Breast Implant Illness
and Silicone Toxicity Symptoms

Breast Implant Illness and Silicone Toxicity Symptoms

The earlier breast implant illness symptoms, as reported by the over 100,000 women in the Facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole are fatigue/low energy, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), headaches, joint and muscle pain, hair loss, recurring infections, swollen lymph nodes and glands, rashes, IBS, problems with the thyroid and adrenals. Because breast implants can affect most body systems, symptoms are widespread and can be related to chemical and heavy metal toxicity, biotoxicity, immune dysfunction, auto-immune symptoms, neurological symptoms, endocrine symptoms and metabolic symptoms. Below, is a longer list of breast implant symptoms consistently reported by women of the Facebook group and which have been associated with breast implants. Once you recognize yourself in breast implant symptoms, it is best to stop wasting precious time and money on testing and misdiagnosis and go straight to explant

Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Consistently Reported by 100,000+ Women

Why do Breast Implants Cause
Breast Implant Illness Symptoms?

Why do Breast Implants Cause Breast Implant Illness Symptoms?

Breast implant illness is not to do with the brand or type of implant that you have. Breast implant illness occurs in all brands and both saline and silicone implants and is a very multifaceted illness.

For both saline and silicone breast implants a strong and immediate response to the silicone shell directly after implantation may be predicated by your genes specifically HLA B27, HLA DR52 and HLA DR53 which are genes associated with being ill in the first year after implantation and a higher sensitivity to silicone. Even if you don’t have these specific genes your body will still respond to the fact that breast implants are large foreign objects implanted in your chest over fragile organs and glands which prompt a foreign body immune response as your body mounts a battle against the implants causing immune cell deficits and eventually autoimmune symptoms and diseases.  Immune cell deficits allow various infections to thrive in us which can be either bacterial, viral, fungal or parastical in nature and cause many of our symptoms.

Next, the array of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in silicone which are known endocrine disruptors, inflammatory, carcinogenic, cytotoxic and neurotoxic poison our fragile endocrine gland system, our immune system, our gut health and create toxicity in our organs and glands.   

With saline breast implants there is also the added element that many of the saline ports collect blood and tissue which can mold and these fungal organisms can cross from the implant fill valve directly into the implant and colonize the inside of the implant. Mold organisms produce metabolites know as biotoxins which are very toxic to us. 

The interior of all capsules is a perfect place for infections to grow and the inside of capsules necrotize over time.  Textures add another layer of toxicity as they soak up body fluids and provide a perfect space for microorganisms to reside.  Textures also flake off and are carried away by immune cells to lymph and aggravate the lymphatic system perhaps even causing cancer of lymph and immune system.  

Many of us also have pathogens or parasites in our gut due to bad gut health and even past our gut as they cross the gut barrier due to leaky gut and because there is little immune opposition to them due to immune deficits. Due to poor gut health we cannot digest our foods and are depleted of many necessary nutrients and due to autoimmune processes our guts and bodies are full of inflammation. 

Please join our Facebook group of over 100,000 women for support through your healing journey.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Erin Tilbury

    I have al of these symptoms 😢

    1. Debra

      Hello. So sorry. I’ve had implants for 32 years!!!!the right has capsule formation which has worsened over the past year. Always normal mammograms PTL! Just made an appointment 5 minutes ago. I’ve been sick forever! Dry eyes and mouth. Burning mouth syndrome, tinnitus, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, sweats, sleep problems, and more. You keep saying to yourself “ why do I feel so rotten? “. I saw Dr Oz speaking about this several months ago and I knew! Yay! Appointment on October 20, 2020. It will be a good day!

  2. Karla Schloss

    It’s so nice to have this group available and to hear there are other women in a similar situation. I have been thinking of having my implants removed for awhile now, but my partner hasn’t really been supportive of my decision, which has made me put mine on hold. I have come to the realisation that my health can’t suffer any longer..
    I have had my breast implants for coming up 6 years now, and slowly my health has been declining. I have eliminated every possible cause only to still have the same recurring health issues. My symptoms are very similar to all the ones mentioned, but I do also suffer from hormonal acne. Which I was wondering if there were any other women out there who also suffered from acne prior to having implants removed?
    I also get a tight chest and have difficulty taking full deep breaths. I have very low energy and appetite. I can’t seem to eat foods I once used to be able to enjoy. I’m not as sharp thinking, and my brain is often clouded.
    I’m really looking forward to having my implants removed, and I’m praying that will be the answer to my unsolved health concerns. xx

  3. Linda

    Sorry your going through this I’m just realizing I have a few symptoms also. l Where are your lymph nodes located that are swollen.?

  4. Luisa Terrero

    Hello, my name is Luisa Terrero and I have every symptoms on the book (crying). Im a 56 yrs old and my saline implants are 12 yrs. Right at this moment my lymph nodes are swollen and hurting. I have extreme fatigue to the point that Im tire 24 hr, 7days a week. my mental fogging is incapacitating me since i cannot hold a steady conversation since words don’t come out. I hate the fact that i did this to my body. Im in the process of going to NYU hospital for breast removal. my implants happened at Harlem Hospital but Surgery Department is still close due to COVID19 and I cannot even find info on the type of implant I have or what company were associated with. Im aware that they were saline. I lost my implant card a long time ago, so no information on the manufacturer. Hopefully, NYU can help me get my health back by removing these toxic bags out of my body.

    1. Jessica Whyte

      Hi Luisa! I had saline implants 9 years ago.. just called my doctor and they couldn’t access my records right away but gave me the customer service number for Mentor… they had my info ! Not sure if it’s ok to list that info here but feel free to send message on messenger and I’ll send it to you. I had a card too, that I can’t find. The fact that you have a card makes me think you’ll be able to track down the info…😀🙏😀 in the meantime, hang in there. I’m crying too. The fact that we’ve endured so much seems so wrong. But the good thing is that we know now, and we will get our lives back. 😀❤️😀 Jess

    2. Amy

      Luisa hi I’m Amy and I also have BII! My saline texture McGhan 468 are 21 yrs old and I no longer have anyone that wants to even be around me because I’ve been so sick and crabby and all symptoms on the list! I’m going to Dr. Jae Chun in Newport Beach Cali for explant capsulectomy which he’s been doing for 23 years and he doesn’t even put implants in anymore he only takes them out! My advice to you Is get them out now! There are other surgeons on line that specializes in explant! Make sure the capsulectomy is done too! Good luck and be hopeful!

