switch back on! Some of my other symptoms have disappeared or gotten better. I still suffer with dry mouth, latex/gluten health issues. The patient with the torso rash, following her explant her rash was “all gone” per my surgeon.
    At what point in time will the FDA just accept/admit that the implants are toxic, crippling women and destroying their lives?!
    Its beyond time they do the right thing.
    It’s beyond d t

    1. Mary Harvey

      Omg… my textured gummy bear Mentor was put in during a mastectomy in 2016.
      Now I developed a autoimmune disease. my hands/feet skin peels and rips. I wear gloves every day, if I dont, my skin rips. causes my heart rate …out of control. I went up 2xs on HBP medication. I get heart flutters. Cant breath. My breast burns on the sides. I pray my insurance will cover the removal. I take prescription vitamins so my immune system doesnt get depleted and it helps with the burning pain. Many days I cant walk on my feet … pain is so bad. I pray so hard to get help. I am more concerned for my heart. I am unable to work out because of my feet. Even put cotton on my feet to see if that would help. Gained over 50lbs due to this insane illness. I really cant go anymore. Just keep praying

  3. Sheila Green

    I was a study patient with a doctor in Arkansas, Gene Sloan. Per the study information the doctor was supposed to check up on me in intervals but the only times he saw me was right after surgery. The other times i saw him i had to schedule and pay for the visit. Each time he would walk in fondle my boobs and tell me everything was ok. I explained the pain i was in and the fact that right breast laid in my arm pit. He said that happens alot take some ibuprofen. Since getting these memory gel submuscular demons my life has gone to hell. The last time i saw this doctor to talk about the implants he turned his back and walked away stating study was over. He offered to fix HIS MISTAKE BUT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. It was a 10 year study and my 10 years wasnt up. I am miserable…i suffer from migraines, exhaustion, and chronic pain everywhere, nausea and a list of other mess much like all the other ladies. I want my life back.

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