  5. Nelly

    Hello can anyone help me I have had breast implants for 5years but had an breast uplift 2years ago and the last year my chest constantly hurts all my joints acke, I can hardly breath anymore and can’t sleep in the night I have been to doctors so many times but everything comes back normal? I feel like I’m losing the plot

  6. Maria Ramirez

    Hello my name is Maria Isabel Ramirez and I’m having issues with my right implant since 18 months ago, I did my first surgery 21 years ago and my second 9 years ago after having my three children, I’m having more then one of the symptoms that you describe

  7. Bobbie Lee Davenport

    I just got my saline implants taken out I had a complete immune system crash after 5 years of getting the implants! I began to get sick much more often and for long periods of time after geitting the implants. I got Lyme, very high levels of EBV and CMV and chronic fatigue. I was so sick I had to stop working. I was a top trainer at a gym and I’m a natural health consultant and I was doing everything right for my overall health. If there is anyone out there who wants to talk or compare stories I’m here for you. I am happy to share my knowledge free of charge! There are many ways to detox the body and many suppliments to take to help in the healing process. Once I am healed and we’ll again I will be doing some free informational public siminars on the topic of BII as I don’t want anyone to go through what I have.i am glad to be connected with a group of people having conversations about this topic

    1. Shana MontaneZ

      Hi Bobbie!

      Cheers to your explant and the healing road to recovery! ✨

      I just had my silicone implants explanted after 9 years, last week. I’d love to hear some of the detoxes and supplements you have put together for the healing process.

  8. Tanya

    Having surgery 8/7/20!! I arrive at work and my brain fog comes on so thick some days I feel high..the top of my head all of a sudden gets an odd warm tingly burning feeling too. Then I have bouts where I have to force myself to stay awake at work because I literally feel like I have narcolepsy and will fall asleep instantly! I have almost fainted at work 2x. 2 ER visits. One told me I was “dehydrated”…the other one referred me to a heart doctor because my heartbeat was dipping low. Went to the heart doctor and did a TON of testing…all to be told I’m perfectly healthy!! I am also very cold intolerant!! If the air is on at wi have my sweater on & am wrapped up in a blanket & am still somewhat cold!! My anxiety comes and goes. My tummy troubles have disappeared thank goodness! I can’t wait to get these things out!

  9. Deborah Sandeman

    As I try to unravel 40 years of implants in my body and symptoms associated therein, I am overwhelmed. I received my first set, McGhan silicone textured, in 1980. Around 2000 I had them replaced as mammogram showed outer area of implant had leaked. I had them replaced as the word was they are completely safe. A myriad of illness and symptoms have haunted me since. I have been tested for most symptoms on list. I have been tested for IBS, Parkinsons (tremors), hypothyroid, depression, foggy brain, shooting breast pain, shooting pain side of face, intolerant to heat/cold, hair falling out, etc etc. Most doctors told me my test results are normal and perhaps it is psychological. My husband has watched my health decline and has been frustrated with me……..Sorting out 40 years of symptoms is to say the least overwhelming. I am grateful for this group and the information it is making available. I am currently researching surgeons…….

  10. Teri

    I’m in tears reading these ladies symptoms as I read comments & the symptoms list it all hits home, I’m not crazy I’ve been saying something is seriously wrong with me I’ve I have seen every specialist on the planet I have so many diagnosis and every symptom but cancer on the list at present. My medication list has become so long I have to have a print out to remember them all. I just saw my surgeon today and and am elated to be having surgery soon. I am very interested in the detox & so many facets of this illness. I am relieved yet so grateful to have found this wise group of women who have all walked similar paths. Thank you to you Nicole for starting this group!!!

  11. Felicia Arredondo

    Does anybody feel burning pain?like almost like a sunburn or skin stretching?also sore breasts similar as to when you are pregnant?

  12. Leah

    Hey all, im hoping (and praying) iv finally found whats wrong with me!
    I had my baby almost 4 months ago, & everything was perfect untill she was a week old. I then started feeling off.. My head felt constantly fuzzy and i had pains in my chest. After contacting my doctor they were convinced i had a blood clot in my chest (quite common after labour, news to me!) i was scanned blood tests etc and it showed up low probability but they wanted me on medication just incase. Fair enough! After this i thought that was me sorted. I was wrong! I started to feel worse & worse, couldnt get out my bed, my head felt funny constant headaches, my chest was in agony! Back and forth doctors llts of tests, lumbar punctures, ct scans, lots and lots of different antibiotics, still slowly getting worse. They have now decided because there is no explanation and all tests are fine i have anxiety. Fast forward to now, my chest is in aginy, my eye sight has deterorated alot to the point iv stopped myself driving, fatigue, not interested in anything, pain in neck, sore furry tongue, dizzy, disoriented.. Then a few days ago my husband mentioned my breast implants.. I got these 9 years ago when i was 21 due to loosing 6 stone in weight, so i decides to look into it, and found this page, it might not even be what is wrong with me, but holy moly alot of everyones symptoms are too similar!! Has anyone else experienced similar to me????
    Thank you xx

  13. Jaimie

    I just turned 51. I have saline implants that are 22 years old. I believe they were called teardrop or pear shaped(Sorry, memory thing:) I stopped living almost 4 years ago as my health took a huge decline, but the process has been painfully slow. With new symptoms of my undiagnosed illness increasing slowly at 1st, they were chopped up to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, etc… I’m close to the 4 year mark of being constantly ill and my symptoms went from “Hmmm???” to my current state of “I feel in my soul I am dying”. My Dr.and Neuro specialist took me off of both work and college ( I was a single math class from a degree at 48, of which I was so proud of as a newly single mom. But that’s ok, life gives you what you need most times) I have most symptoms on the list. And still without a diagnosis. BII has passed thru my mind a time or 2 but I thought it must be something especially crazy or rare because I’m so sick. Have no idea why but I’ve recently had what I could only describe as what felt like “adhesions” that contracted like a charley horse in my sternum, intercostal muscles, in my ribcage that feels like it’s almost equal between sternum and spine and base of both breasts with certain movements or even leaning forward just slightly. Never had capsular contraction but can now feel a thick strip of scar tissue along bottom breast line(fold area) where base of implants sit. Definitely tender to pressure, etc.. but breast still seem pliable though 1 has seems to have more sag past few years. I woke up today thinking I’m going to read up on breast implant issues just so we could cross that one off the list. After just a few articles, I am equally terrified as well as hopeful. If I don’t have some form of BII, then I officially have about 80% of diseases listed. 90% my heart and gut tell me I have BII. And oddly, I feel relief and excitement to share with my DR.

    I apologize for rambling at length, I’m just so thankful to have come across this information. You can’t fight your enemy if you don’t know who it is, right!

    Thank you for allowing me to vent in a place I don’t fear being looked at as possibly crazy. I know y’all know exactly what I mean by that…lol

    I have taken pics over the years as each new symptom appeared so my Dr. could see what was happening because I don’t have the vocabulary to describe most symptoms. Kinda like a flow chart where I could weed out what I learned it wasn’t. Most pics are of ever rotating skin issues, though only a few erupted on actual breasts. Do y’all have image resources to see from actual patients and do you allow posting of pics to share?

    Phew, I’m exhausted, haha. Gotta laugh or you’ll cry😅

    Blessings into the universe for all who suffer from this or like-minded diseases.

  14. Mona Corona

    It would be faster for me to cross off the Very few symptoms I don’t have rather than mark every one that I do. Will explant surgery be deemed as “MEDICALLY NECESSARY ” anytime soon?

  15. Victoria Mesa

    I decided to undergo breast augmentation on November of 2013 at 19 years old. The past year, I haven’t been feeling well; weight gain, rashes, poor body circulation, hair loss and many other symptoms. I decided to go to an allergist to check on the cause of my rashes. The allergist did an allergy test and could not find the source that would cause the rashes. He asked me about prior surgeries and even asked how long ago I had placed the implants. He became quiet (I don’t know what he meant why that but I feel like he was trying to tell me something). He decided to do bloodwork and my bloodwork showed my C reactive protein as elevated which means inflammation somewhere in the body. He asked for blood work next month as well. Blood work remained the same. He did a test to rule out lupus and RA. However, there is still inflammation in the body. I even asked to get an ultrasound of my breast and ovaries and everything was fine. After researching online, I truly believe my symptoms are due to my saline implants. Has anyone else experienced this? I have been thinking of removing my implants. However I am scared that they sag as I plan to have another child.

    1. Sara P

      Your story sounds similar to mine. I got saline implants at 21 yo in 2011. I have a lot of the same symptoms that you’re dealing with and countless doctor appts and tests where they find nothing wrong. I also plan to have another child soon. I don’t know if I should have them removed first or to wait? I would also want to get a lift. I have made an appt with the plastic surgeon who originally did my implants to go over my options. Good luck to you.

  16. Marie Frederic

    This is crazy, I went through your list and I can’t believe how many of these things I have experienced.

  17. Lindsay

    To share insight into your question regarding if a PET/CT scan will show an issue in the breast bone…

    PET/CT scans are not available for use as a “screening” or “surveillance” tool. In order for a PET/CT scan to be warranted, a patient would need to have a confirmed cancer. Even with a confirmed cancer, performing a PET/CT scan prior to treatment is often not reimbursable as most insurance companies would rather use a different, less expensive scan, to identify disease, such as a nuclear medicine bone scan. PET/CT scans cost $6K+ and expose patients to radiation, which is why they are not readily available to the general public. Although, radiographically, one or both of these scans could be read as positive (inflammation or cancer), no doctor would ever treat a patient on these findings alone. They would want pathological supported evidence as well, so a biopsy (to confirm cancer) would be needed before treatment such as chemo or radiation therapy would ever be performed if it was suspected that breast bone was affected by metastatic spread.

    If you were hopeful that a PET/CT scan could be done to ease your concerns about breast bone pain, I am afraid that option is likely not one you will be able to use. I wish you well in finding a resolution to your pain.

    1. Kim

      I apologize for the vagueness of my questions…. a PET/CT scan was already done, and the area of the breast bone “lit up.” (I also need to clarify that I am asking on behalf of a colleague, who is too nervous to ask the questions). She recently had a surgery to fix her implants, as one broke through the stitching on the inside, causing a “uniboob” effect. We are hoping the increasing pain and the scan result are somehow due to the implants. Thank you all for your help!

  18. Rebecca

    Is there a specialist that you can see to be tested? I have almost all of the symptoms. But how do I know for sure?

  19. Kim

    Question… does anyone know if breastbone pain could be a symptom? Or if a pet scan that shows an issue at the breast bone?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kim,
      Yes, breastbone pain can be a symptom of breast implants.

  20. Kathy Thacker

    Need a list of the bloodwork needed to diagnose this condition to give to my doctor please. I have 40 of the symptoms for past 6 years. I’m not on Facebook, but my husband is.

  21. Lesli Bartlett

    I am thankful to be able to understand what might be causing the symptoms I am having.

  22. Lu Ann Wells

    Over 80% of symptoms I have. Had silicon implants. Now I’m really scared.

  23. Jamie king

    I’m so scared..I’m 46..implants are gummy bear5th generation. I’ve been a nurse 22 years.. was told by doc these were extremely safe.. in past year I hurt my back severely at work. So I have been dealing with that.. then had implants about 7 months ago..long story but they were placed due to an autoimmune disease which I have to have skin removed.. so had I have almost every symptom on the list.. rash started 3 days falling out. Depression and and anxiety are out of control..thank god I have an amazing husband… I worked so hard to lose weight.. and look pretty. Now I could care less.. if implants are causing this it’s time for them to come out..

  24. Marta rebolledo

    I have so many symptoms…i got my implants in 2006 and am getting sicker and sicker. One is lumpy and painful. My blood work is a mess. Anywhere i can get them out at low cost. Plz

  25. Nicole

    Hi ladies, Im am youthful 44 year old who just got explanted 2 days ago, i was flat chested,.. i went from a 34A to a 34DD,.. my implants were euro sillicon 475CC. They were put in by a doctor in Cape town South Africa. I am European. I am recovering but have problems breathing as both were found ruptured after 8 years dont know how long they have been ruptured but in my own skin shell luckily, still all the Symptoms, began Jan 2020, I thought I had the coron virus as breathing difficulties and cough… no Sillicon poisoning. I am praying that through extensive detoxing the cough and breathing will get back to normal…. anyone else need advice I am here. Best of luck, and your health is more important that being flat chested, trust me!!!

    1. Lana

      I’m in the same situation. My implants were placed 6 years ago. I just got diagnosed with asthma. But I dont think that this is it. I’m having trouble breathing but it’s mucous. I get chills all over my body and feels like sinus infections. I had about 3 already this year. My doctor keeps telling me it’s because of my asthma. I never had problems in my life. I’m 43 and was always active and never had problems with lungs. Was tested for corona virus and it was negative. The only thing I could think of are my implants. How do I find out if they are leaking? Ultrasound or CT scan?

      1. Nicole

        Hi Lana,
        Most silicone implants are bleeding / leaking silicone gel by 6 to 8 years and many rupture by ten years and so tests are not really necessary but MRI’s have the most success picking up leaking and ruptured implants but can miss it many times too. If you have symptoms you can assume that your implants are leaking their toxic chemicals into your body.

  26. Gigi

    Hi All, I’m very new to all of this. My hubby actually showed me an article from T Nation as he was reading he said to me that I need to read this thing, as I am experiencing about 90% of these damn symtoms. I’m 40 and I feel like I’m 80 it’s crazy, constant headaches, my back is sore, I’m so tired all the time, my joints are all sore, I don’t want to even be intimate anymore I have lost interest in everything, my whole body hurts, I’ve been for blood tests and CT scan just to try and find out what is wrong with me. My ears are ringing so bad all the time… And I got my implants because of being flat chested and having such a complex about it. But I’m so so scared to have them taken out. But after seeing all these woman, I think I have to do what’s right. But I have such a think about being flat chested and also I have a concave chest it’s not bad, but the implants make it look better and the concave disappears. I need some advice, something, my nerves are shot. I’m terrified 😰 but this may be the answer to all my aches and pains and moods

    1. Michelle Mason

      You could have a fat transfer to fill out where the implant used to be. It’s something I’m considering after also experiencing all of the above symptoms. Finding this site, really opened my eyes. I feel for you, as it’s been a tough 10 years, but I’d rather be flat chested than experience all the side effects! Good luck honey! X

  27. Lydia

    I’m am so scared right now as I’ve got loads of those symptoms! And I’m convinced I’ve got something really bad like cancer as I’ve had my implants in for 21 years, had 3 kids and tried to breast feed 2 of them 😢

  28. Sheri

    Hi prayers to everyone. I am 55 and went in for a regular check up and blood work. I have had a hiatal hernia and gastritis and pain non stop for over a year right side my ribs, and under ribs and my right waist. I have gained so much weight 20lbs in a year. My blood work came back with very high liver enzymes and they took more blood work and sent to a pathologist. It came back negative for Hepatitis, and negative for sclerosis. Two came back positive for pbc which is Primary biliary cholangitis – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic
    My doctor now wants a liver biopsy and I am just scared very much so. My right breast feels so heavy. my back always hurts on right side non stop pain. The gastro doc says because i have gained so much weight he feels that is causing my pain. I also kicked boxing last November and i tore my minisucs which I have to have surgery on that to fix. The middle top of my stomach is tender. I am on a low fob diet. It seems to help my stomach not so swollen but the pain is always there. Has anyone had any of these systems. Should I ask my dr? Very uncomfortable all the time. 🙁

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sheri,
      High liver enzymes are common in ladies with breast implants. If you are not in the facebook group please come to the group and search for posts regarding high liver enzymes and you will see literally thousands of women posting about it. Breast implants are not worth all the symptoms and health problems they cause. Please consider explanting.

    2. Nena

      Your symptoms are just like mine omg I couldn’t stop reading your comment. I have had cancer twice once in 2010 had a lumpectomy and had to do chemo and radiation. Came back 2017 had a double mastectomy put exspanders in for three or four months couldn’t fill to much cause I had alot is damage on the left side. Then git my implants. I have been so sick since then. Naucious passing out. Pain everywhere. My liver is bad they said but cannot locate or see anything wrong. I have a hernia, heartburn I had to go to the hospital for the pain on the ride side during this corvid 19 stared. I feel like I’m dying everyday paople are tired of me feeling sick!!!. I feel like a complainer.

  29. Rebecca

    Hi I got most of the symptoms on this list.
    My implant has ruptured will my symptoms ever go away.?I have silicone in my lymph nodes under my arm. I’m Looking for a surgeon in the uk to permanently removed these implants. I’m struggling to get help at the moment, I be been told June July .

  30. Brenda Whitehead

    Under symptoms I have a large number of them

  31. Amy Ivins

    You have just made a ghost about tap my shoulder and say THIS IS IT. My Mom. She had this and she just wanted the doctors to find out what was wrong with her. I remember taking her to a specialist trying to figure out where her constant pain and numbness in her legs back arms eventually numbness and pain everywhere was coming from. While on every opiate pfyetnol patches and countless other drugs she never wanted to take. I remember her crying and she never cried, she just wanted them to listen to her and fix her she didn’t want anymore drugs she just wanted the pain to stop or them to fix her instead of making her feel like she was crazy. A hypochondriac. Or just some stupid diagnosis she knew was bs with drugs that wouldn’t help her. She was at an all time low, she wasnt even able to work as a waitress bc eventually she could not even walk right anymore or at least not without being in excruciating pain. She couldn’t sit lay or stand bc everything hurt her. I could not even be around her or watch her try to fall asleep bc it was so sad to see such a strong woman, my mom, in the pain she was in and I couldn’t watch her like that. One of my memories was her asking me to sleep outside on the pool deck under the stars bc she knew I loved to do that and it would possibly help her back pain enough so she could maybe fall asleep. It was a memory I thought would be a good one until she finally started falling asleep without the moaning pain… And started to vomit while laying on her back and began to choke on her vomit and could not breathe. I was screaming for her bf for her to get up and holding her back up best I could while freaking out entirely. I was a wreck, scarred, scared. And this was not the only episode. The doc office were the worst. Bc she just wanted them to fix her. She was young 51 when she passed. She went to sleep and never woke up turns it she took her mother’s liquid morphine who had just died from cancer …to help ease her pain ..n like I said she hated drugs, it was not like her, she had a paper bag filled with drugs from numerous docs but never took them bc they made her sick and didn’t take the pain away. She probably didn’t know the drugs power and was snoring all morning until my little brother stopped hearing her checked and she was no longer breathing. My mom had every symptom. Reading the comments here I just wish she had read them before she started feeling like she was dying and there was no one who understood it, or believed her. Someone who would not have called her crazy bc she was not she was suffering for a very long time. And just wanted it to stop. I know she didn’t mean to take her life bc my father did when I was 15 n she was so mad at him she would’ve never ever done it intentionally. But she just knew it helped her sleep hey pain off. So take it from a girl who doesn’t have her mom to call or to get a hug from. That this illness is very real and if it’s not too late for u or someone you know, spread the word to is very real and I am convinced she had this. You have a chance I or my mother never will. That is too get your life back, so please do research and spread the word bc I wish she could’ve known this bc I think I might have still had her to call or just would have my mom still if she only would have read this post.

    Thank you for the information and please do something about this if you have someone who is suffering, you may save a life and your lucky to have that chance.

  32. Roya Farahnakian

    I explanted August 2018, I had severe dehydration couple days prior to explant, constant acne I’m not 100 percent sure if I had Breast implant illness but my acne has since cleared completely and energy levels has increased. I had implants for 3 years plus.

    1. Karla Schloss

      Hi Roya,
      I have been struggling with my hormonal acne and I have literally eliminated all other avenues that could be the cause. My last shot is having my breast implants removed. How soon after your explant did your acne start to clear? And did you suffer from any other symptoms? xx

  33. Jean goertzen

    Just wondering how I could be tested for mold in my body

  34. Jean goertzen

    I have every symptom of breast implant illness. Had an explant. Didn’t realize surgeon didn’t do enbloc. I I tested positive for hlab27. I am bedridden. I have been to many doctors. Been at the emergency room up to once a week because I am so sick.

    1. Maria Duncan

      When did you have explant? I’m the same waiting on a scan as found lump but the pain I have is just awful I’m so sick. How much did you pay for gene testing? I’m in UK btw.

  35. Norma Gore

    I am certain I have breast implant illness. I have several autoimmune issues as well as neurological. I desperately need explant surgery. I have no access to my implant records from 25 yrs ago. Surgeon had his own practice and is deceased. I can’t afford it without help from insurance. Should I begin with the Doctor or with the insurance company?

  36. Samantha Bacon Bulot

    I have all of these symptoms. I have mentor high profile smooth round saline implants put in 2016 and have seen multiple doctors for different sickness treatments and been diagnosed with most everything you can imagine. And I’m been on multiple medications. I’ve had so many tests it’s scary.
    I’m still having tests done to try find out more. Cancer specialist march 5th. Colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure march 16th. I’m awful sick mentally and physically. Tomorrow I see my surgeon who did my implants, I have pains and burning all around my implants also. Plus feels like there’s something under my left implant has from day one. But tests only came back as fat density in both breast. I’m wondering now if its mold.. terrified I am especially when I just went and had allergies testing and I’m allergic to mold and now foods I usta could eat. It’s just getting worse.

  37. Kathryn Long

    I have so many symptoms and I overhauled my diet and lifestyle but still cannot shake these symptoms. This could really explain so much.
    Such a huge part of me that does not want to go back to being flat chested though. seems silly over being sick but is reality of my mindset. Do I see a GP to run blood tests to confirm if probably the issue. Just had mammogram but if in tact I am guessing nothing will show up. What if I take them out and not feel better? Did anyone replace them instead?

  38. Holly S McGoldrick

    I had my silicone (under the muscle) breast implants removed on January 17, 2020 and feel incredible!! I was terrified about the En bloc surgery, but It was totally worth it. I have my life back cannot wait to be fully healed to get back to my very active life. For the past 6 months I have been so fatigued that I was almost unable to do simple daily tasks. I was diagnosed with RA last June and now I have NO joint pain, No back pain, No fatigue, No headaches!!
    It is very important to find a surgeon who is very experienced in En bloc surgery and that the entire capsule is removed.

  39. Melody Brinks

    I am having this exact same thing. I have burning and aching breasts. Mine are mcgahn/allergen saline 68hp and are not textured but are causing me pain and issues. I am in the process of having tests done to make sure I don’t have anything serious like the lymphoma. I am going to have mine removed as I just can’t believe that my symptoms are the same as many other women. This must be correct… I am scared and nervous…did anyone have pain on just the sides of the breasts with the ache and burning pain. I can’t lay on my sides because it hurts and now my back is getting uncomfortable too.

    1. Alivia

      I have those exact same implants and my breast burn so bad somedays I want to cut them off. I am 4 and half weeks from explant and it is painful to even lift my right arm above my head because of the pain in my left breast.

  40. Amy Delay

    Hello Ladies ! Here is a little bit of my story because it’s really too long to post. I have had breast implants for 19 years I have had a lot of the breast implant illness symptoms that we all read about. Back in November I decided to research breast implant illness after being told about it. I immediately went to see a plastic surgeon. I also had read about the biocell textured implant recall and that they cause ACLC cancer of the breast!!! I took all my surgery papers with my lot numbers of my implants, the brochures on my implants and everything that I had about them to the plastic surgeon. He researched and pulled up all the information about my implants and found out that I do have bio cell textured implants that have been recalled and cause ACLC cancer! I explant on February 25th!!! And I cannot wait. My niece had her breast implants removed 7 weeks ago and she is feeling fabulous after having all the exact symptoms that I have! She said she feels 10 years younger and all of her aches and pains are gone!! As I read this in so many other women that has had explants. Let’s help raise breast implant illness awareness!!!! #BIIISREAL!

    1. Gayle

      Hi Amy, I’m so glad you are soon approaching explant surgery 2/25/20! So happy for you. Tell me, are you having to pay for this out-of-pocket? And what about your niece who just had this done? How did she pay for it? Are you scheduled with a specialist on BII explant removal? Wondering how to come up with the money for my daughter who is experiencing life threatening illness due to what we believe is BII. Best to you with a successful surgery and quick recovery! 🙂

  41. Katie Locke-Amin

    I had Silimed Polyurethane coated Silicone implants in August 2012, which were then suspended in 2015. No issues, I get the odd twinge or ache, but nothing thats ever worried me, feels more hormonal.
    However, my mom has said for years that ive never been right since i had them. Low energy, tired all the time, weight gain, anxiety, thinning hair, an autoimmune rash called Pitoriasis Rosea, and now just last year, ive been put on B12 injections every 3 months, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
    So, the B12 and hypothyroidism is in my family. I may have got it anyway, but even though my bloodwork is perfect and im on B12, i just dont seem to be picking up.
    Im really considering having my implants taken out. Maybe i will feel well again….maybe i wont. I guess i may never know if the implants gave me problems or not.

    My heads all over the place 🙁

    Ps…35 years old….UK xxx

  42. Kim M Clontz

    I feel the detox part is overwhelming. Is there just a small simple rule to follow. I dont know if I can follow all that. Just basically need to know what vitamins are most important and foods. I have all 1000 🙁 symptoms and dx with lupus recently And I have had chronic diarrhea forever with no relief. I have appt with explant surgeon end of February. I want my life back.

    1. Nicole

      Hi Kim,
      After a proper explant, the next most important thing is diet. If you are eating a healthy that cuts out inflammatory foods and is nourishing your body will do any detoxing and healing it needs to do over time.

  43. Michelle

    I called my Surgeons office in Seattle and they said they have never heard of BII….Until I found this group just a few weeks ago I was learning to accept everything I was feeling as it has been so many years. (30 since my first implant surgery and two since then) Now it terrifies me to have these in my body and God only knows what my ruptured ones in 2008 has done to me…. Thank you all for being so vulnerable and honest… Love this group

  44. Wendy

    Is there a recommendation for a surgeon in Peachtree City/Atlanta area? I’m 61 yrs old w implants since 12/2016. I need an artist please who can reconstruct. Also, what is the detoxification process I’ve seen mentioned? Is there a specific protocol for healing that can be followed? Thank you!

  45. Ariana

    I am honestly in shock but so relieved, the fact that everything I have been experiencing for years now is explain in three words, Break Implant Illness. To finally have some definitive has brought tears to my eyes. I used to be so happy, so excited, and had this drive but for quite some time I have dealt with many of these issues, almost constant pain and aching, headaches, kidney aches, numbness (on a daily basis), foggy brain, memory problems, extreme cold temps are debilitating for me, thyroid issues and the list goes on. I’m so sad, so depressed all the time, I just want all of it to stop hurting, anxiety that’s getting increasingly worse. I have had my silicone gel implants since 2011 and believe I’ve had a ruptured implant for the vast majority of the time.

    It’s pretty emotional reading of your stories cannot thank everyone for sharing and I’m going to continue to research now that I finally have a direction, and am going to research explant surgery!

    1. Linda

      Just like you, Ariana, I was completely surprised by the news that my breast implants were the cause of so many of my health problems, since my breast cancer in 2011. The implants I received after a double mastectomy, were recalled in Canada last spring (the Allergan Bio-cell textured implants) and after seeing 2 doctors, 2 neurologists, getting a CT-Scan, an MRI, a lumbar puncture and tons of blood tests, all they could say is: EVERYTHING IS NORMAL! The strange thing is, I always hoped they would find something wrong so that they could fix it! I have been living with extreme fatigue from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed at night. My memory is so bad I can hardly believe my husband when he tells me I was there for such and such an event. I feel a pressure in my head 24/7, like I have a big elastic band around it and it gets so bad at times that I get nauseous and feel my pulse beating hard not only in my chest, but in my head as well. I often say l feel like I’m dying… all I can do is lay down, I have 0 energy and everything I do is mostly due a strong willingness to accomplish something in a day. Everything hurts and now, everything makes sense!! Does anyone else feel that pressure in their head?

  46. Lori

    I’m 49 and have had saline implants for 13 years. My left one has always hurt off and on, and now it has been hurting in my upper left chest when I swallow food. I’ve had an EGD and all is healthy in there. Also had a heart workup and that is healthy as well. So, has anyone else experienced painful swallowing and know if it’s from the implant/area around the implant??

    1. Jessica Wilson

      I’ve also been experiencing strange high blood pressure and chest pain symptoms only to have all tests come back normal. I’ve had my implants for 16 yrs and up until last week have had zero health issues!! Anyone else have these symptoms?

      1. Nicole

        Hi Jessica,
        Those are commonly reported symptoms from breast implants.

    2. Helene P Abelman

      I have on and off pain from my saline implants 23 yrs now. Due to explant in march.

    3. Suzanne

      Yes, I have similar symptoms. My left side is definitely worse than my right side! I also have MS and blamed most of my symptoms on that, but now I’m beginning to doubt that! My glands always feel swollen and I have to clear my throat constantly. I have just noticed swelling and tenderness in my left armpit with painful areas on the side of my left implant. I really do not want these anymore!!

  47. Bronte Schofield

    Hi Ladies,

    Has anyone experienced Eye Problems since getting their implants??? I have always had gut issues and health issues prior to my implants since I was roughly 14 (will be 4 years this August since my surgery) so I am struggling to really pin point if it is my implants are making other areas worse.. I have always had dry eye but then only the last 12 months I have formed a condition called episcleritis (inflammation of the gut lining which comes out through your eyes causing them to be dry, achy and red) I am currently working with a Naturopath to see if my symptoms subside in the next 12 months but I cannot help but wonder if it all got worse since my implants and over the years its just creeped up on me!! I am only 26 and do not want to feel this way and I love my implants but If in the end it is them causing all these issues it really does not seem worth it.. but I do not want to get them out and then the symptoms stay the same!! any input will be so appreciated!!

    1. Nicole

      Hi Bronte,
      Yes, dry eyes is a symptom of breast implant illness as well as autoimmune processes that come from having breast implants. Further silicone chemicals are endocrine disruptors that dry up our glands which control the moisture in our body.

    2. Mistie

      Hello Bronte,
      Before I explanted, one of the issues I had was with my eyes. They were always dry, throbbed, blurry, & my vision changed back & forth dramatically from year to year. My eye doctor was always shocked at my yearly eye exams. Now my vision has improved and I no longer have any issues.

  48. Yolanda

    I’ve had pretty much all of those symptoms, I’ve been tested for everything and have been diagnosed with every kind of autoimmune diese there is. Tired and exhausted, not my normal self! I haven’t felt normal in so long, I forgot what that feels like. I’ve lost 20 lbs and have lost so much hair. It all started on the left breast. No signs of abnormality but left breast started aching and then left leg and left arm and now left side of my neck. Getting my implants out in March and feels like eternity. How long after do you start feeling some what better?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Yolanda,
      In general women feel markedly healed by about one year post explant if they support their detoxification.

  49. Clare Emmins

    Ive just found out about this problem and have suffered almost every symptom on the list. Had my implants done 13 years ago and it wasn’t until 4 years later I began to feel unwell anxious unexplained illnesses and pains. Having been ambulanced 2 nights ago for a suspected cardiac arrest and after 3 doses of morphine and loads of tests..6 hours later to be told they could find nothing and it’s my fibromyalgia was devastating. I didn’t know you could feel so desperately ill and there’s no medical reason’s terrifying to think I wouldn’t recognize a serious problem early enough. I have now decided to have a full removal and thankfully my husband and family are right behind me. Once I found out about bii I knew this is my problem..their going nothing is worth this unrelenting pain. Looks like we can get this done fairly quickly as my pain is so severe so and I hope once it’s done I can start to recover from the damage. I’m not imagining it will be instant but it certainly can’t make it any worse.

  50. Joanne lucas

    I’m so grateful for all these ladies. Although I Explanted last February I’m now experiencing all of the above symptoms again. I had a ruptured implant and a leaking on. This is such a horrible situation for all of us and I’m just beside myself all over again🙌☹️😞😦

    1. Nicole

      Hi Joanne,
      How has your diet been over the the last few weeks? Could holiday eating be contributing to your symptoms, clean diet is very key to managing your symptoms and supporting your detox and healing.

  51. Rose McDowell

    U saved my daughter! She had pancreatitis twice, gastritis, weird dangerous recurring infections and almost all of the symptoms listed. Finally some answers! Explant tomorrow. Thank God. Bless u. I will update as she progresses.

    1. Carie sicking

      Thanks I truly feel better with them gone. Rupture on right side 12 years before explant

  52. Maria Zarrella

    I stumbled across BII by accident, and like other women I believe is it is Divine Intervention. I have had my implants for 12 years but for the last 5 years I have had multiple tests for all of the BII symptoms minus a few. From being convinced I have Lyme disease and the test results are wrong to upper GI problems having to get tubes down my throat. A constant feeling of flu like symptoms and vomiting after meals. Everything makes me feel sick. I have seen Dr’s for breathing problems and given an inhaler, that did not work. I started having panic attacks and constant anxiety, I had never had anxiety and all of sudden it took over my life. Depression set in. I was put on lexapro and also lorazapam, which was almost impossible to detox from, but luckily I got through it. Laying down causes my throat to close and sometimes i feel like i am suffocating. I can not fall asleep without an over the counter medication of some kind. I wake up soaking wet from night sweats. My hands and feet over the last few months have been swollen and tight, and they hurt so bad. Now my back and neck pain is almost unbearable. I am tired all the time and my body just aches. I have had countless sinus infections over the last 5 years. The tingling in my hands and feet is constant. I don’t know what it feels like to feel normal anymore. this new normal is slowly killing me and it has taken a turn in the last few months. I cry all the time because no one believes me. Everyone says I am a hypochondriac or I am dramatic. I have felt so alone and now I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am devastated, scared and relieved at the same time. I want these OUT of my body. I want to be free and healthy. Can anyone help with Surgeon recommendations in the East Coast? I live in Boston. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

    1. Sarai

      Hi honey, Merry Christmas. I hope you feel better soon.
      Dr. George Chatson Andover Massachusetts. He’s wonderful. I explant with him Feb 7th.

      1. Suzanne

        I totally agree with Sarai about Dr. George Chatson. Good luck on 2/7 Sarai, I explant on May 29. I know it’s a long way out, but I had to coordinate schedules and I’ll only explant with Dr. Chatson.

  53. Brittany

    Does the body detox ruptured silicone? Does anyone know?

  54. Nicole

    I don’t know where to start. I started having brain fog last March and I’ve progressed to having neurological symptoms (my body is in fight or flight non stop) panic, attacks, severe, depression, and has caused Postural tachycardia. I can’t sleep without medication, my anxiety is non stop over “nothing”, headaches, tingling in arms, dry eyes, no libido, lost 30lbs I didn’t need to lose in 3 months, chest pain, heart palpitations, and without anxiety meds I just want to die because I feel like I am. I am beyond depressed to the point of zero positive emotions. My white blood count is dropping and liver labs are abnormal. I have temperature intolerance in both directions. Before the brain fog started I was 100% healthy and have just suddenly declined to this state of emergency as my body is acting like it’s dying. I’ve had my saline implants for 10 years. The 3rd person I know has now mentioned this possibility to me and now I can’t ignore it. Wow. How overwhelming after all I’ve done so far for these symptoms that doesnt help. I’m supposed to see a neurologist next week who suspects brain injury based on my symptoms, even though I haven’t had a physical injury. Is this still in the same category of BII possibility?

  55. Marle

    Hola a todos, yo solo les puedo decir que a partir de qué me puse los implantes como al año más o menos empecé con problemas de salud, los cuales paulatinamente han ido aumentado al grado que me ha diagnosticado fibromialgia, lupus, AR, hipotiroidismo, etc etc., Sin embargo las analíticas salen normal y a veces un poco alteras, pero luego con la ayuda de Dios vuelven a corregirse y eso desconserta a los doctores en fin eh andado de médico en médico y ninguno da con el problema, pero nuevamente gracias a dios y a su infinito amor, mi cardiólogo me informo sobre las enfermedades por implantes y me profundice en el tema y dije dios mío, todo esto es lo que me pasa y ahora se que todo es debido a los implantes, ahora estoy en espera de retirarmelos, ya les contaré cómo salió todo, gracias a los que hacen posible conocer esta información, dios los bendiga

    1. Anahi

      Estoy en lo mismo que tu. Que el Senor te de mucha fortaleza y salud y que te recuperes pronto en el nombre de Jesus.

      1. Patty

        Ya somos tres, tambien pienso que es ayuda divina haber dado con este sitio.

    2. Ginny

      Marle, estoy pasando por la misma situación y definitivamente sé que Dios nos va a sacar adelante, ya verás. ¿Dónde vives?, ¿Ya tienes médico?. Yo quiero encontrar al mejor cirujano que tenga toda la experiencia posible en explantes en México.

  56. Dottie Gunkel

    I’ve had my silicone implants for 40 years, I’m 70years old. I have almost all symptoms on your list. On some days “I feel like I’m dying”. Weakness in one leg began over 2-3 yearsago, now if I’m active one day it takes me 3-4 days to get over not to mention all the other symptoms. I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon but as I continue to read your information I’m not sure there’s a specialist here in Chattanooga who can get all the leakage out of my body. I saw on your list a surgeon in Nashville, is that the closeest?
    I am thrilled to have found your Facebook page, I was so relieved to see my symptoms plastered on your page.


      Hello Dottie, I’m 65 and have had my implants for 38 years. I have so many of these symptoms as well and am fighting many of them naturally but they catch up and I end up really sick for a while. I can’t wait to get them removed but definitely don’t have the finances right now. I’m glad to have seen that there’s someone in my age bracket. I see a lot of younger women who are struggling. I will keep you in my prayers. Jane Anderson

    2. Melissa

      Did you find a surgeon yet? Im consulting with
      Dr. Tarola in Murfreesboro in Feb

  57. Delene

    So very thankful that I discovered the Facebook page – I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it?? I can only give God the glory for directing me!!

    I have many on the symptoms in the list… Nothing notably severe, but many issues over the past 21 years that I put down to age, stress, “that’s just me, forgetful, muddle minded at times”, wondering if I’m developing Alzheimer’s, feeling like I’m going to die soon, etc. Recently my lymph area under arms, groin have been letting me know that something is not right. Burning and discomfort across breasts… discomfort in upper back, anxiety, unable to take deep breaths..

    Now I have answers!
    THANK YOU for this group, the info, the hope, the support, the direction…

    I’m slowly working towards an explant. In South Africa, with no medical insurance, I have to rely on the government system.. Which is slow and requires a lot of patience! …but I believe I have God’s favour and all will work out for the good in the end.

    Learning many lessons along the way!

  58. Lindsay

    if you have cheek implants, would the scar tissue around the cheek implants have to be removed as well?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Lindsay,
      Yes if there is scar tissue / capsule tissue it should be removed for your highest and best healing.

    2. Beth

      I had lip implants and when I had my breast implants removed Enbloc he said he couldn’t remove the capsules in my lips. He said “I would have to fillet your lips open n no Dr will do that. So I still have them in my lips. Can’t feel them though… not at all! Good luck I hope someone can remove yours maybe from the inside of your mouth idk? I wish he would have taken them out. I feel I would probably be doing better if so…

  59. Gagne Karine

    Hello. I am from Quebec. For 4 years, I like constant fatigue, memory loss, hair loss, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, feeling heavy and burns in the breasts, bumps left breast. Intuitively, I think to have the prostheses removed. I took information from a doctor and he diagnosed the BII. It made a family doctor. I will see a specialist surgeon shortly. It seems that the RAMQ pays, some say no. I would like to know how much you paid for your explantation in Quebec and if you had a lift? Thank you for all your information and as I am happy to have found this site. I just had very little of those two plastic balls removed from my body. I had my implants since 22 years. I am 44.

    Bonjour. Je suis du Québec, dans les laurentides. Depuis 4 ans, j’éprouve de la fatigue constante, des maux de dos chronique, des pertes de mémoire, perte de cheveux, insomnie, difficulté de concentration, sensation de lourdeur et brûlures dans les seins, bosses au sein gauche. Intuitivement, je réfléchissais à faire retirer les prothèses. J’ai pris des informations chez un médecin et il a diagnostiqué le BII. Cela faisait un an que mon médecin de famille ne trouvait pas ce que j’avais. Je vais voir un chirurgien spécialiste sous peu. Il paraît que la RAMQ paie, certain dise que non. J’aimerais savoir combien vous avez payé pour votre explantation au Québec et si vous avez eu un redrapage ? Merci de toutes vos informations et comme je suis heureuse d’avoir trouvé ce site. J’ai seulement très hâte que ces deux boules de plastique soient retirées de mon corps. J’ai les implants depuis 22 ans et j’ai 44 ans.

  60. Nath

    Bonjour, merci a cath grace a ses videos de retrait de prothèses mammaires j ai compris que j avais les mêmes symptomes et ma conforter dans le retrait de mes implants.!! Dur decision psychologiquement c est un peu dur mais je suis tellement heureuse d avoir sauté le pas.! Et j ai des seins petit mais jolie.. J ai depuis 8 ans mes implants en silicone et depuis 3 ans c est l enfer inflammation toujours de coter gauche sein ,dos , epaule, intestin, vessie etccc… fatigue brouillard bref ca ma pourrit la vie, j ai fait pipi trouble pendant 1 ans j ai fait analyse d urine et rien je demandais c est possible que ce soit mes implants et on me repondais mais bien sûr que non.!!! Et bien ca fait 10 jours que je les ai retirer et plus de pipi trouble.!! A l operation mon chirurgien ma dit que ma capsule gauche etais sur le coter dur et blanche et que pour lui elle suintait, et que mes prothèses etait intacte.. bref retirer ses merde de prothèses vraiment j espère retrouver la pêche je flippe car ce silicone a bien suinter dans mon corp 🙄 pleins de courage les filles … un grand merci a cathbastien ❤❤❤ bises a toutes

    1. June Rojas

      My name Ralf Vasquez and live in northern California. I believe my fiance is suffering from this illness. She got breast implants over 20+ years ago. But for the last 10 years she been having alot of these symptoms and for the past 5 years most if not all these symptoms. It like she declining in having really bad days. She was hospitalized twice last 2 years both occurring in december. They said she had bacterial infections but could not figure out exactly what it was both times. She’s mentioned to me about this illness and we researched it and I believe she been suffering from it for the past 10 years. We dont know what to do. Finances are low and we ‘are living check to check. I’m reaching out for help in what to do? What options do we have?

      1. Nicole

        Hi Ralf,
        Health insurance may cover your fiance to explant for symptoms such as rupture, bad capsular contracture, pain or infections. Also consider borrowing the money for explant from family or doing a gofundme to help pay for the surgery.

        1. Gaby

          Hello, I would like to know if it is normal that I feel some of this symptoms 17 years after I did the implants surgery. I have them since I was 18 and now I am 36. This symptoms can be for other illness, because I think it has passed too much time since I had the surgery. Thank you

          1. Nicole

            Hi Gaby,
            Women can feel symptoms at any time, some feel them shortly after implantation and some can go a decade or two and then get symptoms.

        2. June Rojas

          Thank you Nicole Also i think she has a rupture in one of her Saline implants and we are pretty sure bad capsular contractures.

  61. Debra Garriga

    Grateful! Looking back, my symptoms started shortly after implant 22+ years ago. I’d found this group by mistake! Searching YouTube for Dr Axe, I’d landed on a page called Breast Implant Illness. Divine intervention! BII – that’s what was wrong with me! Joined this group, but was too sick to focus. Had found my surgeon from the list! Now that I’m starting to feel better, I lean on and learn from this group – try to help, too. Thinking I’m ready for detox. Printed and study those pages. Need to purchase some items listed. But, know what to expect.
    Nicole, thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do! Honestly, I’d felt like I was going to die. I was so sick that I was asking God to take me whilst I’d slept the very few hours I’d sleep at night.
    Thanks for the reminder of the rules. It’s good to remind everyone sometimes.
    You are appreciated! You’ve saved the lives of many ladies ❤️

    1. Nicole

      Hi Debra,
      Thank you for helping in the group!

  62. Bronwyn Pereira

    Thank you. I have spent thousands trying to seek help, at least a confirmation I was not insane !

  63. Jill Scannella

    My friend Allyson told me about breast implant illness and about this website. I explanted two months ago. I suffered for 10 years with almost all of the symptoms. I knew right away this was my problem, once I was informed! I explanted the next month. This page has saved my life, my friends life, and will continue to save the lives of hundred of thousands of women!!! Thank you and I am incredibly grateful to the strong women who
    continue working on this website

    1. Karine

      Hi Jill,

      Thank to share your expérience. How cost it was your explant? Can you tell me where your from ? Thank you so much.

  64. Regina Clayton

    I’m so thankful for this group. It saved my life!

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